Into the Woods…

into the woods002

Just a moment,

One peculiar passing moment.

Must it all be either less or more,

Either plain or grand?

Is it always ‘or’?

Is it never ‘and’?

That’s what woods are for:

For those moments in the woods…

‘Into the Woods’  by Stephen Sondheim


Love and Liefs, Johanna



9 thoughts on “Into the Woods…

    • Yes, they are little toadstools, I always call them sulfur caps but I am not even sure if that is the right name;0) They grew so prettily together in a hole in an old trunk. Have a lovely weekend!

    • Thank you Linda! Florida looks always so beautiful on your blog but without the woods and seasons…I do not think I could really live there. Have a lovely weekend my dear,your friend Johanna.

  1. So, in the sketch, are those little people mushrooms or what? It’s kind of spooky–I’ve looked at it a number of times and keep coming back. I loved the show “Into the Woods”–isn’t there a movie coming out?

    • Well, I saw these little mushroom growing together so prettily in a hole in that old trunk, as if they were hiding. ( bit of blurry photo from my cell phone) and that reminded my of illustrations of one of my favorite artists and inspirators Tove Jansson and then this drawing came to be;0) And I am chuffed to bit that my drawing keeps you busy! I have only read the poems from ‘Into the Woods’ I love them so much that I still hesitate to listen to the sound recordings etc. It would make a lovely movie I think…Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I book marked your post days ago to come back for another look. Your drawing was lovely and whimsical. It make me smile. Who knew peeping into a log would reveal all those silly faces peeping back out at you? Very sweet verse too, I vote for ‘and’ 😀 100%

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