Happy Times and a Thing of Beauty…


In a photo on the Amaryllislog, I spotted this gorgeous knitting gadget. As a devoted knitter,  I was curious of course but some research did not make me any wiser. So I started obsessing right away…now I had to know what it was. I contacted the lovely Cathe and the wonder woman and kindred spirit did her research right away and led me to the website of Sun Valley Fibers...be still my heart! I selected a maple beauty, I ordered it and could sleep again at night. And promptly three days later…there it arrived. It is WONDERFUL, it keeps the yarn in place and untangled and it makes a lovely soft whirring sound when you pull the yarn, sigh! The only down side: it is burdened with the unpoetic name ‘Yarn Buddy’…we will not mention this again..


And how I look forward to these gloves, knitted from left over silk and merino with extra long cuffs for my extra long arms…it is so soft and warm. OK I confess, I am a devoted yarn snob too.

Here some more important nothings…


Read plenty of good books again. The two cookbooks on the right were a kindhearted gift from a dear friend who knows me well.



DSC_5101 DSC_5104

I collect old cookbooks, love the domestic history that comes with it. Two weeks ago, I found this nice copy from 1945. Not only is it a celebration of food, it is an invaluable source of wisdom for the young bride and inexperienced housekeeper, complete with recommended lay out for a proper kitchen.


I baked rice muffins, using this book. They are very good!


Although I do not work at the library anymore, I still wander around the children section to see what is going on. This beautiful and wonderful Christmas book made me very happy.


This reminds me of one special winter night in Canada, when the Youngest Walker Boy and I were so incredible fortunate to experience Northern Light at its most beautiful. There we sat on the deck, with big coats, hats, blankets…just watching in awe, completely in awe!


These lovely cups bought at Ikea made me very happy too. ( I went there for a rug…) Perfect size for hot chocolate, apple ciders and spiced teas.They combine well with the vintage ones.


And of course,as you have learned from all my happy yodeling, walking weather is just perfect and my dear girl Charley and I are very happy in the woods.

Een heerlijke week met nieuw breigereedschap, fijn wandelweer, prachtige boeken en lekkere muffins!

Love and Liefs,


29 thoughts on “Happy Times and a Thing of Beauty…

  1. I love your posts and great shots!
    That blue textile under your books and your new cups are so beautiful!

    I wish I could write all my sayings in English…
    Best Wishes, ❤

  2. What a feel-good post–so many wonderful tidbits. I’ve been meaning to do a blog post, or even a little series, about perfect tools for the job. And your yarn minder (NOT buddy) is a great example! It appears you are enjoying November to its fullest, Johanna!

  3. This is such a beautiful post. Again!

    I have an antique yarn ball winder in my basement…I thought is was a clothing hanger until I went to a wool store recently. I keep meaning to get it out.

    And ha ha, I’ve been tempted to buy unexpected items at IKEA too!

  4. What a lovely post, Johanna! Love the gloves you’re making! I just don’t have a need for them here in FL! I have a collection of old interior decorating books. The oldest I think dates from the 40s. You’d think I’ve never read one if you saw my house! HA! I love that picture of you and Charley. Best of friends! 🙂 I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  5. I’m so happy you love your yarn keeper! I think it really is a thing to behold! And a good cookbook, yes of course! Some of the best bedtime reading is based on cookbooks in my house! I understand the love of a well written and illustrated children’s book, some of the best places for inspiration. Oh Ikea, so dangerous, I go in for one thing and come out with so much more. I have to limit my visits! And of course a hike with Charley, taking in all the beauty of the outdoors!

    Now I’ll have to wait to see your beautiful gloves, can’t wait!

    • After reading all your kind comments…really Cathe, we must have been separated at birth;0) reading cookbooks for bedtime stories…me too, me too! And most people smile polite when hearing of this habit…
      Yarn keeper…I like that too. Our mutual friend Kerry came up with Yarn Minder, very poetic.
      Thanks, my dear!

  6. J, you made me laugh and smile and go ‘ahhhhh’ as I read along with your post. That shot of you and Charley is a delight.

    Yarn Buddy…that did make me snicker. I’m glad you discovered what it was and that you didn’t have to lose any sleep over it.

  7. Happy to have entertained you, Alys!
    Kerry re-named my maple beauty the Yarn Minder, very poetic and Cathe calls it the Yarn Keeper..yet again an image comes up of this creature that watches over the spinners and knitters in this world;0)

  8. So many lovely reasons to enjoy this post! 🙂 The children’s book caught my eye right away because I have read and loved it – it truly does capture the beauty of winter and the illustrations are breathtaking! Have a wonderful week!

  9. I feel like I just dropped in for a visit to your quaint little cottage. After a cup of Coco, you tried to teach me how to knit, because I too must have silk gloves. But it was quite hopeless so we agreed, a walk with Charley through the woods was in order. I hope I can stay till late in the day because I never can say goodbye to sweet Charley.

    You and Charley look like super models in a Eddie Bower ad, sitting there with a stylish scarf and backpack 😀 I’m coveting the fabric beyond your cookbooks. Did you make it? The colours are so great and I never could resist paisley fabric. Also your sweet bookends, sigh, I wish I could find something similar. I’m always on the lookout for bookends. Are they vintage? They’re darling. Thanks for having me over Johanna, see you soon! (is what I’d be saying as I skipped down the walk at the end of our visit) xBoomdee

  10. But of course Bomdee, you can stay late and have dinner too! What a cozy time we had together!

    The bookends are from the 1930 and were a lovely gift from a dear friend too. I love them somuch and look at them every day.
    More people asked about the fabric, I will show it in the next post…
    And thanks for making me laugh out loud, our comments are priceless!!!

  11. Hello Johanna! Thank you for the visit and follow of Life on the Bike, and of course, I had to come visit!
    That first image alone was enough to make me want to hang around awhile. The books, knitting (which I don’t do, but my mother knits beautifully), chair by the window, and binoculars all speak comfort and home to me. Just lovely.
    I look forward to seeing more of your creative life via your blog!

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