Working hard and loving it. Learning so much from teachers, books, fellow students and wonderful artist. Lots to learn but some sketches make me quite happy.

butterflies  victoria

Studeren is hard werken maar ik vind t heerlijk. Ik sta nog aan t begin maar deze schetsjes maken me echt blij.

dancing santa

Love and Liefs, Johanna


8 thoughts on “Sketches

    • Don’t think I am ready for that by a long shot;0) But I am happy you love my work. The first one is my favorite to, thought the jolly dancing fellow took a few tries before I finally got the movement right.

    • Thank you so much for the link! I love these kind of images. ‘My girl’ actually was inspired by a hairdresser model..I changed the young flawless face to a more feisty expression and gave her a more nosy nose and fifties hairdo. But that nose…your girl has the same one almost!
      I was fascinated by the model’s long neck…

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