Dog Days of Summer and Garden Crimes


It is hot, very, syrupy hot. I try not sigh and let my thoughts drift to the delicious days when fall will set in, the cold, the sweaters, the food….My ‘neighbor’ Benjamin said it all too well and I laughed out loud.


Charley loves it…I think she was a Sphinx in her previous life and worshipped the sun.


All my pumpkins, safe two were the victim of mildew, a big problem here so I discovered to my chagrin. Since I do not like to bother with any kind of fungicide or pesticide…I removed them from the garden. Now the last but one has been viciously ripped from the vine during the night and half eaten…by whom???


And I knew the squirrels were pretending, they were the owners of my strawberries but what creature makes a slimy mess here???


Thank goodness, the last pumpkin is hiding between the Swiss chard and secretly growing away.


And I saw the first Chinese Lanterns peeping from the underneath the leaves. Be still my heart!




So what else to do in this heat but retreat to the shade and AC heaven and read a book. Last time, I told you all how mesmerized I was with the movie Dean Spanley. I requested the book the movie was based on from the wonderful Cincinnati Library and again I was not disappointed. They send me this gorgeous copy from 1936! What a delightful book to read and forget about this weather!


And the Walker Boys requested a small but stylish Christmas Display for their new apartment in Toronto, soon to be moved in to. I found the idea and pattern on this wonderful website. I love the ‘steampunk’ ornaments I found and the whole ‘package’ will fit perfectly in the young Misters Walker Gentlemen’s Apartment. Another excellent project to forget this weather.


Aan t einde van de zomer, slaat de hitte hier weer toe. Ik probeer erg hard niet te zuchten en te denken aan de gezellige,koele dagen die herfst gaat brengen. In de tuin zijn verschillende boeven bezig mijn pompoenen en aardbeien op te eten. Ik lees maar eens een heel goed boek en maak een fraai kerstgebeuren in de airco oase. T kerstgebeuren is voor t appartement van de Walker Jongens. Het idee en patroon kan je hier vinden.

Love and Liefs,



27 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer and Garden Crimes

  1. Wonderful summer pictures! I do know what you mean about the heat. It was a bit cooler today — enough to feel like I wasn’t baking in an oven by just walking outside! Still warm but tolerable. So sorry about your garden. When I was little my dad built a screened frame to put over top of the strawberry plants to keep the birds and my fingers out! What cute ornaments. Love Steampunk!

  2. Ha Linda, will it become cooler in Florida too?
    Oh well, those naughty critters enjoying my fruits…I feel very triumphant when I eat one myself;0) Once I had a dog, who ate them from the plants!! And I blamed the Walker boys…until I saw her doing it! Than the Boys had a very triumphant look!

  3. Your top photo is gorgeous. Well captured and serene. Your pooch is pretty darn cute, too.

    I love the idea of a simple set of elegant branches with a few handmade ornaments. Something we could all aspire to.

  4. Your photographs are so beautiful, dear Johanna – the water dripping from the birdbath, gorgeous sun-loving Charley and your stunning Christmas display for The Walker boys.
    Garden pests can really test us, can’t they? It’s horrid when they eat all of your beautiful produce.
    Keep cool and keep reading, I say! He, he! xoxoxoxox

  5. Thank you so much for this gentle meandering post which touched on things close to your heart.
    Gardening can be so frustrating! I lost nearly all my beetroot to the mice, who loved them. But I could not bear to trap them, I was happy to think they liked them so much.
    I loved the Christmas decorations and the photo you took of them was, as always, so beautifully styled and composed.

  6. Naughty mice! but I am like you, I do not want to run around with traps and other nasty stuff, so I am looking for plants that can look after themselves…slowly we are getting there;0) Thank you for the nice compliments and have a great weekend!

  7. Daar hebben vast een paar dolgelukkige muisjes of vogeltjes lopen snoepen? Hier zijn de merels in ieder geval verzot op mijn mini aardbeitjes. Oh en Charley, een echte liefhebber van de zon. Die hebben wij hier ook een πŸ˜‰

  8. I can see your garden is a joy filled place both for you, Charley and the masked nightly bandits chomping away at the produce. Yummy offerings for wayward souls I’m sure.
    As Marlene mentioned, you take really wonderful photographs Johanna. Yet another talent. I love the artistry throughout your posts, from the photo’s to the vignettes to the projects and your writing. It’s always a delight to visit. The look on Charley’s face enjoying the last bastions of summer just warms my heart. I love watching pets relish in the beautiful simplicity that we sometimes are to busy to stop and enjoy. It reminds me to slow down. Enjoy the weekend my dear πŸ˜€

  9. Well…these lovely compliments kept me quiet with blushing cheeks and flapping ears (they are kinda big;0)) for 24 hours..Mr. Walker was ready to bring me to emerge untill I showed him what comment you had left. He said, he agrees so now my cheeks are beet red and my ears are flapping so wildly there is a stiff breeze here!!!
    Thank you so much,my dear, these lovely words are so incredible kind and encouraging, especially coming from a talented woman as you are! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Charley is so so cute! I love your lanterns and steam punk creations. I’d love to read the book too, I collect old books, especially those that are beautifully illustrated. Fab post. πŸ™‚

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