Midsummer Memories and Owls


Last weekend, we had the most incredible Midsummer Night Party at Long Brach Farm. There was Blue Grass music, special solar telescopes to watch sunspots and solar flares, excellent food and drink, good company of all ages and after dark…millions and millions of magical fireflies. What a perfect way to celebrate Midsummer Night.


Also present the wonderful volunteers of Raptor Inc. and I met my favorite birds up close and personal. These wonderful and mystical creatures were rescued but to insured to ever go back to wild. They are so used to humans now, they help out in the important educational programs.


I was so happy!


Vorige weekend tijdens t Midzomernacht feest op Long Branch Farm, ontmoette ik deze prachtige uilen, ooit gered door de plaatselijke roofvogel opvang. Mijn favoriete vogels!

Have a great weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


10 thoughts on “Midsummer Memories and Owls

  1. Oh!! Those birds! These pictures are so wonderful, Johanna! The whole event sounds absolutely magical, every detail of it! I think you’ll treasure the memories.

    • It was the perfect Midsummer Night party and shared with lovely friends as well. And just seeing everybody from all ages having such a relaxed, and happy time…what more to wish for. The world is perfect at that moment ;o)

    • I love birdwatching at any time but owls are closest to my heart and I was thrilled with that first photo, because it really captured the character of that little owl Rupert. He is a recue and blind in one eye, but he is so comfortable with people and funny too. You, as an animanl lover, would love him too!

  2. I can not tell you how thrilled I was to see your post. The owls are totally, totally wonderful!!!!
    The first one has such big round eyes and I love the second one, those deep, deep feathers and the way the head is dipped.
    Thank you so much for posting them; it made my day!

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