The Great Outdoors and Sketches


Mr. Walker and I went for a hike ( hmm, what’s in a name???) in John Bryan State Park.


About an hour drive from our home.


The weather was glorious and so was Mother Nature.


Doesn’t this leaf look like a little swan or sailing boat?


A magical place, we will come here again.


So totally energized and refreshed, working and studying hard again in the studio.


Meneer Walker en ik hebben een prachtige wandeling gemaakt in John Bryan State Park, een klein uurtje rijden bij ons vandaan. Zo mooi daar! Nu weer geheel verfrist aan t studeren en schetsen…


Love and Liefs,


23 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors and Sketches

  1. I LOVE that sketch of the handsome Leo being served dinner, Johanna, and thanks for taking us along on your beautiful walk. It’s great to hear you are refreshed and working hard. I must take a leaf out of your book!! xoxoxox

  2. Isn’t it grande to walk in solitude with your significant other? It sure looked like the perfect day. “Swan or sailboat?” I’m going with Dragon out for a swim. The front part looks like the head and the back part like dragon wings, (I wonder what Freud would say about that, ha).

    Look at all that lovely green moss. It would look really great in a Fairy Garden. I found a really great book for Alys’s birthday that had all kinds of fun idea’s for Terrariums. I’m enjoying all the make believe that a grown up can indulge in when it’s called, “a Fairy Garden”.

    So, I biggiefied your pencil drawings and wanted to see what was out the window. Looks windy, and so the perfect time for tea. Then again, is it *never* a good time for tea? Then I wondered who was sneaking up on you in the forest? Finally, I smiled because it’s Leo, with quiet anticipation, being ‘served’ a bowl of something yummy. It reminded me I wanted a wee snack, so I went to find a cookie, munched down three, and now I’m back. Such a nice time I’m having here πŸ˜€ xB

  3. Oh, a wonderful walk, Johanna! I love finding a new, special place and fall is the perfect time to do it. Your drawings are just charming–although that one with the sneaky person, creeping up on the other, is a little unnerving–perfect for Halloween week! I always like it when you give us peeks at your work!

  4. What a beautiful and rejuvenating walk that must have been. Clear, crisp air. Gets those old creative forces swirling! Love your sketches. The tea time looks so relaxing. There are hearts floating outside the window — love of nature? Is it raining? I hope you’re having a fabulous week and from the looks of this post, you are! πŸ˜€

  5. How lovely to take a hike with you and to see nature through your eyes. I love your sketches too, the one with the little cat is adorable! Sorry not to have been in touch for a while. I am busy getting ready for a big vintage Christmas Fair where I am having a stand. Today I am busy labeling chutney which I will also be selling. A nice job; radio on, cats close by.

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