About Sketches, Dogs and Paws.


After all this practicing with the precise skill of calligraphy, I was happily doodling away and trying to capture the spirit of my favorite animal, the dog.


It reminded me of a little sketch I did a while ago of my terrier Brit. She was my friend for almost 18 years. She was absolutely lovely with children and often was my colleague when I worked with children, first when I was a therapist and later in the libraries.An excellent hill climber, hiker and traveller, the best listener and comfort giving lapdog. Really horrible with other dogs and even more so with cats but an excellent hunter for moles and mice. Needless to say I was heartbroken when she made her last travels to the eternal hunting grounds in 2010.

1746  1940

1832  1944

As I said, she was horrible with other dogs. And how surprised we were, when Charley ended up on our doorstep quite unexpectedly, Brit immediately took it upon her to lovingly raise this little pup as her own! We re-named her Auntie Brit. Not only did she shower Charley with cuddles and hugs. She also taught Charley all the essentials: which bowl was hers, how to bark at visitors, find the best spots in the sun, that your own family has to be protected at all cost and how to hunt for chipmunks and rabbits. ( sorry about that…)

brit 2002-001

Charley was equally heart broken when Brit passed on. Kept searching the house for her and crying at us. This really took a couple of weeks!


And I think, you can still see today by whom Charley was raised.

Ik was wat gezellige schestjes aan t maken van honden, en dacht zo terug aan mijn terriër Brit. Mijn lieve vriendin en de formidabele pleegmoeder van Charlie! Ik ben er zeker van dat ze nog steeds fanatiek mollen en muizen jaagt op de eeuwige jachtvelden…


Love and Liefs, Johanna.


19 thoughts on “About Sketches, Dogs and Paws.

  1. Hi Johanna,
    I love these wonderful memories. Dogs can be so wonderful companions, can’t they? And we really end up heartbroken when they leave us for the eternal happy hunting grounds, as did my best freind Buster [http://pitstexasexpatblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/in-memoriam-buster/] a few years ago.
    Have a good one,

    • I remember Buster’s story! That was so sad indeed. Seeing the happy home you give your lost critters, I am also sure they bring you lots of joy too. And true, from child onwards, I always considered my dogs as my friends/companions. Have a great weekend! Johanna

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories and photos. Both your pals look positively sweet as pie. Much to our great benefit, we’ve always had pets that needed a home too. The last puppy, a couple of stray cats. They really are so loved, it’s impossible not to have a big ol’ hole in your heart when the time comes to part. Brit reminds me of Eddie (actually a female) off of the sitcom Fraser. My dog Jasper had ears like Charley. They were so soft, I loved to bury my nose in them 😀

    • I agree, when you give lost critters a home it is extra special. I can admire beautiful well bred pedigree…but the ones in need for friendship, love and a home find the way to my heart!
      And true..you are not the only one who compares Brit to Eddie! She could stare people down when she did not like them but to children she had her natural talent for listening and comforting. The kids would always ask for her…not me;0)
      ( That actually was a good sign)
      Charley indeed has the softest ears..often when I watch a movie, she leans against me and it goes from ear massage to belly rub, to back scratch. She is totally in meditation mode by the end of the film ;0) Have a great weekend! Johanna

  3. So, Charley’s fine upbringing can be attributed to Brit? Brit just keeps on giving, after all these years! They’re both beautiful dogs and I think it’s wonderful that you have lots of good pictures of them both. Taking the time to draw Brit must give you good moments to remember her.

    • But isn’t it funny, she sits the same way Brit did, with those paws so daintily? Dogs are a grateful subject for photo’s…at least in my mind;0) Have a lovely weekend, Kerry!

  4. Such a beautiful, heart-tugging post. I love your story of Auntie Brit. Animals never cease to amaze me. I’m glad Brit was in your life for so many years, but I know, too, that it never feels like quite enough.

  5. Brit was indeed a remarkable dog and a great friend. And yes, I was quite worried when she met Charley the first time when we brought the puppy home, since she always growled at and chased other dogs. But as soon as Charley came out of the travel basket, Brit kissed her with wagging tail and brought her to own bed for a good washing and cuddle and nap. We just watched with dropped jaws….

  6. Such beautiful photos of two beloved dogs. Brit was truly special and must be so missed. Terriers have such active, energetic lifestyles; so busy so impulsive that there must surely be a big gap where she once was.
    Charley is adorable. It has done my heart good to see the relationship between the two dogs and to know how much joy Brit gave to you.

  7. It’s so gorgeous to see your dogs sitting in exactly the same pose! Brit sounds as though she was just wonderful – and so incredible she took Charley under her wing. What a lovely tribute to draw her. We recently lost a precious cat and I’m so very, very sad he has gone. I miss and think of him every day. So I completely understand – Brit was a valued member of your family. On my sad days all I can do is hug my other furry babies – a lot! Big hugs to you and Charley. xoxoxox

  8. Thank you Dani, I always laugh when I see Charley sitting like that…Auntie Brit all over ;0) They are great friends not, our family critters! I am happy for you, your other pets are such a comfort to you.

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