About Love, Light and Winterknitting

After living in Canada for more than seven years and with our sons in Toronto, of course, the horrible news from Canada was close to home! We know Ottawa so well, a lovely and beautiful city. And, a little to my surprise, I found it hard to make post about my ‘Important Nothings’. But the beautiful posts by Kerry and Gallivanta, made me decide to just keep on going and add a little weight to Balance in the Scale of Light and Beauty and Goodness.
My blog is not about political statements and world issues. This is my way of contributing to ‘The Big Picture!’, just to the simple and good and loving side. ” There is a lot of love”, Anne, who lives in Ottawa, told me. And I want to feed that!
So here it is: Simple Things in Life!
More beautiful flowers.
My crochet is just coming along nicely and after the slippers, I am knitting more leftover yarn away in a pair of gloves.
That made me think of a stamp I made years ago at a workshop and I used it to make it into a drawing on this Japanese paper I still had…it looks like little snowflakes all around it.
My favorite food: a perfect boiled egg and that egg cup makes me so happy.
Charley…giving all her love!
I wish you all Love and Light,

22 thoughts on “About Love, Light and Winterknitting

  1. This is perfect, Johanna! Absolutely perfect. If anything is going to help us feel more sane in a crazy world, it’s sweet dog kisses, soft-boiled eggs, and hand knit snowflakes!

  2. Hi Johanna, nobody imagined that this kind of violence could happen here , Canada always peaceful and happy country, now in the fall so beautiful full of colours. We really need all the lovely light in your post. Thanks for all the gorgeous photos!

    • You are so welcome Elizabeth. My sons in Toronto said that a good deal of all the discussion around these afwul happenings is about the determination to keep safe what canada stands for: a peaceloving multicultural nation. That is beautiful, I think. Take Care, Johanna

  3. The sweetness of connectedness through light, little things and love…..I came to your post having just taken my own photo of my latest knitting project using recycled T-shirt yarn, and after arranging a spring setting on my dining table. To think that you were doing something similar and reading my post in far Canada lifts my heart like the beautiful leaf in your last image. There is more light in the world than we realise….. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful, heartfelt post, Johanna. This is what this world needs. We know what is happening but it’s so depressing to dwell on it. It begins to feel that that is all there is. And that is so far from the truth. I love your decorations and needlework. I’m just about ready to get serious and crochet a shawl for my sis-in-law for Christmas. It will be my first attempt so wish me luck! 😀 Happy weekend!

    • Thank you Linda! yes, sometimes we need support to lift our hearts. And see that that there is still love and goodness around us.
      So yes, create something beautiful and make sis-in-law happy for Christmas! Hugs from Ohio

  5. I’ve been aware of the news this week and it weighed heavy at certain moments. Like losing the safe feeling. But I’m glad you’ve carried on and done what you do so well, “lighten the day”. If we only know how to unite humanity and stop the madness. But we don’t seem to be able to do this so I say hurray for Important Nothings. After all, they’re the things that make most days enjoyable. Like your last photo. I laid in the autumn leaves a couple of weeks ago, hoping to capture this similar moment. Everything was golden, framed by blue sky and with a little breeze, the leaves fell quickly to the ground. I didn’t get anything as wonderful as your shot but it was fun to lay in the leaves for that moment. xk

  6. Beautifully said and so true. I was stunned when we heard the news and as a former Ontario resident, it gave me pause. Sadly these things are far too common in the states. Canada seemed immune from it all. I too felt that breach of safety that Boomdee refers to.

    Your vignettes are soft, warm, inviting and lovely. Thanks for this breath of fresh air, and for the falling leaves.

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