First Frost

Being a true Northern girl, I welcome Fall and Winter.
The colder temperatures exhilarate me.
The beauty of fall colors.
And the incredible beauty of first frost.
I could hike every day, all day.
De herfst gaat verder en de winter begint al om de hoek te kijken. De koude temperaturen, de mooie herfst kleuren en de eerste vorst…ik kan de hele dag, elke dag wel wandelen.
Love and Liefs, Johanna

22 thoughts on “First Frost

  1. Oh, I love your image of the first frost. It’s perfection, and captures the moment. All your pictures are beautiful. I too could hike all day! Thank you for sharing your outing, it’s exhilarating!

  2. I am so happy to hear that the weather is turning crisp and clear and that you are feeling that you are linked with your homeland by its return to colder weather.
    I too am quite a walker and am just returning to it after a great deal of foot surgery. When I am walking I feel free and exhilarated and so in touch with nature.
    Your post shows that you love those things too.
    Happy hiking!

      • I miss the idea of a Canadian winter if that makes sense. It’s much easier to drive in California without slippery roads and shorter days, but sometimes I miss the solitude of the pure white snow and the clean smell of a winter’s day.

      • I know exactly what you mean: a sunny crisp day after a snowstorm, with the ice crystals in the air like little floating daimonds, a silent forest with only tree noise and the sounds of my own snowshoes….

    • Well I can give you the same reply as Gallivanta, who has no interest in the great outdoors when freezing: Ha, always somebody is happy, no matter what the weather is! I am glad to show the beauty of a cold, crisp day while you are warm and comfortable;0) xoxoxo from Ohio!

  3. It’s still very nice for you there. How fantastic. We’ve now had our first snow as of late last Friday evening. Plus the arctic has been sending down her worst. Bitter for November. I spent an afternoon putting up Xmas lights and removing Halloween stuff though because it’s not likely to melt now. Do you put up outdoor lights? They’re pretty affordable to operate now.

    The first photo is really nice. Looks like ‘milk weed’ or that’s what we call it out here. It’s so dainty. I can see why you love to hike there. So gorgeous with the water and colour. Charley must be in heaven too. What a team you make šŸ˜€ x

    • We are supposed to get snow this weekend, quite unusual. And yes, i was planning to look over our outdoor Christmas lights too, see hwat still works and might need replacement.
      And thank you again for your lovely kind comments, with a big hug from Charley too!

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