Pouting Princess

that cat002
So Leo was very pleased with all the kind remarks about his beauty and gentleman style appearance.
But then Charley found out that her former housemate and archenemy had trumped her with the most liked post! She was horrified, shocked and quite vocal about it…whilst Leo in Toronto softly purred with slanted eyes that gleamed.
So what does a Princess do when she is deeply hurt? She collects a few pillows and pouts on the couch..
and keeps whining on and on…
‘Why, mom, why??’ Why did you pay any attention to that self centered, arrogant snob?”
‘Remember he called me fat once..I had to snarfle up all the food in his bowl yet again out of revenge!’
It took a lot of belly rubs to calm her down again….
Prinses Charley was diep beledigd door alle aandacht die haar voormalige huisgenoot en aartsvijand krijgt. Ze lag de hele dag op de bank te pruilen en ik moest nogal sussen en knuffelen om dat weer goed te maken….
Love and Liefs,

26 thoughts on “Pouting Princess

  1. But Charley you are completely adorable. Leo is cute but I couldn’t live with him. I am allergic to cats. But a Princess Dog like you could sit on my sofa anytime.

  2. Oh! Charley, we love you, too! I promise. It’s just that I’m a Mad Cat Woman and when I saw adorable Leo my heart went all a flutter. And when I read what he had been through – and that incredible photo of his tail through the hole in the chair – and … you are very cute, too, and by no means fat – just big boned, like me! I’m sure you could be friends if you just gave Leo another chance. He really is very handsome and debonair and … but you Charley are gorgeous! xoxoxox P.S. Johanna – if you go to my “The Contact” page at the top of my blog, you can leave your address there. xoxox

    • Ha, ‘contact’ duh…I will do so Dany! Charley will forgive you for being a mad cat woman because you are so darn cute. But I am happy the both them do not live under one roof anymore…no house is big enough for those two big personalities;0) Have alovely Sunday!

  3. Oh, oh, Charley, you can never be replaced. You are beautiful and a princess! And I absolutely adore how photogenic you are. Remember, never compare yourself to anyone else. They are they and you are you. Now, come over here and let me give you a great big HUG! šŸ˜€ ā¤

  4. Oh Charley, you are adorable! You can come visit anytime and we all will happily romp around. There are no Leo’s here, although I admit to loving a good Leo, but it is you dear Charley Princess, be still my heart!

  5. Charley, honey. We weren’t raving over the cat (although he is a handsome cat, for sure). We were raving over the DRAWING of the cat done by your mom. It just happened to have a cat in it! It’s time to stop pouting . . .

  6. Don’t you just adore Dani, she’s a breath of fresh Aussie air and I laugh at her messages because she writes so animated, just like I’d expect her to be. Awwww, I really need to get to that part of the world. I need to hug that women (and totally snuggle her cats too) (oh! and play with Jet until we both collapse in a ball of happiness). Do you think I could adopt Charley should you ever need to leave planet earth and not be able to take her with? While I know the chances of that are purty slim, I’m just going to put it out there and call dibs.

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to two time on Jet and confess, “I’m crushing on Charley real bad”. Your photo’s are all just too cute I couldn’t possibly ever pick a favourite. Is it the: crossed paws, mid-sneeze (or yawn?), the peak-a-boo-I-see-you through the pillows or the “you *may* rub my tummy now” moment? Gads, they all make my heart skip a beat. I do love your final photo a lot, showing a moment of thought with one ear one way, the other in another direction. I totally went, “awwwww” because I always like to wonder what they think about in these moments. I just know in my heart it’s a happy thought. Thanks for this charming post on my way to bed Johanna, it’s the best part of my day. Sweet dreams Charley girl xo Boomdee.

  7. Oh my goodness, Boomdee, your comments read like novels! You must, must write a book!
    Charley is indeed in mid yawn there. Even her trainer/groomer noticed that she always yawns when she gets bored or when she has to obey the rules when she really does not want to…’Her kind-hearted way of showing pure contempt’, he says ;0)

    Thank you, my dear, for your kind and lovely words and I hope your dreams were sweet as well!

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