Looky, Looky Here What Came in the Mail!!!!


The lovely and ever so talented Kelly from Boomdeeadda raffled off a scrapbook kit to make your own calendar and I won it!!! Her website is a feast for the eye with her colorful and cheerful works of art and her narratives will make you chuckle and laugh out loud! And now this generous woman send a package that resembles her website: creative, colorful and full of surprises!!!


Oh my, this parcel was too pretty to unwrap!! ( and yes, Kelly, Mr. Walker said: ‘Very colorful, indeed.’;0))


Oh look how pretty and beautiful. Complete with glue, pencils and lovely matching pencil case.


Look at this, extra goodies too…really, I am lost for words.


And then a perfect gift for a hiking dog…Charley was lost for words too! How clever is this???!!!


First week of January is going to be nice and quiet and I am going to sit down and carefully put this together. My first paper art project since kindergarden. I already told Kelly, I did not have the best of motor skills as a wee girl and an in my opinion vicious project with glueing little colored paper balls onto coloring sheets, ended up with me covered in glue and color stains from those paper balls that dissolved in glue all together and the sheets glued to the table, etcetc and teach and mom with lots of ruffled feathers, oohooh and boohoo… Time to heal that trauma and enjoy this wonderful project!


Dear, sweet Kelly hugs and kisses from your friends in Ohio!!!

Oh and look carefully at this card rack, Kelly also included two postcards with kind writings that still have my ears flapping with pleasure and delight. ( the ones with the beautiful long haired girls) These cards are made by another gifted artist: Maria Pace Wynters…also a website worth visiting!

Nou jongens, wat zijn Charley en ik me daar even verwend door een geweldige vakvrouw Kelly van de website Boomdeeadda.

Love and Liefs,


21 thoughts on “Looky, Looky Here What Came in the Mail!!!!

  1. An awesome way to recover from your kindergarten paper project trauma which sounds surprisingly similar to mine. Why did the colours in that paper stain so deeply?
    Nothing like a parcel in the mail to warm the heart. Have fun!

    • Sharon, I often wonder wether we were separated at birth;0) That staining paper is socalled ‘crepe paper’, thin, colored paper evil people claim is so suitable for handcrafts and decoration. For instance..you can add it to water in the vase and make your white flowers color. The idea was to roll tiny balls of that paper and than glue those to the colorsheets. You understand were my love for the good old colorpencils come from;0)
      Kelly promised guidance all through this project…I should be good now;0)

  2. Oh my word, you’ve taken such gorgeous photo’s and said such nice things, I’m tickled. I’d make you and annual, just to have sweet Charley pose so cute. Honestly, those crossed paws make me smile every time I peek at my sidebar. With her little cute ears, she is my Christmas dream ❤ Thank you so much for this lovely post Johanna, I'm really happy these little treats made you smile. xo

    I'm fancying your card rack too. It's really cute. I'm actually off to the framing shop to pick up my art work by Maria. Thank you for including a link to her Blog in your post. I'm head over heals for her work and after a visit to her cozy gallery, I met her daughters who are often the subject of her works. Very sweet girls, also into theatre. Their dad writes music for the stage. A very cool and talented family. It really puts a nice personal stamp on my selections from the gallery. I can't wait to hang them in our master bedroom. We also talked about a Commission in the future. I'm throwing around ideas.

    Sincerely grateful for your lovely messages and always enjoy your posts so much, Happy Holidays to you and the family including my darling Charley girl. xo Kelly

  3. Delightful post, J. I adore the shot of Charley, paws crossed, looking content and regal at the same time.

    Boomdee is the bees knees. She creates the most extraordinary cards, tags and gift wrap. I’ve been lucky to be on the receiving end before and agree that its hard to want to tear open the beautiful packaging.

    Enjoy assembling your calendar and congratulations on the win.

  4. Doesn’t Kelly give the BEST gifts ever! I got some bottle brush trees a few years ago and everything in the package was wrapped up with so much love. I will never forgot how I felt when I opened up the box, truly an experience everyone should experience! I was overwhelmed with joy! Boomie is just so darn thoughtful! Love this girl!

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