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It is bitter cold but it makes for a glorious sunset. We live on top of a hill and this is the view from the kitchen window. While I cook, I love seeing the houses in the evening switching on their lights, one by one. I imagine cozy homes with people happily coming home…


Then the horrible news in Paris. The cruel attack on Freedom of Speech, left me without words. My dear friend Anne placed this poignant artwork by Lucille Clerc on her blog. It says it all…

Waiting for Spring002

And so my every day life goes on and I stubbornly believe it does matter to bring good things into the world. Like Elizabeth with her wonderful blog does, almost every day. I am thrilled and ever so grateful with all the wonderful, encouraging remarks on my art this week. And Elizabeth was so touched by one of my drawings that she has it on display in her studio. I cannot express what that means to me…


And coming down to earth again…it is indeed weather for good stew. Played with my new lens to capture the imagine of the coziness of a good winter’s meal. The difference between weird and quite OK…this lens is something else!


It is even too cold to have the long walks that Charley needs every day…so we throw her rope practically all day to keep her from going crazy. If you see two people walking with distinctly longer right arms in…probably Mr. and Mrs. Walker! But you cannot say no to this face now, can you?


Het is bitterkoud in Cincinnati en dat geeft wel hele mooie winterfoto’s, gezellige stoofpotten, gehannes met een nieuwe lens en eindeloos touw gooien voor een hond die te weinig beweging krijgt.
T nieuws uit Parijs maakte me verdrietig en sprakeloos maar ik blijf koppig geloven dat t er wel toe doet dat je gelooft in alles wat goed en mooi is. De rake illustratie is van Lucille Clerc.

Love and Liefs, Johanna



28 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. Isn’t that cartoon brilliant? I’d never heard of this french magazine before yesterday. These extremists seem to create the opposite effect than they wish. If only they could see that through their hatred. Their insane act has only made the world stand closer together.

    I’m enjoying your view too. What a nice place to forget the troubles of the world. Do you have trouble driving up there in the winter? My girlfriends parents lived on the side of a hill in Victoria with beautiful views of the ocean. On one visit, we parked in the driveway and opened the back hatch to grab some groceries. In a split second, a giant round tray of fruit from Costco came flying out like a UFO. OMgosh, I almost died laughing as the grapes rolled down the road. Her dear dad, who’s since past away, cracked us up with a story of going out for the mail one cool, wet morning. The rain had froze on the driveway and he went flying down the driveway like a surfer. The only thing that saved him was the hedge. Maybe you have some of your own funny stories?

    Sorry you and Charley couldn’t get in a walk. I’m missing the outdoors too. It’s been really cold and I too have a cold. Oh phooey, it’s really the pits. I slept most of the day, I feel really ripped off that I missed a day of crafting. I have your parcel set to go but haven’t been out to the post office. Hopefully Monday, but sorry it’s taken so long xo. You’re a good mom to play rope all day and I too would be powerless to those big brown eyes. Such a gorgeous girl, Charley you’ve put a gleam in my otherwise bloodshot eyes! Smooch! x K

    • hey Boomdee, I hope you feel better by now! Do not worry about that parcel…good things are always worth waiting for. You get better first!
      Mr. Walker and I were laughing out loud with the images of flying grapes and a surfing man. I guess our hill is a little less steep because that does not happen here…almost too bad;0)
      Temp has dropped and Charley is happy trooper again.
      Now drink lots of green tea and honey and snuggle up nicely until all is well again xoxox Johanna

  2. I love that dear dog Charley! He is so adorable. I can not imagine how cold it is there……..and am so sorry that Charley can not get his walk.
    On the other hand, it gives you time to play with your new lens, which then enables us to see your lovely house. I am loving those gorgeous glass lampshades!
    Stay warm,

    • Charley says you are forgiven;O) Especially after the nice compliment. The lamp shades we found on top of a dusty shelf ( there is an advantage to being very tall!) in the sales corner of the Anthropology store …priced from $250.- to…40 dollars. Such beautiful things look even prettier when on sale;0)

  3. What a wonderful view to cook by 🙂
    Regarding Paris: Like you, I firmly believe that all we can do is Share the Love and not buy into hating.
    Have a wonderful weekend – I hope the temperature climbs a little; at least enough to allow Charley to burn off some energy outside and give your throwing arms a break 🙂

  4. I hear the news and weep in silence. Then, I come here and look at the view from your kitchen window, and see your cozy winter meal, and your sweet Charley, and I know the world is a good place

  5. Cool pictures! Charlie, you’re smart to stay in and play throw-the-rope. It’s really shivery cold around here, too, and in a little while, Mom will drag me out kicking and screaming (and shivering) for a walk. Gah!

    Love and licks,

    • Well Charley is happy trooper again, because temps dropped a little. She is one of those dogs that is calm, friendly and well behaved…if only she gets her hour and half walk a day (mom is exactly the same;0)) Wet nose cuddle and tail wag from Charley!

  6. Lots to think about here:

    For starters, I could *never* say no to that face. If a longer right arm was the sacrifice, then it would be mine to pay. You made me smile.

    That’s a brilliant cartoon, and sums it up beautifully: these horrific acts are bringing people closer together, in support and solidarity of the cartoonists themselves and the importance of free speech. Hatred did not beget hatred. Instead people united.

    Your home is so warm and cozy. You’ve set a lovely table with a hearty meal and a place to enjoy life’s simplest pleasure, sharing a meal with someone you love.

    Great view from your kitchen window. How nice to live at the top of a hill.

    • You are so right…have you seen the news of Paris and the huge demonstrations? I was so scared for new attacks and found all those people so brave. What a relief that it was indeed a clear statement that people can unite in love against cruelty and hate!
      And thank you for your kind words about our is indeed a good place;0) xoJohanna

  7. The gorgeous Alys has summed up your lovely post so well in her comment. I, too, could never resist the charms of beautiful Charley. You Walkers have the most loveable-looking pets. (I am completely and utterly smitten with handsome Leo – being the Mad Cat Woman that I am!) From all the photos I have seen of your house, Johanna, you strike the most perfect formula of zero clutter but oodles of style! Your home looks so warm and inviting. And your view of other houses switching on their lights is so pretty. I love the pencil artwork and your artwork, too, May kindness and compassion always triumph. xoxoxoxox

    • Thank you dear Dani, for your nice words. And living with less clutter is a lot easier once chicks have flown the nest;0) And indeed Kindness and Compassion must always triumph!

  8. You certainly found the most perfect house! I love your view of the sunset and the idea of watching the homes light up. If I wasn’t so adverse to the cold, I’d be so envious! LOL! Love your sketch and your homey dinner table. Great poster for JeSuis Charlie. Your poor little Charley must be suffering from cabin fever with your weather. Hopefully, temps will rise and she’ll be be back outside bounding around! 🙂 ❤

  9. Oh dear Charley, your four legged friends in Minnesota complain of the same thing, too cold for outside playtime.

    Johanna your illustration is lovely and really perfect for our troubled times. I feel so saddened too, free speech is so important.

    Love your discoveries with your new lens. Isn’t it fun and pleasantly challenging?!

    How is your mindful classes? I really look forward to what you learn. I love the idea of being mindful and in the current moment!

    Stay warm!

    • Thank you Cathe and it seems to me that 4 cabin fevered dogs must be quite an ordeal. Well Charley is happy trooper again, because temps dropped a little. She is one of those dogs that is calm, friendly and well behaved…if only she gets her hour and half walk a day (mom is exactly the same;0))
      Tonight the Mindfulness course starts with a lecture..I hope. We have freezing drizzle today, it might be cancelled. Fingers crossed, xoxJohanna

  10. Of all the cartoons I saw after the Charlie Hedbo tragedy, the one you posted was my favorite–the idea that voices will increase exponentially as any one is silenced.

    And your drawing made me smile–the idea that sweet Johanna could look at out at snow and cold and see daffodils! That’s optimism!

    You need to know a little coat and booties for Charley so she can frolic in any weather! Or knit new sweaters, with extra-long arms, for you and the Mr.!

    • I agree, that poster is so brilliant in its simplicity. And thank you for your very kind words on my drawing.
      Ha, you know perfectly well that Charley has a charming red coat;0) We did try booties…but she will lay down and refuses to walk one step;0) We are rather weather proof but -23C with a stiff breeze…we had to give in. But Charley is happy trooper again, because temps dropped a little. She is one of those dogs that is calm, friendly and well behaved…if only she gets her hour and half walk a day (mom is exactly the same;0))

  11. That first image, and your words to describe the lights twinkling on in the houses below left me unprepared for the reminder of the horrific violence in France this week. But that’s the way life is, isn’t it?
    Going along like normal and then something happens that shakes the foundations of life as it is known.
    (LOVE Charley!)

  12. Yes Laurie, you saw that well. It felt like that, it always feels like that, such unimaginable cruelty and hate hits me every time and leaves me with a sort of naive feeling that this could not really happen, people cannot really be like that??
    And than I see all those brave people marching together showing that hate will not win! I was so relieved it ended with no attacks on them!
    Charley give you an extra special cuddle. xo Johanna

  13. Well it’s a hot hot summer here in South East Queensland! We have been experiencing heat waves for weeks. Hope the weather warms up a little for you and your lovely dog in the near future. Thanks for the follow. 😊

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