Happy Times


How are you? And if you live in America, how was your Fourth of July weekend?


Mr. walker and I had a lovely, serene days with weather that felt so nice and cool after the heat of the past weeks.


Lots of reading and bird watching on the patio.


Good organic and local food on the BBQ.


Fourth of July pie for desert of course.

DSC_3795 DSC_3796

And a little fire ( too hot for a big one;o))

DSC_3877 DSC_3879

Last year I learned to crochet and in this lovely book I found this challenging pattern, tried it and it worked out! Such bliss…


And just being home and doze off a little and enjoy the sunshine…all that happiness!


Meneer Walker en ik hadden een lang weekend vanwege de Amerikaanse Onafhankelijkheidsdag….wat een heerlijke dagen waren dat!

Wat heb jij zoal t weekend gedaan?

Love and Liefs, Johanna

13 thoughts on “Happy Times

  1. Such a nice, carefree day! We almost never venture away from home on the 4th, so we can be as relaxed as you were. Charley napping on the grass pretty much says it all!

    • Although, my pace of live is quite slow on any day…this was an extra lovely day/weekend indeed. And since Mr. Walker’s pace of live is very fast…he has no need to go anywhere on days like that ;o) Happy times indeed!
      Charley sends her love to Maine…as always!

  2. We had a good 4th holiday! Oh, I absolutely love all of your photos, Johanna! You have the prettiest back yard. Your bbq looks great and that food — if I’d known, I’d have been at your house! Heehee! Charley looks like he had the perfect spot! 😀

  3. What a perfect, perfect post! Your first photo really drew me into your story and as it unfolded I felt that I had shared in your special day too!
    I loved the photos of the birds taking a bath- I always feel so happy when I see that. It is so special isn’t it? I am so pleased that your crochet went so well and the meal of course.

  4. I loved every little jumble in your sewing basket. Such a nice comforting vignette. Hard to believe you’ve only just learned to crochet. That piece seems so intricate, really lovely and this natural thread colour is unexpected. A friend showed me the basics a bit ago and left me with a needle and pattern book. I’m afraid I didn’t pick it up for about a week and forgot it all. I’ll have to start over. I was inspired by this site:


    and had visions of a hippy chick poncho or something in that way. I saw Matt first in Artful Blogger Magazine. You’ve got a special touch with your photo’s that is so appealing. I adore seeing Charley from behind, like we got to share the moment but not disturb him. It’s been a while since I took to laying on the lawn, I should get back to it. You’ve landscaped your yard so beautifully too.

  5. Dear Bomdee, thank you for all your lovely compliments and thank you also for the link! I will explore Matt’s blog further, it looks fanatstic.
    Althoug I am a down to earth and happy person, I am far from a quiet and calm. Yoga and meditation drives absolutely nuts. But Knitting, crocheting, stitching endless rows of cross stitches and just lately the solemn art of calligraphy…that is my kind of yoga. Just concentrating on yarn and needle and following patterns row by row or just making it up myself as go along, it slows my body down and calms the ‘storm my head” ;0) Do you feel the same with your art work?

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