Happy Times…


Happy Times at the  Walker Residence indeed with the oldest Walker Boy home for serious mollycoddling after working for than 9 months at an average of 12 hours a day (yesyes, proud mom speaking;0))


That calls for the favorite apple pie, Cream Schnitz!


With Eggnog of course…


The oldest Walker Boy loves reading and book stores just as much….I am going with vintage murder mystery for my Christmas reading this year. Found these two bookish websites, very inspiring! http://kaggsysbookishramblings.wordpress.com and http://reading19001950.wordpress.com


And we found some excellent Isaac Asimov books for the Youngest Walker Boy


Young Mr. Walker got very excited when he found this copy of ‘Fantasy Wargaming’ by Bruce Galloway. ‘Provides an entertaining source book for aficionados of the fantasy role-playing war game of “Dungeons and Dragons” ‘ according to Google Books.  Should I worry about that other title…???


The weather is mostly grey but the birds make the view outside lively and lovely.


I am still working on my fiddly crochet project and reward myself with easypeasy yoga knitting…


Finished my beanie hat. I am awful with selfies but Charley said ‘Me, me, me..I will model, pleasepleaseplease…” I said, : ‘OK but you have to convince your friend Kerry that you are really such a vain dog.’


‘Ha, no Problem’, Charley said. So first ‘En profile’ and here with an ultra feminine Peggy Lee imitation.


And then she got so sleepy and the sun ( shining for a whole hour!) was nice and warm…

Ha, een gezellige boel in t Walker Huis met de hardwerkende oudste Walker Boy thuis voor vakantie en verwennerijen! Grijs weer maar lollige vogeltjes, appeltaart en eggnog en ook nog een nieuw gebreide muts met een ijdele hond die wel model wilde zijn…

Love and Liefs,


33 thoughts on “Happy Times…

  1. Merry Christmas Johanna!! So happy to see that your son is home — hopefully both boys be home this year? And that pie! And the books! And Charley, the cutest dog ever. Looks like the perfect Christmas. Love and Hugs!

  2. Love the books, and how wonderful for you to have family home for the festive season! My Middle and Youngest Child arrive home today and the Eldest on Boxing Day – so we shall all be together at some point over Christmas! I hope you have an enjoyable time and thank you for the mention! 🙂

    • You are welcome! And how lovely to have the family together, that is what makes Christmas special, I’d say! Our youngest has to work a few days more and than we all be together as well.
      Love from across the pond, Johanna

  3. Johanna, what a lovely post. I love your photos and writing, so warm and inviting. I love that you totally embrace Christmas! And reading and reading, love reading!

    Charley is a wonderful stand in…who needs a selfie of themselves anyway? Beautiful knitting!

    And the boys come home to a joyous holiday celebration, this is perfection!

    • Thanks Alys and indeed life is good at the Walker Home and even better when the Youngest Walker Boy is reunited with us too in a couple of days!
      Thank you too for reading up on my blog and taking the time for all your lovely comments. You have a busy life and than that unexpected trip to Boomdee…I appreciate that!
      Lots of love to you and your family and Happy , Happy Holidays!!! xoxoxo Johanna

  4. Here I go again, giggling! That Charley is the single cutest, funniest dog ever! And photogenic, too! It looks like the hat was made for her, by her loving mom. I can tell you are in your element, with projects and Christmas fun and having your son home–looks like a perfect season! And, if you like vintage mysteries, have you read Josephine Tey? Try “The Daughter of Time”–classic!

    • Thank Kerry, and I will put Josephine Tey on my list too. I have a slight feeling that Charley is looking a little disgruntled when I put my hat when going for a walk…
      Take care my dear, in your busy times in Maine, xoxo Johanna

  5. Everything looks so warm and cozy at your house. I’m sure it smells heavenly too with fresh apple pie being served. Your crust looks perfect, that’s always my favourite part. You snuck in ‘Cream Schnitz’ there??? A family secret recipe of sorts?

    As always, your vignettes are really charming Johanna. It’s like opening a european magazine when I arrive at your (virtual) home. What I love about european homes is the way they effortlessly live with many decades of collections rather than buying everything new. I covet a home collected over time. I fancy how you’ve mixed things up on your table. The tartan napkins, family silver and post-modern plate are all very cohesive in such a cool way. Maybe you just wanted to fill up an overworked young Mr Walker with some home baked goodness but effortlessly became a style maven extraordinaire, ha!

    I’m so envious of you to be able to whip up these knitted projects so quickly. Look at your model being so darn cute! For some reason I’m hearing Ragge Christmas music in my head, LOL Charley, you deserved a sun puddle nap after all that hard modelling work 😀 xo

    So much to love here J, I fear I get so wordy but I must say, that ‘Zombie Parents’ book made me laugh. I can’t imagine what antics transpire in it, sounds like a real page turner. Happy Holiday Wishes to you and your family xo Thanks for sharing the joy! xo K

    • Haya Bomdee, ohmyohmy what nice comments again from you!
      Cream Schnitz is a Canadian Mennonite recipe! Really easy and very tasty: you take your favorite crust pie recipe and make it for an open face pie. You fill that up with slices of apple. Than you mix 1 cup of (light) sourcream with 1/4 cup of brown sugar (or more if you have a sweet tooth) 1 tsp of cinnamon, a litle salt and one tbsp of all purpose flour. Spread that on top of the apples and bake for 45 minutes at 375F…warm and cold just jummy!
      And when I look at your boomroom and the fabulous collection of ‘aquas’ I think we can appreciate each others home decoration style;0)
      The ‘Zombie Parents” is from the comic Zits…a really really very funny comic. When the Walker Boys still lived at home, they would cut them from the news papers and Hnag them on the fridge because for parents and teenaged boys the comic is hilarious recognizable;0)
      I hope your holidays were cozy and fuzzy and lovely, xoxo Johanna

      • Thanks for sharing the Schnitz recipe details Johanna. Sounds like a nice alternative to two crusts. Although I am a bit of a crust addict, I will give this a whirl. My ex’s roommate was from a Mennonite family in Ontario. They have a wonderful farm near St Catherine’s and lived in the cutest vintage farm house you’ve ever seen.

        Zombies seem to be trending. Even Boomdee was Zoombie-fied not too long ago on Bitstrips..snicker!

  6. Another fabulous post, Johanna! I love the variety of your life that you share. It’s wonderful that you son is able to be home for Christmas. Your pie looks so scrumptious. And the books. Oh, I love books, too. Which murder mystery are you reading? I love a good mystery! I still have my crochet project going but I just don’t know when you find the time for all you do! Thanks for the links to the book blogs; I intend to check them out more in depth! And last, but definitely not least:
    Charley, Charley, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! (Sorry, maybe I should go eat some breakfast!) 😆

    • Thank you Linda;0) And Charley sends hugs and kisses too! I keep devouring one book after another…I loved them all;0)
      Knitting I can do ‘with my eyes closed’ but crocheting takes alittle more focus…have not done much of that yet these weeks. I was reading;0)
      I hope your Holidays were Merry and Sweet xoxoxo Johanna

  7. OMG, I love the photographs of Charlie in the beanie! It reminded me of when I tried to put my winter hat on Nikita and she hated it. Nothing can go on top of this girls head without her wigging out! Now Bella, loves to dress up in lots of accessories!

    • I know, Charley is a very funny dog, she looks so vain! She loves dressing up and wearing things. My husband claims she will ask for a purse and lipstick one day;0) We have this Christmas collar for her, we only have to hold it up, she come running and put her head right through it;0)

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