A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part One and a Winner!


Last weekend, it was Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. Mr. Walker took some extra days off, we packed our suitcases and went to Toronto where both our Walker Boys live. A few weeks ago, we helped them move to their beautiful two bedroom apartment. And now they had invited us for Thanksgiving! Uhm, before we go further: my wide angle lens is absolute rubbish, but we all are going to pretend the following photos are perfect and ready to star on Apartmenttherapy.com ;0)


I still cannot believe, we found this gorgeous apartment so close to downtown. Shops around the corner with bus stops and subway stations. From the balcony a view to stately gardens and a little park: shade in the summer, sunshine in the winter and a feel of nature all year round…I sound like a real estate agent here!


After moving from one to the next ‘student-settlement’ for a few years, Young Mr Walker and the even Younger Mr. Walker decided to look for a decent place to live together ( they get along very well) and after a long, very long search found this lovely, lovely place. ( can you tell, I really like it?)


Aaaaand, Mr. Walker and I do not have to stay in hotels anymore when visiting our offspring. There is room enough for us for a couple of days and we can relax, cook and share meals and have quality family time.


I think, these Young Urban Gentlemen did a very good job in decorating this place.


More tomorrow.

So now about my Giveaway: it turned out that Anne from Ottawa, Judith from London and the lovely Milk Maid from Christchurch had the right size. Oh, agony, who to choose??? I know you are all good sports, so here my decision:  since Judith already owns an example of my knitting, and in New Zealand Spring is well on its way…it seemed so fair to protect Anne’s feet from the harsh cold winter in Canada…which I know from experience, is very cold indeed!


So Anne, my dear, email me your address at colorpencil.2014@gmail.com and you will have them before the snow flies!


We hadden een geweldig lang weekend in Toronto, op uitnodiging van the Walker Boys, die sinds kort in dit prachtige appartement wonen. Mijn groothoeklens is tamelijk waardeloos maar je kan toch zien dat het een bijzonder leuk en erg fraai ingericht Herenappartement is!

De slofjes zijn overigens gewonnen door Anne in Ottowa, die in Canada de grootste kans op erg koude voeten heeft!

Love and Liefs,


24 thoughts on “A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part One and a Winner!

  1. I’m so excited! I will be so happy to have warm & stylish feet this winter (they say it’s going to be another cold, long one ;-(. Thank you so much.

    And your boys have done a great job with the apartment. Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving–did you have turkey, or another tradition?

    • Very comforting to know, your feet will be warm!
      I am indeed so pleased with their new home and it is so relaxing to visit them now. I am not a big fan of hotels;0) Mr. Walker is not keen on turkey and since it was only the four of us, we had ham which we all enjoy;0).We all love hiking too, so the boys selected a great walk in Hyde Park all the way up to Lake Ontario. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving too?

  2. Johanna, I can tell that you really like the young gentlemen’s apartment.(smile)
    Well done. It’s lovely. And central. And clean. You can’t get better than that, can you?

    Happy belated Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you Linda, I am truly blessed with these two great young men! It was easy raising them because they never caused any trouble ;0) And it always amazes me too, how good they get along despite an age difference of three and half years. btw…yuo as a catlover..did you spot theirs? More about him later ;0)

  3. Snap, the young Walker men really did score on the apartment front. Loving the floors and neutral walls. It looks super fresh and trendy with the light walls and dark floors. How wonderful to look out at a garden too, alleviates the need for window coverings and keeps thing feeling youthful. It’s certainly a heap nicer than my first apartment, which was actually a basement suite in a house near downtown Edmonton. Your guys have a good eye and I’m impressed all their art is framed. Plus ! They own aprons and have a scarf layer across the top of the fridge. I shall evoke a generous (albeit virtual) pat on the back for you and your Mr. Good job guys!

    • Well that pat was received with blushing cheeks and flapping ears! Really, I am still amazed myself about the beauty of this place;0) And indeed, it was all painted freshly, some window were replaced, new kitchen appliances and a complete new bathroom. The building has a new owner and that company clearly is investing in quality! And indeed, especially the older Walker boy has lived in various places in the past years from above a smelly resaturant to a dark basement bachelor…I do not think either of them will move soon again;0) And I clearly remember where I started out…a one bedroom with shared kitchen/bathroom. One wall had so much dark stains from leaking, I transferred it with black liner to a map of the world;0)

  4. OH, ps! congratulations Anne (actually my middle name) ! Those look warm and cozy. Darn, I think I’m behind again, I didn’t even see that post. Well, you snooze you loose Boomdee, LOL.

  5. I can clearly see that the Walker boys have inherited their mother’s wonderful, keen sense of style! Their apartment is so lovely – and with a gorgeous kitty cat, too. How great for you and Mr Walker to visit and cook and spend quality family time together. Hope you had the best time. xoxoxox

  6. I think it’s very nice that they got a cat to match the sofa (or a sofa to match the cat!) 😉 Truly, it looks like a wonderful place for them and I just love that they’re there together. It must give you such comfort, as their mother, to know they like each other and have each other to rely on!

  7. Ha, I knew you would spot the Royal Leo;0) I am indeed very pleased my sons get along so well. And always a bit amazed too..they differ three and half years in age and they differ in character and appearance too! I suspect they compliment each other just fine. But is a nce cozy feeling to know them there so comfortable and happy.

  8. Oh,they have organised everything so neatly!Wonderful appartment dear Johanna,lovely modern furniture and nice little details! Back to the post I was reading … where I found the link and it gave me great pleasure to enjoy the Gentlemen’s dwelling place 🙂

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