Just Sit and Knit and a Little Giveaway

auttumnal umbrella004

Ha,the weather stays cool, and breezy. So more Autumnal inspired artwork.


After after the flurry of activities lately, this week I could just sit and knit. Oh, well indeed, crochet. Moved on from Granny Squares to my first garment. A nice challenge and love the yarn, a soft merino. My favorite yarn!


So with the more complicated crochet, it is lovely to do some peaceful, easy knitting. I am very fond of this pattern for slippers. (it is a nice website too!) I am using up quite a lot of my leftover yarn. There is lots of talk here in Ohio about the upcoming and supposedly very severe winter. My feet will stay nice and warm ;0)


In my first attempt of the pattern, I knitted these…just too small for my feet. I do not like to unravel… I thought I might as well make someone happy amongst the good people who visit my blog and leave such kind words. So just leave a comment why you think your feet will be cold this winter, where ever you are in the world. The size is about US 6, Eur. 37, UK 4 and Aus. 5.5 and the yarn is made of recycled fabrics…of course as usual, I lost the label, my apologies for that.

The winner to be announced next week.

Heerlijk rustig aan t haken en breien geweest deze week. De grijze slofjes zijn me net te klein maar ik verloot ze graag onder mijn gezellige bezoekers. Laat maar weten waarom je bang bent voor de koude voeten en dan verloot ik ze volgende week.

Love and Liefs,



16 thoughts on “Just Sit and Knit and a Little Giveaway

  1. Hello Johanna! The cardigan in mauve(?) merino you’re making looks very pretty and those slippers seem so cosy, love them šŸ™‚ …and they’re exactly my size! So yay, I can enter your kind give-away!
    My feet (and hands) are always cold in cooler weather, so layering up is a necessity for me, really.
    Have a great weekend, and many thanks for the give-away! Hugs & ā¤ J

    • ha, so nice to see you stopping by again! How is your knitting? Sorry, you did not win….but I hope to see more blog activity from you again! Hugs and all from the other side of the pond!

  2. I could give you a zillion reasons why my feet will be cold in upstate New York but your sweet slippers wouldn’t fit my farm-girl feet! Your fall images look so cozy and happy. I do love your drawing style!

  3. I love your artwork! So simple (I mean that in a good way) and clean and …I want to say nice, but not in the overused, slightly dismissive way it’s so often used. I’ve been going on about knitting myself slippers for ages – it will stop my incredibly bad habit of sneaking outside in my hard-sole ones and then stomping nasty stuff through the house :/ I’d love to enter your competition too as they are my size, but am also totally capable of crafting my own now you have pointed me to a pattern that so obviously works. I too LOVE knitting with merino, my crotchet is still at the beginner stage and I’m very impressed with your latest project! Have a great weekend šŸ™‚

    • Hello lovely girl from Christchurch, I do not mind at all to have my work called simple, clean and nice! In fact I love that, I am not snooty at all about my work ( or hopefully in other sense ;0)) I am always happy if people like it!
      I hope to see some of your knitting and crocheting on your wonderful blog. Sorry, you did not win but I have no doubt you are a capable knitter!
      Hugs to the other side of the world, Johanna

      ps do you ever use a first name on your blog, or are you simply known as Farmer’s wife?

      • Well, any day I get called a “lovely girl” is a good day šŸ™‚ Just as well I didn’t win as I have sorted out the wool and the pattern. It’s almost a gift when someone gives you the heads up on a tried and true pattern.
        My blog name (The Milk Maid) is much more exotic than the real deal. I’m not sure how the whole alias thing came about – we were just joking around back when just one man and a dog read this and both knew us well. It kept them busy working out who was who; a way of guaranteeing followers šŸ˜€
        Hugs right back to you

      • Ouch, Milk Maid instead of Farmer’s Wife…really I should be shamed in public!!! But Sharon is a lovely name…in fact I have two lovely friends here in Ohio, both named Sharon…specified as ‘Sharon-the-neighbor’ and ‘the-other-Sharon’

  4. I just love your fall drawing! I can just feel the winds and the chill in the air! Oh, I do hope you don’t have a severe winter again. Bummer. Love that yarn you’re using for the cardigan. And your footies are cute and warm. Too bad they’re too small for us! šŸ˜‰ I hope your weekend has been beautiful in all ways!

    • I had a fantatsic weekend, and I hope you too?
      I am not affraid of a bad winter…as a true girl from the North, I can cold better than heat;0) And I am so privileged if the weather is bad…I just stay home: it is so easy not to mind the winter just than;0) Happy that you like my drawing!

  5. That is a nice pattern and they look cozy, too. I like the soft blue chenille trim. That purple yarn and pattern is gorgeous, too.

    Your drawing skills are amazing. I love that sketch!

    Alas, my feet are extra large (US 10) so I’m out of the running today. Nice idea for a giveaway, though, and may the best cold feet win. šŸ˜‰

    I am sorry to hear about the severe winter ahead. At least you can wrap your mind around it ahead of time.

    • well, I love the winter as a true Northern girl can and as I told Linda above…I never have to go anywhere when I do not want to. That makes live so easy;0) And well, Anne from ottawa won the slippers…you as a fellow former resident of Canada know that they go to a welcome home;0)
      I am happy you like my drawing!

  6. Hello! Am I too late? I was away for thanksgiving…what glorious weather — I think it is the calm before the storm.

    Your illustration is wonderful & windy. And I love merino wool too! I am a size 6–though I imagine I am too late for the give-away.

    Hugs from Ottawa!

  7. Well now I see! It seems like yesterday I was visiting all your cute Charley photo’s but I guess I fell behind. Hey? I Pinned one of Charley’s cute photo’s onto my Pinterest Board and she’s been quite a hit, naturally šŸ˜€ Your crochet project looks pretty complicated but I really fancy the colour, very pretty. I once knitted a buffalo sweater for my Ex. It was so much work, I never picked up another project. It took me 3 months of lunch breaks and many late nights. Darn, I should have kept it, LOL.

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