Ready for Winter!


In the past weeks, I worked quite a lot in the garden getting it ready for winter. Not too soon because this is how it looked like this morning! Can you spot the bird of prey? He has a different notion of my idea of the bird feeding area in our garden he is eyeing…


It is a kind of hawk, but I find it hard to determine what kind.


So I trimmed back shrubbery and perennials, pruned trees, closed of the fountain. These hens and chickens plants should be OK in this sheltered corner. How I love that star shape pot.. another excellent and satisfying find at the local thrift for 3 dollars.


Planted lots of snowdrops, my favorite bulb and told the squirrels to stay away from them! It is going to look so pretty come Spring!


Like this illustration by Helen Jacobs in one of my favorite children books from my youth: the Dutch version of ‘Pow Pow Stories’ by Freda Collins…as you can see I read it over and over again.

DSC_4828  DSC_4826

The Garden shed looks kinda cozy with the pots of Geraniums and the like overwintering.


Ha, and my gloves with extra long cuffs for my extra long arms…just finished yesterday! My apologies for the blurry photo…apparently I was too excited to stand still;0)

Nou zeg, tuin en warme handschoenen net op tijd klaar want zo zag onze tuin er uit vanmorgen…

Love and Liefs, Johanna


24 thoughts on “Ready for Winter!

    • I am so happy with those gloves: not only did I use up great left over yarns with a ‘yoga-knitting-project but finally no nasty winds will sneak up my sleeves anymore. Had ample opportunity to try them out yesterday;0)

  1. So winter has knocked at your door now too 😀 It’s an acquired taste, but so pretty. All our trees are frosted white this morning because of moisture in the air. I don’t mind the snow too much, until the mercury really dips and your fingers hurt. Perhaps I need better gloves. I haven’t your talents, so will have to shop. You’ve done a great job of your new gloves. Of course the aqua’ish blue adds to their allure 😀

    Try as I might, I couldn’t spot your preying visitor until the next photo. Then I looked back to the double-branched tree trunk and voila! Good for you to spot him and photograph. What type of feathered friends do you welcome at the feeder. I will place one in our yard this winter too. Hopefully one that can entertain the kitties, so I’ll pick a spot accordingly. Does Charley like the snow? I think fashion coats for pets now is all the rage. Our old boy was never that posh, then again, he enjoyed rolling around in deer droppings, soooooo….no need to fancy him up. LOL. Have a wonderful day Johanna!

    • Thank you Bomdee, A visit from you is always a joy! The gloves are indeed a total delight both in knitting and in wearing. We have many birds in our garden, the lay out is to attract a great variety. My faves are the red cardinals of course, different woodpeckers, the very sociable sparrow and I have a soft spot for the wren. Lately there are also two owls, who hoot so much at night that I started to combine the words taxidermy and owls whilst laying awake at night;0)
      Charley loves snow and cold and since she is getting on in age a bit, I bought her a very stylish red coat last year and she looooves wearing it. She is such an unbelievable girly dog: she hates mud, wet feet and stinky piles my other dogs considered delicacies…I am so lucky with her;0)

  2. What a great photo of that hawk! They are such gorgeous creatures. Your snow looks beautiful and very like what we are getting right now. I like it so far but I’ll get sick of it soon enough, I guess. You’d the right idea, to plant snowdrops, so you can be the first to know that spring has sprung!

    • that hawk is really a magnificent bird! What a treat to watch that from the comfort of a warm living room! And cross my fingers I will indeed see those snowdrops…the squirrels have a taste for them as well.

  3. I know snow can be tough to live with, but gee it’s pretty! That shot of your garden looks like a postcard from some gorgeous Winter Wonderland. And you are such a talent – those gloves are the best. I love well-used books, too. Nothing better on a cold day than to snuggle up with a favourite book and some knitting or crochet. xoxoxox

    • Well, winter is not so though when one has the luxury of staying at home and make nice winter walks…I feel truly blessed. But i am indeed happy with those gloves;0) Ha, and yes, I know, we are knidred spirit in the love for old books! Thanks dany, enjoy your beautiful spring!

  4. What a lovely post Joanna. Hawks are awesome birds and immediately caught my attention-he or she is so very handsome. Your succulents are beautiful in their star shaped thrift find (love treasures like that!). Although I’m not familiar with Pow Pow stories, the illustration is very intriguing. And for your gloves and indoor garden, so very smart. I too have long arms and admire your gloves! Now I wish I saved my geraniums instead of letting them go…sigh with a lot of guilt!

    Beautiful snowy images. Your yard looks so peaceful.

    • Thanks Cathe, this garden is truly a place of peace and beauty. I feel so blessed with this place. We have moved so many times but I feel I never want to leave this place again! We have deer, foxes, owls ( who keep me awake at night!) and so many birds..and it is a suburb of Cincinnati. As a country girl, I was worried when we moved from rural Canada to here but there was no need for that;0)
      The Pow Pow stories is a book from the late fifties for girl scouts age 6 to 12. Sweet stories about naughty fairies and young scout girls who needs to learn scout skills and get magical help with that: lovely, lovely…

  5. I am a little dull, I admit, but it takes the kind of mind-leap I am pretty much incapable of to appreciate that outside your house it looks like that, and outside mine it’s clear blue skies and a high of 21 degrees (talking Celsius here). Gorgeous – the snow, the star pot, the potting shed and definitely the extra long gloves. Even the bird is gorgeous in a menacing kind of way 🙂

  6. LOL – does it work to just tell the squirrels to leave your snowdrops alone? I’ll have to try that next year! 😉 I put in dozens this fall and I was so excited, but of course, the next morning I went outside and the squirrels had already started The Big Excavation. They seriously need a talking-to!

    Your snow looks so beautiful – fluffy and pristine. I love it when it’s like that – I’m already getting tired of our dirty, slushy streets in the city and I’m itching to get out into the mountains to enjoy the freshly fallen snow.

    Your gloves are beautiful! You’ll get plenty of use out of them now with the cooler weather – enjoy! 🙂

    • Well…talking to squirrels was only useful when I had my feisty, excellent hunter of the Jack Russell Brit. I talked to the squireels and pointed at Brit…sweet, lovely Charley is rubbish when it comes to chasing squirrels;0) But so far, so good…
      And you are right..snow is no fun in the big city, my sons in Toronto feel the same.
      Thanks for your kind words and hot chocolate to you, my dear!

  7. Hi Johanna, NO, I’m not ready for winter, I want the summer back! But seems how beautiful your garden is, maybe I should change my mind. And you seem very cozy with these gloves, they are lovely!

    • Oh poor girl, not liking the winter! I always feel like that when the hot, humid days start. I sort of make it as cozy and cool as possible and wait for the cold days to come…because come they will;0) Always somebody happy with the change of seasons!

  8. Oh wow how beautiful that snow is! I’m one of those people in the world that loves winter. Yep, most folks think I’m crazy. Just look how the landscape is made beautiful!
    I’m thinking that might be a Red Tail Hawk. Very common here in SW Virginia (and elsewhere of course).
    Love your new gloves!

    • No, I am right there with you. I love the cold outside and the coziness inside…so Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. We have indeed Red Tails but also the more uncommon Red Shouldered nesting in our neighbor this summer. I think he/she is a young from either one. I think, because of the size it is a she but despite the fact I have seen her a couple times now, I cannot know for sure;0) But she is very, very beautiful.
      Thank you for your kind words and stopping by! Johanna

  9. It looks cold but serene in your neck of the woods. Lovely photos one and all. I’ve been planting narcissus and a few hyacinth. The narcissus are toxic to squirrels and deer so they are one of the few bulbs that they completely leave alone.

    Beautiful gloves, just in time for winter. Now go enjoy your cup of hot tea and put your feet up. 🙂

  10. Thanks Alys, for all the compliments. Just read up on your not so serene household at the moment…I wish you being able to put feet up with sighs of relief and good cuppas. hugs from Ohio

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