This Week….Dioramas and Sketches!


Well the last Christmas decoration I unpacked were the Christmas dioramas I made last year.


It was nice, bright sunny weather, so I had to play and make photos first.


If you want to make them too, on my previous blog you can find the tips and tricks here.


After that, I had to be firm with myself and get out my sketchpad and go to work.


Once I started …all was well in the world again of course;0)


And thank you Valerie and Boomdee for great photos as inspiration!


Als laatste klus voor de Kerstversieringen de kerstdiorama’s van vorig jaar uitgepakt. De zon scheen er zo mooi doorheen, ik moest er even mee spelen en kiekjes schieten;0)

Maar daarna was de pret over..studie en tekenen. Ook erg fijn weer hoor!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

35 thoughts on “This Week….Dioramas and Sketches!

  1. Love your dioramas! Now there’s a thought. I could decorate with something like that and my cats can’t tear them up. Best they could do is knock the glass off the table! So far, they haven’t done anything like that — deliberately! But, no time this year. I’m actually working on a crochet project! Great sketching, Johanna! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • You know, I have never thought of that before either…pet proof decorations! ;0)
      I sure hope to see your crochet captured in one of your beautiful photos! My weekend was more that excellent since my oldest son is home for a well earned vacation and mollycoddling! Hope yours was great too!

      • Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you Johanna! Although I keep getting sidetracked on my crocheting, I do hope to finish it one of these days! And I will post a picture (if I like the finished product)! Have a wonderful week! 😀

    • I am so happy to have inspired you. And whenever there is some sunshine in this grey weather we are having these past few weeks, I start dillydaddling right away just to enjoy that as much as possible;0)

  2. How cute are those? Wonderful and guess what? I have made some for Christmas right here in San Diego. My favourite Scrapbook store here was having a class and so I attended on Saturday. I hope I have time to share. They’re very cute. Where do you get the miniature bears and sledders and figurines? I find them hard to come by.

  3. Oh yes, yes, we want a show and tell from you!!!! I got my little figurines in a big bag for a good price at the children section at Micheals and some I found in thrift stores too. Always keep an eye open for those since they cost next to nothing there ( you know the Dutch have a National Obsession with frugalness and cleanliness…) BTW that book on Terrariums was indeed a great suggestion, I enjoyed it very much! Have more fun in San Diego my dear, xoxox Johanan

  4. I’m back, I didn’t get to finish my message before was running off 😀 I just wanted to add, it’s fun to see Blossum and me interpreted in your wonderful art. I love Blossum’s curly tale so much 😀 I’m smiling from ear to ear. I fancy the toque wearing nymphs in your other drawing too. Will you colour them in now? They’re so whimsical, just my style.

    So you’ll never guess who showed up for a visit last night……..ALYS is here!! She flew down for one day to see me. I sobbed like a baby and my eye’s are all poofie this morning. I’m floating on air!!! Off we go for breakfast xoK

  5. Oh how cute! I’ve not made a diorama since grade school … and I NEVER made one like these. Nope the ones I made were in a cardboard shoebox 🙂
    Yours are magical!

    • Thanks Laurie, and I started the day with an unexpected memory and a good laugh! I had to made those shoebox dioramas at school too..I made one with real soil, and branches and toadstool/mushrooms and mosses…placed at school in the windowsill above the heater…and just a day later it was crawling with maggots!!! A lot of screaming traumatized class mates(whimps, I’d say) and a hefty reprimande from teach was my reward! Maybe that’s why I make them with fake stuff and a good lid;0)

  6. I love your Christmas decorations and style! I have just signed up for alerts about your posts to go into my email. I have missed so much of yours because I get so behind checking my reader.

  7. I’ve been itching to make a diorama as well. Yours are adorable.

    What fun to see those sketches. I recognized Boomdeeadda right away. You’ve captured the pose of her in her knee socks with Petals or Blossum looking on. Delightful.

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