Excitement and Sketches

alana moonshell 2001

Well, I thought I would start 2015 in with a peaceful and quiet time. Nothing of the sort! Out of the blue, I got two commissions. I did not expect this at all and it might lead to nothing…however I am chuffed to bits! Here the best sketches of a week of very hard work.

alana aunt 2001

Ik dacht dat ik 2015 op mijn dooie gemakje kon beginnen. Dus niet, ik heb twee tekenopdrachten gekregen! Dat lijkt zomaar uit de lucht te komen vallen. T kan heel goed op niks uitlopen hoor…maar ik ben er natuurlijk heel blij mee! Hier de beste schetsen van een week heel hard werken.


alana horse 1001


alana star 1001

Love and Liefs, Johanna

36 thoughts on “Excitement and Sketches

    • I am still on cloud 9 and I cannot to wait to finish it myself. It is different now, because I have to wait for feedback and approval. It is a bit scary but so exciting too! Thank you dear Cathe.

  1. Congrats Johanna, it’s like a new year’s gift for you! Your drawing is lovely, I love the lady and child in the kitchen, brought back memories to me. The way the little girl is looking at her mother, admiring and loving being there. May I print it to keep close to me?

    • Thank you Sharon, the first is my favorite too. That is indeed a lighthouse. I have to wait now for feedback and approvals, very different and I admit a bit scary too. But getting all this positive feedback is so lovely. xo Johanna

  2. Gorgeous sketches and thematic scenes my lovely friend Johanna !
    Loved them all,but I particularly liked the one with the horse and the seahorse or hippocampus as we call it in Greek.Sending Love (Liefs ) & Blessings your way from this end , Doda 🙂

  3. Wow–this is so exciting, and reinforcing! You’ve worked hard and must feel wonderful to have that work appreciated! I like all the drawings–they whimsy and light-heartedness is what really gets to me. The stars and starfish, the sea and the horse and seahorse–the drawings are clever in such a sweet and subtle way!

    • Really kerry, I had not expected this at all. I am not sure what will come from it but I am having so much fun with this ( and a little nerves too…) I am so happy you love the drawings, your feedback is always very special to me! Thanks dear Kerry!!!

  4. Congratulations, Johanna! I’m still scrolling up and down to determien which of the sketches I like most, but I can’t decide. They’re all superb.
    Have a great one,

  5. Oh my goodness these are charming. I love, love, love the star reflected in the water and the fish swimming to the surface. Delightful.

    The two horses are a delight as well. Such whimsy and talent, all wrapped up in you. Thanks for the smiles.

  6. My word, such lovely way to start your year. Congratulations Johanna. When you take a commission, do you draw what they request or something of your own imagination? My favourite is the little see horse looking up at the big horse. I wonder if they both would wish to trade places?

    • These are my first commissions so it is very exciting indeed and a learning curve. As an illustrator I draw what is requested but in my style of course. I can change the interpretation of the subject but not my style. But the two have asked me because my art appealed to them. So far it goes very smooth. I feel very honored by this!

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