A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part Three…The Regal Cat!


And of course…every Gentlemen’s Apartment needs a Cat With Attitude. And what a fine example the Regal Leo is. A very well mannered Aristocat who greets everyone who enters the door with polite authority and receives exclamations about his magnificent appearance with dignified modesty. ( yeah, as if…that vain cat does not fool me!)


Can you believe it that about six years ago this lovely fellow was found on the road, hit by a car more dead than alive. Our vet was taken by his beauty and performed extensive surgery to save his life. (Later we adopted him.) Today he still limbs, has only one shoulder blade and a bit of a funny expression caused by a broken jaw, healed a bit crooked.


This does not bother him at all, he is good natured and full of humor. Always on the lookout for a warm lap and cuddles. He is quite vocal and appreciates a good conversation, especially about food and himself.He loves all people, except women with high pitch voices. Reminds him of a cruel owner in the past or does he think it is just bad taste?


Charley Dog and Leo hated each other with a passion, so Leo happily packed his suitcase when the Oldest Walker Boy went to university and moved with him from pillar to post in the past few years. And never minding that one bit, claiming every new dwelling immediately as his new Kingdom.


However, he approves very much of this Gentlemen’s Apartment and the arrival of the Youngest Walker Boy, who waits on him hand and foot.

Tja, en in een Herenappartement hoort natuurlijk een deftige kat. De koninklijke Leo voldoet aan t plaatje en t is ook nog eens een gezellige prater en knuffel.

Love and Liefs,


26 thoughts on “A Gentlemen’s Apartment, Part Three…The Regal Cat!

  1. Delightful! You take the most stunning photos. Loved your tongue in cheek report on Sir Leo, but oh my what a rough start to his life. I’m glad a caring vet brought Leo back from the edge. It’s good to hear, too, that his past injuries do not hinder his life.

  2. Lucky, lucky Leo! I am constantly impressed by veterinarians who are so compassionate and willing to go to great lengths to save animals! And impressed by people, like your family, who give them great lives. I agree with Sheryl about the photos–all beautiful but the cat butt is the best!

    • It is indeed a double joy to see an animal so happy and content that has been through the wars so badly. I could not resist the image of the Royal Butt…and the little curl in the tail reminded me also so much of the wonderful Disney movie the AristoCats : “A curly tail at all times is proper etiquette!”

  3. Be still my heart – Leo is so handsome! And, yes, REGAL is the perfect word to describe him! And I completely agree with everyone else – your photos are AMAZING! The tail through the chair is priceless and should win some photographic competition. And the final one – so content as king of his safe and loving domain. My heart was breaking reading about his horrendous start – thank goodness for kind vets and the loving Walkers! Thank- you! I also love (and laughed a little too shrilly, scaring my own kitties!) when I read: “He loves all people, except women with high pitch voices.” A beautiful, uplifting post, Johanna. xoxoxox

  4. wow, Dany, your comments always make blush with delight and chuckle at the same time! You sure now how to make a positive remark, thank you! Leo approved too, with a slow nod and slanted eyes…but frowned of course a ittle at the shrilly laugh;0) Thank goodness I have quite a husky voice…according to the Vet, that what made Leo walk up to me all the time we came there when he was living at the practice…and in the end I took him home ;0)

  5. Lucky Leo to have been rescued from the road to enjoy sunny days on a warm duvet in the young Walker abode. I have found that rescued animals have a type of humility that is forever giving and thankful. Our cats will pretty much make themselves to home on any lap that sits still long enough for them to bounce up upon.

    All your photo’s show great character but the second to last photo is really priceless. I think it’s awesome with Leo’s tale hanging thru the chair. LOL. I’d blow that up for a Christmas gift. “How marvellous that they’ve bought chairs that are so accommodating”, he must think. If he’s anything like my cats (spoilt to bits πŸ˜€ ) he already thinks everything is there for his comfort and enjoyment. My hubby and I have squished onto one end of the sofa to make room for sleeping kitties on the other end. Mustn’t disturb them you see. LOL. I can totally relate to Mr youngest Walkers need to cater to Leo’s every need. “Guilty” ! I’m am a doting, enabler extraordinaire. Isn’t that why we have pets? It’s possible both Leo and Charley had this planned all along. Really enjoyed both your writing and the photo’s Johanna. Great fun xB

    • Well, he sure looks like a Prussian Blue but the vet simply could not believe that some one would simply abandon such beautiful cat with pedigree. he even wondered wether he was stolen and had escaped but he was not chipped or tattooed. Alas, he cannot talk..although he indeed does tell us he is a very happy fellow!

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