A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part Two: the Details.

DSC_4620  DSC_4618

Well, after my thrilled, happy yodeling yesterday, you guessed right:I really like the new dwelling of the Young Misters Walker.

DSC_4642  DSC_4632

Here some details, that make me very happy. These candles are made out of wax but work on batteries…so clever!


And how about this original Underwood typewriter from about 1927, next to a very modern printer?


And smart 1960 traveling case for a whiskey decanter with some Star Wars collecties.


And the Lads sure like their espressos


This Fox protected the Youngest Mr. Walker from drafts in his former apartment. Read all about it on my previous blog, if you are interested that is ;0)


Oh look, real Johanna’s on the wall..the college funding is secured ;0)

DSC_4706  DSC_4617

That pumpkin pie was Thanksgiving dinner’s dessert and soo good!


This chair is a design by Karim Rashid for Umbra. Not very expensive to buy new but I paid only 3 dollars for it in a thrift store some years ago. And it is remarkably comfortable. Leo the Cat agrees and more about him tomorrow!


Och hemel, t is wel duidelijk na mijn vrolijk gejodel van gisteren dat ik erg blij met t nieuwe appartement van de Walker Boys. Hier nog wat meer kiekjes..en meer over de kat morgen!

Love and Liefs,


17 thoughts on “A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part Two: the Details.

  1. Thanks so much for a more detailed tour, Johanna. I’m in love with Leo so can’t wait to read more. Your boys have gorgeous taste in decorating and are so stylish – I can’t imagine where they get that from!?!?!? They are also so neat – we need a good dose of that here at the moment! Also love the typewriter and the Star Wars collectables. xoxoxoxox

    • Well, Dany, they are Dutch and spent a good deal of there very young years in The Netherlands.There is a National Obsession with cleanliness in The Netherlands though I suspect it is somewhat more neat when mom arrives ;0)
      But the Walker Boys are chuffed to bits with all the nice compliments! Thank you so much!

  2. I love the typewriter next to the printer. I am going to do that in my office after seeing this. It is inspired!!! I can see that you have wonderful boys (maybe you should write a parenting blog so we can all find out how you did it! 🙂

      • Hallo Johanna,
        Kartoffelsalat schmeckt mit hier in Deutschland auch sehr gut. Am liebsten mit Räuchermettwürstchen. Ganz so gut wie hier ist der Kartoffelsalat in den USA nämlich nicht. Und Räuchermettwürstchen bekomme ich da gar nicht. Ansonsten werde ich hier Rheinischen Sauerbraten und Eisbein genießen. Und Kasseler. Und ganz besonders die leckeren Brötchen zum Frühstück und den so reichhaltigen Aufschnitt.
        Ach ja: ein leckerer Matjeshering wäre gar nicht zu verachten. Mit Zwiebeln drauf und dann am Schwanz über den Mund halten und essen. Und “oude Jenever” danach! Matjes erinnert mich an alte Zeiten, als wir häufig in den Niederlanden segeln waren. Und das bringt mich wieder auf holländischen Kaese. Von den Käseläden schwärme ich immer noch. Und von richtig altem Gouda. Alt und schon bröckelig kriegt man den, so glaube ich jedenfalls, nur in den Niederlanden.
        Liebe Grüße aus dem sonnigen Rheinland, und ein schönes Wochenende,

      • Ha, I could read your reply very well but won’t keep stammering on in German;0) I worked up a quite an appetite after reading your reply and I am impressed you know the proper way of eating the ‘maatjesharing’! I once read, that immigrants secretly miss ‘their’ food more than their family;0)
        Enjoy the beautiful sonnigen Rheinland!

  3. Lots of warmth and humor in this decorating style, with touches of mom all through the space, I think. The framed, original Johannas are testament to the sons’ excellent taste!

  4. Thank you, thank you!! However, I had not that much interference. But when they have something in their mind, they often will ask to find something for them since they do not like treasure hunting themselves. Bliss!

  5. What extraordinary taste and style. I love the vignettes, the elegance and the simplicity. Well done, and thank you for sharing.

    Leo, you’re a dream. I wish I could give you a good cuddle and a scratch under the chin.

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