Hunting Season So Far…


Thrifting for treasures to beautify and decorate our home is one of my favorite activities. Items I consider beautiful and that have a past from another loving home, just thrill me to the core. How wonderful can going green be? And than as a true Dutch girl of course…it has to be for the right price!

We moved last year from a rustic country bungalow in Canada to a cool modern house in a lovely suburb in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Walker and I decided that a change in decor was necessary and we both like Mid-Century Modern from the fifties to the seventies. Mix and match as we think is gorgeous ;0)


The good people of Cincinnati do not care for the sleek lines of Mid-Century modern. Very good, I say, more for me! And I have snapped up so many ‘too-good-to-be-true’ items for ‘too-good-to-be-true’prices already. Every thrift store, garage sale or flea market makes my heart throb!!

Mr.Walker and the Walker boys love the way the house turns out but do not like treasure hunting, let alone me going on and on and on about all these excellent finds. Since they are really lovely fellows and the centre of my universe, I forgive them and so you, dear reader, are the next victim….

These gorgeous Drexel hutch and side board were last year’s best scores.

Here this year’s loot so far…


Two lovely pieces of Kobe enamel ware ( $5.- for the two) , a 1950 Mellita coffeepot (love that color, $2.-) and how about that gorgeous Hornsea spice rack…good as new!  ( can you believe it, only $8.-!!)


Lovely 1950 wine glasses (6 for $3.-) The two milk glass beakers look so lovely on the dining table with tea light candles ( $0.50 each) And how about that ice bucket with silver plate rim…for only $5.-! Be still my heart!


And the BEST so far, finally after 2 years of hunting, the dining rooms chairs I was looking for and wanted so badly. Where did I find them? Just down the road, at a garage sale! The young lady that was selling them, told me her parents-in-law bought the set years ago ‘at some Scandinavian Design store’ and gave it to them when they just moved and were a little short for cash at that time. She was shaking her head all the time in disbelief and clearly considered her parents-in-law reckless hippies. She moved the set to the basement as soon as she could afford it. She wondered if 40 dollars, for the whole set was too much? Ha, before she finished her sentence the money was in her hand and the dining room set in my car ;o)


The chairs came with a table, but I like my own table better. And I needed a bigger table in my studio anyway, so…tadaaa!

Mijn buit zover van t jagen op koopjes dit jaar, op garage sales, antiekmarkten en kringloopwinkels om ons nieuwe moderne huis te verfraaien. Ik ben zo blij dat retro home decor niet in de smaak valt bij t publiek in Cincinnati ;0)

Thank you for listening.

Love and Liefs, Johanna.

20 thoughts on “Hunting Season So Far…

  1. Love your post, and so much to say in response: You’re house is beautiful, and I love your finds! I love your new dining room set, and the little table in your office is gorgeous. I also love the orange/white cabinet. The white walls are so nice and clean looking…I am about to paint my walls neutral/off white, though I am a bit hesitant to lose our rich greens and blues…Can you divulge what paint colour you are using in your dining room?

    We also love mid-century modern, and this week I bought a pretty little teak credenza for our TV, with room inside to store some of my daughter’s toys/art supplies. I paid too much for it (Ottawa is big on teak I’m afraid) but I adore it. Vintage has so many benefits: the quality and also the health aspects as it is done off-gassing.

    I would like to start to get rid of some of our older, antique pieces–they are so dark and heavy, but they have so much sentimental attachment I can’t part with them…maybe moving is the only way to make the change and get rid of stuff you don’t love/need anymore.

    So when are you coming to decorate my house? 🙂

    • Anne, thank you so much for your compliments and I am honored to tell a more about our home.

      Before you sell your lovely antique furniture, I would encourage you to paint your walls in a light color. I have the same color almost all through the house, it creates a calming, bright atmosphere. I have some antique pieces as well and they look much smarter combined with bright colors and a plain background.

      The diningroom is actually a boring beige wall paper, I digitally enhance the photos to make it look brighter. We only had a week to move from one house to the next and the wall paper has to be removed before we can paint the walls.
      But the color you see in the studio, is from Sherwin-Williams, superscrub supreme interior latex, eggshell. The name is Daybreak and the number 6700.
      I like bargains, but for paint I always splash the cash because cheap paints are a night mare and in the end more expensive. This color is white with a hint yellow/green, quite daring but it reflects sunlight so gorgeous and ‘glows’ on rainy days. The dining room will get the same color and the ceilings and trim I have in a creamy simple pure white color, same brand. It makes the rooms look bigger that way.

      The orange and white cabinet are gym closets coming from the Cincinnati University and I bought it a second hand office furniture store…good places to get deals on expensive high quality furniture.

      I suspect you did not pay too much for your teak credenza. I am just so lucky here and Mid-Century modern is all the rage. Mr. Walker collects modern art glass which only a few years ago you could buy everywhere for next to nothing…now I am happy if a find a piece under $100.-
      I hope this helps you? xoxox Johanna

      • Yes, this is wonderful advice. You’re so right about antiques looking smarter against a more modern wall colour. I will stick with the neutral wall colours, as we do have a lot of colour in our home (my daughter’s art, in particular). I also like mixing old with new….could talk about this forever. Thanks again, and have a lovely Sunday. 🙂

    • Oh Johanna, I LOVE your style! The blue candlesticks against the painting and the pottery with a floral motif echoing the picture are inspired! I love that you shop for pre- loved items, I do too and the joy and treasures it brings makes us so happy. You have perfect taste and a great ‘eye’ for style and what works. I am just so sorry that I have been so pre-occupied that I have not commented before.

  2. Ooo, you lucky girl! I absolutely adore your finds and your furniture! I rarely have your luck around here! I’d be envious if we weren’t supposed to envy! LOL! Keep up the good work and I’m glad you’ve chosen to share your finds here! 😀

  3. How clever of you, to move to a city that doesn’t like mid-century modern so you can have it all to yourself! I think you know how much I loved seeing your treasures and hearing how little you paid for them! You really did score some beauties and they all look so good together. It’s really hard not to gloat and want to tell everyone about the bargains–so feel free to do it here!

  4. een jaren 60 huis, geweldig.! maar ga jij nu ook een garage sale houden voor al jouw overbodige meubels? Of is het huis groot genoeg? weet je wat het leukst is, dat je steeds zo enthousiast bent over je aankopen en ons laat meegenieten, vind ik leuk!

    • Hey Ria, wat gezellig om jou hier aan te treffen! En bedankt voor je leuke complimenten.
      Ik heb idd mazzel dat dit huis wat groter dan ons vorige. Maar als alles eenmaal ingericht is dan heb ik wel een regel waar ik me heel gedisciplineerd aan hou: als er wat in komt…gaat er ook wat uit! Ik verkoop zelden wat maar doneer de meeste spullen die t huis weer uit gaan aan kringloop winkels die non-profit voor een goed doel werken. Ik vind t een heel fijn idee dat andere mensen weer heel gelukkig met ‘mijn’ spulletjes en zo t verhaal weer verder gaat. Liefs en hartelijke groeten!!!

  5. Ha, Thanks Sheryl, it nice to get all these enthusiastic reactions. My American friends here all say the same: ” Oh, wow, your house is soooo Scandinavian and actually…it looks really nice.” I find that so funny ;o) But I hug myself with joy with my finds! xoxoxo

  6. I can only imagine your excitement when scoring the fabulous dinette chairs for a mere $40. That’s just banana’s and the deal of the century. WOW. They look great. We used to live in a country home with a beachy vibe. I’d like to make our new place a bit of a meld of beach/mod…..transitional beach? Is that a style? We’ll see how it goes, ha. I rarely buy anything matching. I like the ‘collected’ look…maybe even a little bohemian. Must be the 60’s and 70’s rubbing off on me 😀

  7. I love your taste in furniture and decorating – and to get such beautiful pieces for such a bargain – Wow! I totally agree that secondhand furniture from thrift shops, garage sales etc can be so beautiful – and forever after I shall now call those shopping expeditions “hunting season”. You are so neat and tidy, too, Johanna. I might need you to travel to Australia to help me declutter! Ha! xoxoxox

  8. Ha, another kindred spirit when it comes to second hand home decorating. Well, and dani, it is so much easier to keep a house tidy when there are no cute twins scurrying around. My boys are both in college and their clutter moved with them;0)
    And I moved more than a few times: that really helps decluttering too…

  9. I love a good treasure (and hunt). I’m in awe of your finds. My heart beat a little faster when I saw your Hornsea spice canisters. You are very fortunate to be able to find good priced Scandinavian furniture. It is quite expensive here in MN. You can always take me on a good outing, nothing makes me quite as happy. I’m not sure if it’s the surprise or what, it’s just a heck of a lot of fun. I love seeing what you found and how it all connects together.

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