Wooden Bowls

DSC_2899  DSC_2906

These two beautiful wooden bowls, I found in a thrift store for only 1 dollar. A little bit of elbow grease and furniture wax, brought them back to life.


I love them very much!

DSC_2907  DSC_2951

In een rommelwinkeltje vond ik deze twee prachtige houten schalen voor 1 dollar. Een beetje meubelwas en poetswoede bracht ze weer helemaal tot leven.

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


6 thoughts on “Wooden Bowls

  1. They’re beautiful, Johanna! And you’ve put them to such good use (although all I could think at first was that it was obvious you don’t have a cat!)

  2. Anne,it is my favorite form of re-/upcycling and I bore the Walker family to death with my constant stories of good finds and how happy it makes me;0) They are so happy I blog again;0)

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