Seven Days in North Carolina, Part Two.


Mr. Walker and I love hiking and there are beautiful trails all around in the area we stayed. These photos are from the Lynn Cove Trail, indeed right underneath the Lynn Cove Viaduct. Despite the rainy weather, it was so surreal and beautiful, walking through this gorgeous forest with the concrete pillars and hearing the traffic from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

DSC_3013 DSC_2999 DSC_3028

Deze fotos zijn van een natuurwandeling, de zgn Lynn Cove Trail, onderdeel van de Blue Ridge Parkway. Heel surrealistisch om zo tussen de betonnen piaren in een echt oerwoud te lopen. 

DSC_3062 DSC_3044

Love and Liefs, Johanna.



6 thoughts on “Seven Days in North Carolina, Part Two.

  1. The rain and fog make the photos so interesting–I really like the one with the long, gnarly tree roots. How wonderful that there’s a sort of secret garden under the highway!

    • It was astonishing to see that , in this case, a modern overpass goes so well together with Mother Nature. It did not seem to interfere, it is one of the strangest places I have ever been.

    • I have been told that trees like that can actually be hundreds of years old, since they have so nourishment it takes them forever to grow but they are very strong. It was fascinating!

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