How Was Your Weekend?



How was your weekend? Here at the Walker House all was peaceful and quiet.


It rained a lot, quite cozy. So we slept in a little and some of us more..


So no eating at the patio but breakfast was very good.


And this egg cup makes me very happy.


I had my fist Calligraphy Lesson and believe it or not…this sheet is the result of two and half hours of hard work. I know now about pen angle, height an direction, nibs and marker paper and  a whole lot more. I loved it and look forward to the next one.


Lots of reading.


Some crocheting.


Got rather excited about this pumpkin growing in my ‘urban veggie patch’!


And I baked a cake ( you might have spotted it already on the breakfast table) This is a gluten free cake, very good but GF cakes never look so pretty. The cake stand makes up for that;0) For gorgeous cakes look at these beautiful blogs by Kerry and Karen.

So what did you do?

Ha, we hadden heerlijk weekend met regen, lekker ontbijt en cake, lezen, haken en mijn eerste kalligrafie les. Wat heb jij zoal gedaan?

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


22 thoughts on “How Was Your Weekend?

    • Oh Anne, how happy I am the photos made you feel that way! I believe you have some summer rains going on in Ottawa as well…so I picture you relaxed and reading books whilst enjoying that weather ;o)

  1. lovely pictures, they transmit a peaceful and sweet harmony 🙂
    love your interiors and the breakfast items… i just went for a long walk, we’re trying to do some each weekend, which is a nice and relaxing exercise. Hugs & ❤

    • Hey Judith, all across the big pond! Lovely to see you here again and thank you for the kind words!I share your passion for walking! Can’t get closer to Nature than that. xxoo and ♥ Johanna

  2. Hi Johanna,
    Looks like a yummy breakfast. And a yummy cake. I had a relaxing Sunday. Saturday wasn’t exactly relaxing as I took my wife down to Karnes City, to our old place, and then returned to Fredericksburg. That meant a lot of driving.
    Have great week,

    • Not to toot my own horn too loudly…but that cake was good ;0)
      So back for a day at the old place :moving house takes a long time to really finish up!Glad your Sunday was peaceful and calm one.

  3. Your home looks so inviting: the table,your dog resting on a comfortable bed, and your pretty pottery and crochet flowers.

    Congratulations on your urban pumpkin. What is that pretty red-stemmed plant surrounding it?

    • Thank you, Alys, for your lovely compliments.
      And my urban pumpkin is growing bravely and 3 other little ones are following suit ;0)
      The red-stemmed plant is Swiss Chard, a never-fail-whatever-happens plant. I sow in a container right at the doorstep and it grows away. Just like spinach you can cut it and it will grow back. I use handfuls in spicy soups, or in salads or my favorite:caramelize a chopped onion in olive oil with salt, pepper and garlic, wilt a good portion of swiss chard in this mixture and transfer all, with maybe some left over potatoes in a little oven dish and than care fully break an egg on top, bake for 10 minutes at 350F…my favorite breakfast!

  4. This looks to me like a perfect weekend, Johanna, and I think Charley agrees! I’ll look forward to seeing more of your calligraphy–I did some for awhile, too, and got a lot of satisfaction out of it! It looks like your days are very good.

    • Thanks you Kerry and I indeed am having good tomes here in Ohio! Charley is getting on a little in age and since there is a lot of hound in here, she considers any time snoring away in the most comfortable places (including beds, sofa’s and comfy chairs) quality time.

  5. Everything is positively charming! What a happy, cozy home you have. Loving the relaxed photo of your pup! I would dive right in for a tummy rub in a heart beat. I can never resist a dog and we’ve been lucky to have two amazing dogs in our home in the past.
    That is a charming egg cup 😀 but I really fancy your bookends, super duper sweet. I’ve been on the look out for a set myself, but haven’t quite seen the one’s for me. I’d snap those up though if I spotted them.
    Thank you for all your visits at my blog, I see Alys has been by too. Such a cozy little group we enjoy at WP. Looking forward to following along, Cheers

  6. OK, it’s official – I am having a long-distance love affair with Charley. The sight of her makes me feel so relaxed! You are so clever with calligraphy, and you sketch beautifully, and you crochet – and you can speak and write two languages – and you make yummy gluten-free baked goodies! So grateful you have been visiting my blog so then I could then discover yours. xoxoxoxox

  7. Well, my ears are flapping from all those lovely compliments, from a talented lady as yourself Dani!! But that Calligraphy goes no further yet than rather neat stripes, black fingers and ink staines ;0) Charley says, she is very pleased to have that effect on you, love all the way to Australia!

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