A Garden Fairy with Attitude!


So I was strolling through the garden with my camera at hand and this garden fairy happily chitchatting along side…you know what I am talking about. There are everywhere high summer, right? She is a perky little thing although she can gossip quite horribly about all the other creatures in my garden.

She looked so charming when she leaned against this little toadstool and I wanted to take her picture. But last minute, she squealed and ducked away…you can just see her wings there.

So I said: ” Whaaat?” and she squeaked that her hair wasn’t right, there was a wrinkle in one of the wings, she was wearing the wrong dress.  “No,No, No….but you can draw me?”, she purred. All right than, so I took out my sketch pad and made this drawing. I am not so pleased with the result but she keeps hovering all over it, humming softly.


She might look a little shy because of the way she poses…but I think of her as a fairy with an attitude.

Het is hoogzomer en t stikt in de tuin van de tuinelfjes, zoals altijd rond deze tijd, toch? Dit dametje wilde niet op de foto (je kan nog net haar vleugeltjes achter de paddestoel zien) maar ik mocht haar wel tekenen: verwaand ding!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


17 thoughts on “A Garden Fairy with Attitude!

    • Thanks Pit…I was not so pleased myself since I keep struggling with perspective. Would like to improve on that..work, work work, practice makes perfect hopefully one day ;0)

      • Hi Johanna,
        It’s the sign of a true artist that he/she keeps striving for perfection and in his/her own opinion never achieves it. Conclusion: you ARE a true artist.
        Have a good one,

    • Ha, Kerry, that is a nice word ‘coy’. I was aiming for that, glad you picked it up. It is so good to get feed back since I was not so pleased with this one. Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much and thank you too for visiting! I saw the fairy gardens on the blog, such fun!
      And thank you for the wonderful compliments on my drawing and new blog. It really is so great to have all this feedback from all these nice people!

  1. 😀 that made me smile a mile. Your imagining of a walk thru the garden is so sweet. I really enjoyed the visit. I can see a little attitude in this fairies smile….almost a smirk maybe. Very dear how she’s perched on the edge of the post for a visit. Lovely!

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