Difficult questions and Zen and the Art of Napping


Myohmy, normally my pace of life is quite slow and I love that. However, at the moment I have so many projects going on and its all lovely.


And the wonderful talented GolNaran asked me difficult questions about art and creativeness. And than I realized, I have said it all, as far I ever possibly could, in the Blog Hop Around the World Post...Please look at Golnaran’s website, she creates so much beauty! And there lots of links to other wonderful blogs as well.


This weekend, will be nice and quiet, with rest, reading and good friends for company.


Charley saw me running around all the time. Now our Little Princess was not cut short of attention and walks…that would be unthinkable!


Still she shook her wise head over so much fuzz and excitement.


I will finally listen to her and take her example…


Wishing you all Love and Peace for your weekend!

Gutohgut, veel te veel drukte hier! Gelukkig allemaal leuke zaken! Dit weekend neem ik voorbeeld aan Chalrey!

Love and Liefs, Johanna


32 thoughts on “Difficult questions and Zen and the Art of Napping

  1. Great thanks, Dear Johanna!
    You are welcome!
    I appreciate your kind and support.
    I hope you have the best of luck with your creative projects in the future,
    Best Wishes, ♥

  2. Oh, Johanna, Charley is so adorable — especially when she’s sleeping! You’ve really captured some fantastic shots! I do love that second one of just her paw sticking straight up! I think she’s got the right idea! Lead the way, Charley! 😀

  3. I’ve looked at these photos of Charley about 10 different times and they make me laugh every time! That girl knows how to relax! It’s so nice to hear you are busy with exciting projects–I hope you’ll tell us about them, after you’ve taken a nap! 😉

    • Thank yuo Kerry, and indeed Chalrey is the most calm and sedate dog I ever had. She is so easy going but also a little vain, so she will always pose for me. My busy activities are all of a comunity spirit nature with no1 on the list the founding of my very ‘own’ bookclub in our neighborhood. The nap was delightful and I am ready to go on again!

    • Thank yuo for your kind words, Sheryl. That paw sticking up, she does very often and makes a lot of poeple laugh. She always wakes up than with a ‘ whaaat?’ Hope yuor weekend was good too!

  4. My oh my that does look like ‘the life of Riley’. Charley girl seems to have mastered the art of the nap and looks adorable at every turn. Those cute floppy ears would simply be impossible to resist, I just want to zoom in for a big snuggle. You’ve captured her calm and gentle nature so sweetly Johanna, great camera work. Thank you for sharing her with us, it’s the nicest way to start my day. I’m off to GolNaran to see what’s up there, enjoy your day.

  5. What stunning photos, Johanna! Charley is indeed a gorgeous photogenic pup. The “paw in the air” shot is priceless – but they are all brilliant! Yes, we can learn a thing or two from our animals about taking it easy, can’t we? I hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend – and thanks for another blog recommendation! Again – LOVE these photos – off to look at them all again. Dani xoxox

  6. Oh my goodness, I’ve just fallen head-over-heals in love. Look at that pooch!

    Your photos are stunning one and all. Ah, the life of a happy dog. The one of just the foot shooting up over the back of the couch is priceless. Well done, well done.

  7. I saw the picture on Boomdee’s blog and had to get a better look. I’m sure I’ve seen photos of Charley but these are especially adorable. I would be able to deny her nothing. 🙂

    • awh, and she still has two eyes here! Boomdee is one of her biggest fans (such a jolly girl that one!) Although it is very hard not to spoil her, she is a well trained dog. But also a very good friend. When I was sick a number of years ago, she sensed my feelings so well. There were days, in the most difficult of times, she would not leave my bed and had her paw on my hand all the time!! She was the best medicine, I tell you! When she needed to have her eye removed I was happy to be with her all the time. And now she getting on in age and I try not think of it….Thanks for having an extra look at my sweet girl, cuddles and wagging tail form her too! xo Johanna

      • Dogs know things that most people don’t understand. I think that the difficulty of losing my sweet Schatzie was why I just cannot bring myself to get another. Reminders of her are everywhere. Maybe one day. Your sweet girl looks like she could melt the hardest of hearts.

  8. Hello Charley!!
    Ok, I’m actually a stocker, LOL. I come by quite a lot actually but don’t always leave a message. I see you in my sidebar at Boomdeeadda and can’t help myself 😀 You’re just a click away xoxo

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