Mrs Walker luuuurves Christmas!


Haven’t done much studying or drawing, I admit. I was too busy putting up the tree and decking the halls. I love Christmas, I really do. Β I love the soft twinkling of the lights, the ornaments in the trees, the excitement of planning the dinners and lunches, the fuzzy warm feeling when receiving an invitation to one.


And above all, I love what Christmas represents. For me that is, love, gratefulness and new beginnings. I can not help it, that is how I feel, always done so;0)


I happily sing a long with my vintage fifties Christmas songs, exclaim oh and ah when the lights are plugged in again for the first time and secretly smile with anticipation when I wrap the presents.


Mr.Walker is true man from the Northern parts of the Netherlands…that means a man of not too many words, solid as a rock and true to his word…but also a man of not too many frills. So when his wife starts unpacking the boxes with shiny and glimmering stuff, he secretly sighs.


When he hears the fifties tunes again..he shudders a little. When I start singing along in the stores, he will give a stern look and a raised eye brow…I will bow my head and keep silent ;0) He is the centre of my universe and I respect where he draws the line in all this Christmas yodeling.


However, since he knows how much I love Christmas and above all whole heartedly agrees with what it represents…he has bought for me a Christmas ornament each Christmas time for as long as we have been together and that is more than twenty five years. These little doves were the first…by then I already knew he was The One.


Meneer Walker is een Noordeling, tja en dan is al de glitter en franjes rondom Kerst wel iets om even heimelijk van te zuchten. Maar Meneer Walker is t ook met me eens dat Kerst vooral gaat om liefde, dankbaarheid en weer een nieuw begin. En omdat Meneer Walker een fantastische vent is, die weet dat zijn vrouw heel erg van Kerst houdt, koopt hij elk jaar voor haar een kerstversiering. En dat doet hij al meer dan vijfentwintig jaar!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


35 thoughts on “Mrs Walker luuuurves Christmas!

  1. We lurve Christmas too.

    And I am enjoying the Advent season in a quiet way.
    I find myself doing one seasonal thing each day.

    BTW: Mr. Walker sounds like my own Good Man.
    Although, he surprised me by adding to our Christmas table settings this morning! He brought out the Christmas goblets and Christmas candles — the red and green that I had hidden out of sight, preferring to use white ones. But he went and dug them out and put them in the candlesticks. I was delighted.

      • Thanks, Johanna, and the same to you. What part of the Netherlands are you from originally? My husband and I love the Netherlands – we’ve both worked and visited there – and have several friends there.

      • My husband was born and raised in Drenthe and I in Overijssel and both close to the German border. We also lived in Ontario, not so far away from Creemore.
        Now I am curious too, what brought you to The Netherlands?

  2. What a beautiful tradition (the buying of the ornament, I mean!) I am starting to feel very festive – the cold weather here in the UK is helping! πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah! The tree is up! It looks beautiful. We are doing ours this weekend. My daughter and I love it because the decorations, like yours, all have meaning…gifts from her nanny, and some from my grandmother. It is a wonderful tradition to share Christmas with generations past. Have a wonderful merry weekend!

  4. I feel the same way about Christmas, right down to the 50’s music! Your pictures are so beautiful and festive. This is a magical time, glad you are enjoying it!

  5. I love Christmas, too! Those doves look delicious. Wait. What? Oh that’s right – keep away from the tree. That’s a rule around here. Mom adopted me a bunch of years ago on 12/12, so I’ve always considered that something of a Christmas miracle after 3 years in a shelter. Happy yodeling…

    Love and licks,

    • Ahw sweet little Cupcake, three years of shelter! How happy I am for you to have found Genevieve and become so happy together!! And I can see the doves look jummy..but indeed the rule is, step away from the tree;0)

  6. Just you keep yodelling, sure in the knowledge that way over here someone else is getting the disapproving eye from her loved ones for doing exactly the same thing πŸ™‚ The tree looks gorgeous, the ornaments beautiful (esp the doves!), and Charley debonairly festive. Have a great weekend x

  7. Just lovely! thank you for sharing your decorations … especially because it may be another week and a half before I do any πŸ™‚

  8. Everything is looking very festive at the Walkers. As always, the Warhol of vignettes πŸ˜€ Is there a specific meaning to 5 candles in your Scandinavian candelabra? I liked the way the Boca shines in your second photo with the little elf in the window. I’ve just been adding it in photoshop, ha, bit of a cheater.

    I can see Charley’s festive collar more clearly now too. She’s totally posing for this one, LOL. Such a star! That there is the perfect Christmas card πŸ˜€ I’ve never tried to get the two cats sitting together still enough for a good photo. First, I’d have to convince them it was totally their idea. Nah, I’m pretty sure I have no time for Boomdee’s 3 ring circus act before holidays. Perhaps a good challenge for next year. xo k

  9. Lovely, Johanna! It’s looking like Christmas at the Squirrel’s Nest, too. The last of the decorations are going up to day as we settle into this most magical of seasons. Cheers, Ben

  10. How fabulous and festive all of your decorations look. So beautiful! You’re right about the impact of warm weather being out of place at Christmas. We went to our little town’s Christmas parade yesterday. It was nice but standing there sweating in 80 degrees sort of seemed really out of place! πŸ˜† I suppose one can’t have everything! But it’s the reason for the season that keeps me going! ❀ ❀

  11. Johanna, your pictures are so beautiful and captures the season perfectly. So wonderful to hear the story behind your ornaments, and Mr. Walker, kind man with a big heart. I love this post, festive and heart warming Mrs. Walker!

    • Thank you, Cathe. And that is an excellent way to decribe Mr. Walker…kind man with a big heart. The Northern man nodded silently with thougthful face when I read your comment, which you can transalte as ” how kind of her to say something so nice, I am chuffed to bits” (imagine deep dark voice, saying this;0))

  12. I don’t know how I missed this post but I’m glad I finally got here–it is the sweetest! You described your husband’s reactions so well–it made me grin to think of the two of enjoying Christmas together but in slightly different styles. Your ornaments are beautiful, the setting is lovely . . . the only thing I’m not sure of is Charley. Is she looking proud and happy to be wearing a Christmas costume or stoic and a little embarrassed? πŸ˜‰

  13. Thank you, thank you dear Friend from Maine! Ah and no…my vain girl is not embarraesed by her collar. When we hold it up, she comes running and sticks her head right through it. And since she is growing a little older and reumatism is luring, i bought her a red coat for those freezing damp days ( yes Kerry, I did…) Mr Walker said when he saw her parading in it: ‘If that dog could talk, she would ask for lipstick and a matching purse’ ;0) So uhm…when can we expect the Christmas photo of your cats with the home woven Santa hats???
    xoxoxo Johanna

  14. I love Christmas too Johanna.. I have lovey memories of my Mom who loved Christmas and looked forward to it like a little kid. It’s late and I should go to bed but I enjoy reading your blog. It is like a wonderful book I can’t put down. Good Night!

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