About Young Gentlemen, Christmas, Aussies and 11 to 16 mm


Dr. Who and a Christmas tree?? Yes, you guessed right…we spent Christmas at the Walker Boys apartment in Toronto. But have a cuppa tea maybe, I have lots to show and tell…


First more about the Oldest Walker Boy, who spent a well earned vacation at the Walker residence. He was very proud to treat Mr. Walker to whiskey and cigars. Do not worry…this is only a once-a-year-happening..and outside in the garden, thank you very much;0)


And Young Mr. Walker made his mom very happy by taking her to the Antique Mall, where she found the most photogenic Christmas present of the year, though the rest of the Walker Clan found that very debatable. I love Royal Copley from the fifties and I wanted this Deer with Fawn planter so badly already for a long time. Young Mr. Walker knew what to do when he saw his mom cooing and purring when she discovered this one. He gave it to me for Christmas.


I have more Royal Copley. This fine example was giving to me by a dear friend last spring..according to her it was the most hideous present she ever bought. She was still shaking her head when she saw me yodeling and doing a little dance when unwrapping it.  Mr. Walker claims it grows on him but is ( very, very) happy I keep them in my studio….

I know you can buy them by the dozen on Ebay, but I rather find them at sales etc or get them as presents. OK I am rambling back to the story.


Juuust before we left for Toronto, this lovely Christmas bunting made by Dani arrived all the way from down under Australia…I could not post about it anymore but thank you so much dear girl!! We enjoyed it so much and we never had a Christmas card from Australia before. We and everybody visiting us, were completely fascinated by it! Dani, btw has a lovely blog about her beautiful home and garden and twins and the sweetest critters and gorgeous crochet work. 


Mr. Walker and I both like photographing and since Christmas and both our birthdays are so close together..we decided to give each other an 11 to 16mm lens ( by which I mean, we bought one and share it;0)) and of course we could not wait till Christmas but started playing with it right away;0)

It still needs a lot of practicing but I love the unusual, cartoon like atmosphere it creates.


Our House looks like a castle;0)


Charley is wondering why there is no turkey in this oven.

unnamed (1)-001

So of to Toronto: The Youngest Walker Boy just started a very nice job at a Computer Store in the Eaton Centre in Toronto. Of course he had to work during Holiday Season. Bravely he said;” Mom, we can skype on Christmas.”  Ha, no way…we packed our things and traveled to Toronto. The Youngest Walker Boy was so very happy.


Mr. Walker and I sat relaxed on a little bench outside the store in the mall, watching all those people shopping. But even more fun, watching our son working with so much pleasure and enthusiasm and his colleagues like him so much.

And then of course, I had a fluttering handkerchief moment…because he had such a bad start in life, and things looked so grim for such a long time and he is such a fighter and now 6 feet 5 , in college and working and happy with friends and family, oh dear oh dear…such bliss.


Well,and than Christmas at the Gentlemen’s Apartment. As you can see, the Modern Young Men even provided a crackling wood fire with presents in front;0)


Here you see the Youngest Mr. Walker entertaining us with dancing, whilst everybody is busy in the kitchen;0)


Leo, that cat, was happy as ever..more hands presents for belly rubs: he was ready for it!

OK tomorrow, back to work!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

46 thoughts on “About Young Gentlemen, Christmas, Aussies and 11 to 16 mm

    • Well, it is never smart to post on ones blog that the house is empty;0) The Walker Boys live a 20 minutes ‘sub’ from downtown in a lovely appartment we found this summer. It is so great, we can stay at their place and have real family time instead of staying in hotels etc. They get along very well and so they love sharing a place. I feel so blessed with those two!

      • I remember when you found the place and I also recall a piece of furniture that you refinished for them (?) How lovely that it is large enough for you and your husband to stay when you visit.

  1. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!! I’m looking forward to your blog this year…. Vintage mysteries, 50’s china, grown children and pets, your artwork… I enjoy it so much!

  2. What a lovely, lovely Christmas! It’s strange when you see your children as grown up people, functioning in the world – I can empathise with your hanky moment! My three offspring are huge Doctor Who fans as well, so of course Christmas Day here involved the Tardis! 🙂

    • So true Kaggsy, it is so amazing to see the Walker Boys conquering their place in the world with so much enthusiasm. I know you had all three of your off spring at home..that must have been delightful too. Ha and on the other side of the pond, the Walker Clan was eagerly awaiting the Christmas Sepcial of the Doctor too….

  3. Thank you so much for such a picture- perfect, heartfelt post. I really felt that you sharing the story of your family at Christmas time was such a generous gesture.
    I love your 50’s china and so understand how you feel when you describe your friends mystification for things they struggle to see beauty in. It is so coincidental because I am preparing a post about my flying plaster ducks which hang on my wall. I only have two, but was beyond excitement when I found them in a house clearance bin!
    You must be so proud of your sons and I loved to hear that they are so happy.
    Brilliant Johanna, you have done such a good job of being a Mother!
    Happy New Year, Karen.

    • Thank yuo Karen, such kind words! I envy yuor flying ducks..I ove them and isn’t it so much more excited to find them like that? There are also swimming fish as wall ahngers..I have an eye open for those;0)
      Happy New Year to you too, Karen!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas! Family really does make things much more special! I love that you and Mr. Walker shared such a nice gift! I look forward to seeing what fun you get into in 2015.

    Hello cute Charley!

  5. A beautiful and absorbing post, Johanna. Great to catch up with the lives of the Walker boys and the exquisite Leo! What a wonderful Christmas you had – roaring log fire and all! Thank-you so much for the mention. My bunting never looked so good! So glad the Aussie Christmas card was a hit – and that you got the whole package just before you left. Happy New Year! xoxoxox

  6. Delightful post, Johanna. You have the loveliest, conversational style. I’m happy you could all spend time together, and how amazing to see your son at work.

    It’s hard no to reflect back on the difficult start to his life, but how wonderful to be here now. I’m happy for all of you.

    Congratulations on the fancy new camera lens. You’ll have so much fun with that.

    I haven’t been to Toronto since my early childhood. I’ll bet it has really changed. It was the first time I ever stayed in a hotel. It really left an impression, and I can still picture it all these years later.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thank you Alys for all those kind compliments. And those hanky moments are pure tears from gratefulness! I am so blessed with both my boys.

      Well, if you would visit Toronto now, you would be in for a big surprise. When we first visited TO in 1986, Canada Wonderland was in the middle of meadows an hour drive from TO…now it is surrounded by suburbs;0)

      Happy New Year!!

  7. Our place is also home to all manner of Dr Who paraphernalia including a tardis that makes the actual tardis noise. It is meant to do so only when the door is opened but the thing is totally possessed and regularly scares visitors by bursting into life.
    The parallels in our lives continue – we too have a family member who likes to entertain us with impromptu (and hilarious) dances when the mood strikes.
    Mothers unite! Hanky fluttering moments rule! Of course families must be together at Christmas!!
    Love to you and your Walker boys, young and older and oldest 🙂

  8. This was great fun to read, Johanna–your joy and pride and enthusiasm are so apparent, and contagious! I love Toronto and think it must’ve been a perfect place to visit at Christmas. Leo looks very relaxed–does that mean Charley stayed home? And I’m looking forward to more photos with the new lens–I guess I don’t know enough about a lens like that to predict what it’ll do–you can educate me!

    • Charley stayed at her boarding place…in very,very good hands. She loves being there and I am very relieved with that!
      Thank you for your kind words as usual…and indeed Toronto is a lovely city!

  9. You of course know the reason that your son’s provided such a wonderful Christmas for you, yes? Because you and your husband gave them so much love and guidance of course!
    This post speaks so much of family and love and I couldn’t be happier for you!
    And of course for that lens!!

    • Thank you Laurie, that is lovely! We are for sure blessed with two formidable and kindhearted sons!
      But than again..I am the mom and therefore very baised;0) have a great Sunday, xoxo Johanna

  10. Oh Johanna, it looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas! I am glad that the holidays brought you so much joy & some travel time too! Happy New Year to you & your beautiful family! I am jealous you got a new lens though!

  11. It’s so warm and cozy here, like stepping into my own family room. Maybe even in my PJ’s. Yes it’s just that cozy, HA. I immediately recognized the lamp and laughed. I thought it might be a gift to you from the boys. Nice though that they know what makes you happy. Your deer planter is wonderful. I can see that displaying nicely all year round in your home. Will you save as a tradition just for Christmas?

    I don’t think I noticed Charley’s right sock before. How cute being white with spots. Does a sitter visit when you’re away? We have a fantastic sitter. Cindy is just the nicest gal and the diva’s adore her too. Charley does look like she’s waiting for a late bus or something next to the oven, LOL. Great caption Johanna. That made me laugh.

    I laughed at your camera lens gift to each other. After a certain number of years these things make sense don’t they? We do a similar thing for our anniversary every year. Your home sure does look palatial in these shots!

    Thanks for including a pic of Leo too. He’s looking like life is pretty wonderful in TO. It’s very dear to gush about your boys for the whole word to know that happiness. Sometimes, when boys grow up, they miss out on that. Their Holiday decor at Eaton’s Centre was pretty spectacular I see. The giant mauve bucks are stunning. I’m going to miss the Christmas lights when they disappear. I enjoy that part of the season a lot. I always have. Dad used to pile us kids into the Chrysler New Yorker and we’d drive downtown to see the lights. The Legislature Grounds in Edmonton do it up big time. Fast forward a short 47 years later and here I am living downtown. Funny that. xox Happy New Year Johanna!

    • Dear Kelly, thank you for your lovely comment, it reads like a good letter! I love the image of a Chrysler New Yorker full of kiddies with big eyes and open mouths of delight from looking at the magical lights!! Googled Legislature Grounds in Edmonton…mymymy that is so beautiful!!!
      Charley’s white sock is a sure sign there is Welch Springer in her ancestry..I have been told by several people. But I am sure there at least 20 other breeds involved too;0) Charley always goes to a boarding place, the best in the world I’d say. Charley loves it there and she is BFF with the owner Rickey. He on his turn dotes on her, she walks freely all day in the grooming salon, is the greeter since she curious runs forwards every time the front door bel chimes (great advertisement, Rickey claims) and he uses her when he gives training and classes to dog owners, delivery people and managers who need teambuilding. It is such a good feeling to leave my dear girl in loving and capable hands!
      So what did you and hubby gave each other for Christmas?
      The Fawn and Deer vase has already pride of plce in my studio, to be enjoyed all year long! Love and Peace, dear Kelly from your pal in Ohio.

  12. How nice of you to Google ‘The Ledge’ as the locals call it. The dome on the building was covered for 2 years while they did maintenance and refurbishing, so this Christmas it was nice to see it again. It’s a terrific piece of early 1900 architecture. Inside is quite spectacular. I don’t know if they’re still doing tours after the gun tragedy in Ottawa.

    Mr B always asks for clothes. It seems so mundane but he claims it saves him from shopping which he really hates. I try and wrap up at least one surprise. This year I made a giant box of Poppycock. He’s munched it all down already and said it was better than store bought so I’ll make it again.

    I’m afraid I spoilt my surprise in the most Kellyish way possible. Long story but, my favourite fragrance is Channel 22. For the past 15 years, it’s very hard to find. I used to get it in the States when we traveled. Now you can only get it at Channel Boutique stores. When we were in San Diego, we arrived at the mall and made a meet up time. I immediately headed to Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Saks and finally Neimans to make the usual inquiries about the fragrance thinking, “well it’s Christmas so maybe someone decided to carry it”. Surely enough, at Neiman’s, I spotted a giant bottle on display with all their other fragrances. I gasped! After learning they were only there for a one day event and only available in this one size, I caved and said “wrap it up”. When I turned to follow the gal to the checkout, there’s Mr B, standing in front of me!!! He smiles and says, “you won’t need to buy that”. He’d been a few feet away watching me animate all my excitement. He said, “I was sure you’d come to your senses when you learned the price”…..ooooops, I guess not. LOL

  13. Oh Johanna Dear ! What a delightful post it is my friend !!!
    I lived every single moment with you and your lovely family,I loved your wondrous detailed photos ( it seems the new lens works miracles ) and enjoyed your vivid descriptions ! Loved Charley’s photos as well and how he stood (it’s a he I suppose ) wondering about the empty oven … BTW,who was taking care of him while you were in Canada ? Leo is a lovable cat as well ! Have they ever met ? I visited all your suggested links as well ( the lovely apartment in Toronto where the young men live, Dani’s blog and the Eaton Centre ) ; the deer present by your generous boy is so beautiful and elegant,no wonder you loved it my friend !!!
    Thank you for sharing with us all these pleasant and very special Christmas moments.
    My warmest wishes for a Glorious New Year filled with Love & Peace all year long !
    Doda 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, dear Doda! I am happy you enjoyed this all and I hope your Holidays were equally pleasant!
      It is a bit confusing but Charley is short for Charlotta…with her regal attitude she is also known as the Princess and the Lady;0) Our Charley always goes to a boarding place, the best in the world I’d say. Charley loves it there and she is BFF with the owner Rickey. He on his turn dotes on her, she walks freely all day in the grooming salon, is the greeter since she curious runs forwards every time the front door bel chimes (great advertisement, Rickey claims) and he uses her when he gives training and classes to dog owners, delivery people and managers who need teambuilding. It is such a good feeling to leave my dear girl in loving and capable hands!
      Leo is a rescue cat we adopted about 5years ago. Alas Leo and Charley hated each other with a passion. Leo left home happily with the Oldest Walker Boy when he went of for college. He has moved with him from pilar to post, and very unlike a cat, never minding it one bit. However he seems very happy in the new apartment and with both the Walker Boys to wait on his hand and foot;0)
      And of course, dear Doda, all happiness for 2015 for you too xoxo Johanna

      • Good morning my dear Johanna !
        Thank you so much for taking notice of my questions and for responding ! We had a cat named Charley and it was a he,I suppose it’s mainly a boy’s name.Now,I know about your Princess,your Charlotta,your Lady,your beloved Girl ! How sweet my friend ! You are really lucky Charlottta is in good hands when you go away.
        I was so glad to hear that Leo is a rescued cat and that he is happy and content in his new apartment with the Walker Boys ! I’ve rescued a lot of stray dogs and it’s very rewarding …
        Have a brilliant day my new WP pal and please give a huge Hug to Princess for me 🙂 ❤

  14. Your modern young men are marvellous, and I especially love their ingenious fire side. I smiled to see that young Mr Walker almost needs to duck to go through the doorway. I can understand your fascination with RC. This Christmas with my mother, I was charmed all over again by my mother’s small collection of Beswick ornaments eg http://www.ebay.ca/itm/rare-Pair-2-BESWICK-323-Art-Deco-JUMPING-LAMBS-animal-leaping-spring-figurines-/381051233136?pt=UK_PotteryPorcelain_Glass_PotteryPorcelain_China_SM&hash=item58b86c6370 She had the ducks for the wall, too, once upon a time, but I don’t know where they have gone.

  15. Oh my goodness, I looked at the jumping lambs…I feel a new obsession coming up;0) They are just adorable!!!
    Too bad she lost the ducks…I am looking for wall plaque fishes on the wall…though Mr. Walker hopes that will never happen;0)
    A true…I am just over 6 feet and my sons and husband call me ‘shorty’ ;0) Love and Peace, dear Galivanta

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