Proud Mom and Simple Project


The Oldest Walker Boy graduated last year from university! Since he started working right away, he thought he did not have to time for a Graduation Ceremony. But of course, something this important needs to be celebrated! And with a little nudge and push, Young Mr. Walker finally signed up for a Graduation Ceremony earlier this summer.

DSC_4412 DSC_4423

So I bought a new dress ( Sally, my devoted dress doll from the sixties, shows it here.) And I decided this was important enough to also buy those red shoes, I was eyeing already for almost a year. ( Yes, I can think about red shoes for almost a year, clothes are very important;0))


And so Mr. Walker and I drove to Toronto, Canada and it was indeed so wonderful!! The speeches were truly interesting and delightfully short and to the point. And those old rituals and the outfits…


And than all those enthusiastic and proud students, working so hard and really deserving a firm pat on the shoulders. All that nonsense, about the ‘Youth Nowadays’…even the Old Romans were whining about that. Just look at these kids, all promises for a Good Future!


And than of course our own boy. I was already in awe when he showed his first smile, said his first word and took his first step. Look at him now!


And to my surprise, he asked before hand, if I would help him put on the toga and escort him to the Procession of the Graduands. And despite some fluttering with a handkerchief…I was so happy.


Each of the Graduates was handed a yellow Gerbera. I dried his one in this nifty flower press, I thrifted once in The Netherlands.


And than I made this simple little artwork with it. The color scheme is inspired by an article I read about Finnish Rug Designs from the seventies…I would love to share it with you but I cannot find it again. Young Mr. Walker loved it so much, he wanted it for his new apartment. So that was another fluttering handkerchief moment…

Eerder deze zomer, schreef onze oudste zoon zich dan eindelijk in voor een afstudeer ceremonie nadat hij een jaar ervoor al was afgestudeerd. Wat een prachtig feest!! En hij vroeg, tot mijn verrassing, of ik hem begeleidde naar de zgn Processie van de Afgestudeerden.Iedere student kreeg ook nog eens een gele Gerbera uitgereikt. Ik droogde de zijne en maakte er een simpel kunstwerkje van. Jonge Meneer Walker vond dat zo mooi dat hij het graag wilde hebben voor zijn nieuwe appartement.Onnodig te melden dat ik hier en daar een traantje wegpinkte…

Love and Liefs,


31 thoughts on “Proud Mom and Simple Project

    • Thank you and thank you and thank you;0) I know you were talking about your daughter going back to school and wondering if these feelings of being proud and a little sad would ever disappear…no it is;0)

      • I could feel (and see) your love for each other in this post. They grow up, but they will always be our little ones that we need to love and protect. My mom is 80, and I think I need her more than ever!

  1. Congratulations to “your boy”, it’s good that your gently pushed him into attending the ceremony! You & your husband must have been so proud and excited….
    I actually did the same myself, almost decided not to attend it 😉
    hugs ❤

  2. Of course these milestones MUST be celebrated – huge congratulations to Young Mr Walker. Love the dress, the shoes, the Finnish inspired artwork but especially love the fluttering handkerchief moments. My life is also full of these and now, with thanks to you, I have the perfect name for them.

    • Moms united! And I am honored to have given you a name for those moments of sniffles and little tears and ‘please-do-not-pay-attention-to-me’! And thank you so much for lovely compliments!

  3. A really dear read Johanna and congratulations to Young Mr Walker. You look fantastic in your new dress too. I’m so glad you talked him into going, it would be a bit of a regret I think, to miss it.

  4. I’m a bit late catching up, Johanna, but what a beautiful post. That photo of you (your dress and shoes are gorgeous!) and Young Mr. Walker is very poignant. It gave me a “fluttering handkerchief moment” thinking how time moves quickly – and one day I might be lucky enough to have such a photo with my son. What a lovely way to preserve the yellow gerbera, too – another typically stylish and thoughtful Mrs. Walker moment! xoxox

    • I know…you blink your eyes and your kids all of a sudden are again a few years older! But thank you Dany, for your lovely compliments. And please do not worry…these are comments worth waiting for and we are all busy! Have a great weekend, Johanna

  5. Wonderful, wonderful post, Johanna! SO much to be happy about. When I was associate dean at my school, commencement was my favorite day of the year. We got to lead the procession of graduates in, and experience their excitement and the thrill of the audience when the students entered the room–splendid! I agree with the others–that photo of you and your son is just perfection and your gift to him is just right–it’s so “you”–not something anyone else would or could do for him.

  6. Lovely Kerry, you always have such beautiful responds! Thank you. I still feel warm and fuzzy!
    I have a question: you say procession of the Graduates. I always said that too..but I was ‘corrected’ by my son and his fellow students who claimed you are a Graduand before the ceremony and a Graduate after the ceremony. The ‘internet’ agrees with the proud bunch but it was new to me…might this be a Canadian thing I wonder?
    Have a lovely weekend, Johanna

  7. Congrats to you and your son, I’m glad he had the graduation ceremony, it’s an important phase in the life that needs a commemoration, and new clothes, and shoes of course!

  8. Congratulations, not only on he graduation but the immediate job success.
    Your new dress is stunning and you wear it beautifully. I adore the photo of you and your son with backs to the camera, your loving arm on his shoulder. That one belongs in a frame.

    Red shoes! What fun. And you can always have them died another color, since the style is a classic. I had burgundy shoes many years ago, that I eventually had died black. They got a second life.

    A happy post!

    • True enough, the job is as much celebrated as the graduation. Together with other young people, my oldest works for a start up company: they make incredible long hours with minimum pay but burst with positive enthusiasm and enjoy all the experience and adventure this project gives them. I admire them all so much!!! I really hope and pray, it will work out and they get the big bucks they dream about….however, if it does not work out, I have no doubt they will find something else again, somehow!

  9. Such a sweet post! Congratulations to your son! I love the photo of the two of you walking down the hall – such a lovely moment. Your project is beautiful, and those shoes are killer! Well worth waiting a year for!

  10. Just visiting your older posts. I love the pressed flower, your dress and red shoes. What a great thing, to see your son graduate and know he has so much excitement ahead of him.

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