About that Paisley Fabric


A few of you good people commented on the fabric shown in the last post .

It is a footstool I re-upholstered this summer. I wondered to do a post about it, but then I thought the better of it. Might as well show you after all;0)


I had this little footstool but I thought the fabric a bit gloomy and it started to fray around the edges.


And I found this skirt at a thrift store for 2 dollars. Sally, my dress doll shows it here. She wears also a gorgeous tartan dress that needs a little altering and we know it looks horrible together. But the skirt is not my style anyways and I bought it for the fabric, chitter chatter, yadi yadi yada, bla bla, to make a long story short….


I cut the fabric, got out the staple gun, did some neat folding and firm staple gunning ( Is that a verb? It should be…)Β And…Tadaaa!

Een paar lieve lezers vroegen naar de stof die op de laatste post te zien was. Het is van een oude rok die ik heb gebruikt om een somber voetenbankje op te vrolijken.

Love and Liefs, Johanna


24 thoughts on “About that Paisley Fabric

  1. Okay, and now that you’ve finished that adorable stool, I’ve got some dining room chairs that could use a reupholstery! hint hint! πŸ˜‰ I just don’t know where to find the time (yet)! Perhaps soon I should go gunning! πŸ˜†

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. Sally was a pretty good find, it took a while to find a dress doll for the good price. Sally is made of many loose parts and screws so you can shape exactly to your own body. After some scrubbing, an oil can, some muttering and the help Mr. Walker stronger hands…Sally could be my (headless) twin;0) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Oh, such a good update, of course you should share it. I’m curious about the next phase of the tartan dress! Love projects like this, such wonderful results and totally inspiring!

    • Cathe, you always say such nice things!!! I will keep yuo posted on the dress…it might takle a while since there is a bit of a line up of ‘things to do’ ;0) Have a lovely weekend…has winter arrived in Minnesota?

      • Yes, sadly winter is here. We have had snow this week, has it hit you too?

        Take your time with the dress, but, I’ll look forward to it’s transformation!

        I think it’s time to focus on the holidays and that can be very fun!

  3. Where would we be without staple guns?! The paisley makes a much better footstool than it did a skirt and what a good deal you got on it! Will you be showing us the tartan dress, as it progresses?

    • Staple guns & glue guns my best friends for a quick and easy DIY job! The Tartan dress just needs to be shortened into a tunic. But I need to do that carefully since the fabric is wool, its one of those jobs you have to be in the right set of mind for…so far it looks nice on Sally in my workroom ;0) Have a lovely weekend!

  4. The perfect marriage of creative thriftiness and decor happiness. Looks very welcoming for any tired feet that need a prop up or, in my home, new place for a kitty to curl up. I actually don’t think Sally looks bad at all. I think Paisley can stand next to almost any pattern and be complimentary in a funky way. Do you know the Store ‘Oilily’, they mix florals with plaids and I always love it.

    Did you ever read a crazy post I did about my last sewing project. Also a very pretty paisley. I loved the fabric so much and had to get rather creative at the end. You might laugh, I sure did.


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