Happy Times

auttumnal window004The weather is finally cooling down. Even had a few walks in a sweater..such bliss!


I love the softer light and the cooler temperatures energize me.


I feel sorry for the people who find Fall depressing. To me, it is harvest time, Mother Earth has been working hard and providing well. Time for her to take a rest and dream sweet dreams. Β ( oh my, I am getting all poetic here!)


It is time for cozy evenings,


knitting without sticky hands,


and pies.


Baked a ton of little dessert cakes for the Yearly Neighborhood Picnic…what a splendid party that was!


And enjoyed making Autumnal Arrangement in my flower vases. Β What a beautiful word: Autumnal…


De herfst komt dichterbij en ik geniet van t koelere weer, de prachtige kleuren en t zachte licht.

Love and Liefs Johanna.

24 thoughts on “Happy Times

  1. Those dessert cakes look very easy to eat. The floating leaves and the flower arrangements are awesome. Enjoy your cooler evenings – here we’re looking forward to not having to light the woodburner for a while πŸ™‚

    • Well I can so understand the joy of warmer days for you in regards to the woodburner. Our house in Canada was heated by woodburners. I loved it so much until the Walker boys left home for university and I had to drag all those logs in myself!!! Mr. walker would be a little help over the weekend but believe me, winters in Canada are cold and long enough to be happy to see spring and warmer days;0) And thank you for the lovely compliments! hugs and kisses from the other side of the world!

  2. What a refreshing post. I love this time of year, so found each of your photos enticing. Those little cakes are sweet.

    I too am energized by the cooler weather. I enjoy working in the garden, too, without the heat.

    I’ve not picked up knitting for a few years. Perhaps this is the time to think about it once again. It is so relaxing.

  3. I’m with you 100%, Johanna–I love autumn and all it brings (except maybe winter . . . !) Your drawing at the top is wonderful–a self-portrait? It captures the pensive, sort of nostalgic, feeling of autumn. Baking and some sort of work with fibers are the most perfect ways to spend time right now but I need to get outside and cut back some perennials, too!

    • Hope your perennials are in ‘winter mode’ by now? Thank you for all yuor lovely compliments on my work. It is not a self portrait but I guess I put a lot of myself in it since one of my closest friends asked the same and she knows I have very short hair;0) And that is exactly how I feel when Atumn arrives: I enjoy the harvest but evenmore so the quiet and reflective atmosphere.

  4. I enjoyed all your compositions and vignettes Johanna. Especially the knitting in progress, there’s so much to see. I spotted tiny acorns, fall leaves, a salamander, gorgeous orange lanterns and a squash. It’s like a fall stew. I like the punch of fuchsia in there too. It’s like looking at a group of fall trees, there’s always one bright and colourful stand-out. Acorns always look to me like nuts wearing french berets, HA.

    I also noticed your wall covering in the last photo. It’s so soft, I really like it. Like what you’d see in a Lloyd Wright home. Did you hang it yourself? The one foray I made into wall covering was at our previous home. I hired someone who came recommended but didn’t do a very good job unfortunately. He had to buy an extra double roll of expensive paper when he messed up. I never liked the finished job and got too scared to do it again. But I’d love something in our new dining area that will double as a library.

    • Thank you Bomdee, your comments always make my ears flap with joy!!! You look so carefully at the photos!
      About the wall covering. We are the third owners of this house and I am so pleased that it was always loved and treaded with respect. And indeed this wallpaper is applied by the most skilled artist ( I have no other name for it) I have ever seen. It was done some 35 years ago and it is still perfect! This is actually in the kitchen, it is a delightfully big kitchen with a breakfast nook which I use use for an extra seating area with two big comfy old chairs. I love it when people are comfortable talking to me when I cook. So the wallpaper is just perfect. I still have to tackle the dining room, that one is ready for an update…I have the right furniture and decoration but cannot decide on what to do with the walls…a lovely agony;0)

  5. What a beautiful post, Johanna! I wouldn’t mind autumn — it’s the cold that follows! πŸ˜‰ Your drawing and photographs are delightful! I’ll say again, I need to dig out my crochet stuff and get back to it! πŸ˜€ Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  6. Thanks Linda, haha not the cold?? Ohoh, you should hear me whine when temperatures rise again for a couple of days. I am too much a girl from the North to endure these long summers. I hope to never leave Cincinnati again, I love it all here but further South is not an option for me;0) Have a lovely Sunday!!!

  7. I love your illustration that starts this post. It absolutely captures the feelings I have about autumn. I want to watch it and take it all in as it unfolds. Each day is part of a series revealing new colors against the bluest sky. Your baking looks delicious and beautifully presented! Truly a lovely post!

    • Good Morning Cathe, I read all your lovely and kind comments! What a treat to wake up with…I think we are kindred spirits! Both love to be busy with dogs, food, thrift treasures, knitting and the beauty in t all.
      This drawing is one of my favorites so far. It is so hard to get on paper what I ‘see’ in my mind. Somewhere you said that you were comforted by the drawings, that makes me very happy!
      Thnak yuo so much for taking the time and writing all these lovely things. have a lovely Sunday, love from Ohio, Johanna

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