Sketches Project #2, About Nadja and Cynthia and a Happy Dog

rickey..3 penguins001-001

Here some sketches for the second commission. You can guess what the subject is..right;0)


I was given a free hand to address training, grooming and caring for dogs. What a joy!!


When all is wrapped up and finished…I will explain the connection between penguins and dogs;0)

And Charley is a happy girl since temperatures allow us again to make our daily walks.


Now something else:

“Dear Johanna, I’m nominating you for the Liebester Award because I find that you can make mundane things amazing and special with your images and words. There are only a few people out there who can feel that level of gratitude for life. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us all!

What you need to do: Nominate a fellow blogger who you adore and answer the 11 questions you can find on my announcement from yesterday (you can alter them, if you like!).All the best,Nadja xxx”

The talented Nadja left in December this comment on my “About Me’ page. I blushed and my ears started flapping with joy. Because the hardworking Nadja makes the most intricate and mesmerizing artworks.  I promised, I would respond in January and January is already over half way…it is about time. Evenmore so because the Delightful Cynthia nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award. Well…if you want to see a truly Lovely Blog about gardening, homegrown remedies and mouthwatering recipes visit her cozy blog here.


I happily refer to my Blog-Hop-Around-the-World post were I tell about my work and motivations. I find it very hard to address people for an award, there are so many talented people with so many beautiful blogs…however if you like to join in and see this as good opportunity to make a beautiful post about yourself as a blogger, than please let me know, either by comment or email! (

Ik ben hard aan t werk voor de tweede illustratie opdracht…dat t over de zorg van honden gaat mag duidelijk zijn ;0) Ik vind t ongelooflijk leuk om te doen! Als alles klaar is, wat wel een tijdje zal duren…dan leg ik t verband uit tussen honden en pinguïns;0)
Charley is weer een blij meisje. T winterweer is minder streng en we wandelen weer naar behoren!

Love and Liefs, Johanna


28 thoughts on “Sketches Project #2, About Nadja and Cynthia and a Happy Dog

  1. Hallo Heleen,
    Het gaat je goed af met het tekenen, word jenu ook ergens voor genomineerd als beste blogger ?


    • Hey Alie, dankjewel voor je leuke compliment! Nee hoor ik heb geen prijs voor beste blogger gekregen. Bloggers kunnen elkaar onderling onderscheidingen toekennen. Vaak wordt er dan van je gevraagd om wat van jezelf te vertellen en dan de onderscheiding (award) door te geven naar anderen. Het is een leuke manier om jezelf en anderen wat extra aandacht te geven. Er zijn heel veel verschillende.Ik vond de leukste de Blog Hop dat is een soort wereldwijde estafette die al jaren aan gaat. Dus daar verwijs ik elke keer maar naar. xoxo

  2. Oh Johanna, those photographs of your dog are absolutely beautiful! I love your dog sketches a great deal too and you are so talented! I wish I could draw my dogs and express how they make me feel every day. I love my dogs so much!

    • Hey Valerie I do not think you need to draw your dogs to be able to express your love for your dogs and from Bella and Nikita to you…it is very, very clear from your lovely blog! But thank you very much for your lovely compliments and Charley wagged her tail in approval too;0) xox

      • I actually “tried” to draw Bella last week. Boy oh boy, I sure can’t draw at all. Did not look like her one bit! LOL Her drawing was sooo out of proportion, but at least I attempted to draw. I will leave the drawing up to the experts like you!

    • Ohoo, Jack is very very beautiful! It is a funny way of lying down, Charley does when she is relaxed and playful. We caal her ” Rubberdog” when she does it ;0)
      And thank you so much for your compliment on my drawings!

  3. Johanna, those photos of Charley are really good. Nicely done!
    and your drawings are great, too … especially the dog in the tub 🙂

    • Well having the perfect model makes it a lot easier..Charley never minds having her picture taken…I suspect she is just very vain;0) The dog in the tub I think, is the most popular. Thank you for your lovely feedback.

  4. You continue to amaze me with your endless talent Johanna. What a packed post full of goodness. Congratulation on so many wonderful things! I’m always so happy to see Charley, she is beautiful and so charming.

  5. Your sketches are filled with such character, Johanna, and so is your Charley Girl! Congratulations on the commissioned work. No one deserves it more! That kind comment about your blog is so true and I’m so glad the weather has warmed a little so you can walk. xoxoxoxox

  6. How fun to be commissioned with the subject being so near and dear to your heart. The pampered doggie in the tub made me smile. Very charming scene with the bubbles floating up. I saw the little perfume atomizer and it reminded me of a gift my neighbour gave our dog Buddy one Christmas. It was a dog spray cologne called “Oh My Dog”. LOL, I think they were trying to tell us something 😀

    I always love that you include photo’s of Charley because it seems like she’s always happy to seem me! LOL. Of course she’s making love eyes to the woman behind the lens, but that’s the beauty of your photography Johanna. Love and hugs K

    • Thank you for your kind compliments! I’d say…like attracts like? Dog lovers always seems to find each other;0) The dog in tub seems to be the most populair;0)
      Charley swears with paw on heart that she was thinking of you and sending her love!
      xo Johanna

  7. I await with bated breath the connection between the penguins and the dog – those penguins are gorgeous and full of mischief! Hugs to you all including Charley; I’m so glad she’s getting out and about again. x

    • I am so happy you like the penguins…they are my favorite;0) So far, the dog in the tub is the most populair. Charley is still a very happy dog with good walking weather and even more so because she got a hug from you;0) xo Johanna

  8. Congrats, Johanna. Nice news, so well deserved.
    Did Clare Pooley connect with you?
    She is having the same issue I had when I clicked on your icon: says no such site exists.

    Do let me know.
    My best,

    • Hi Cynthia, yes Clare has come over for a good ‘visit’. I could not detect any trouble myself but thank you for notifying me. Sometimes, when trying to find a blog through comments and icons on comments something goes wrong I have noticed. But bloggers united and problem is solved.
      Actually, I am surprised how good WordPress is considering the millions of blogs they serve.
      Thank you for your lovely compliments too. Love and peace, Johanan

  9. Doggie in the tub put a big smile on my face, only to see it spread further when I arrived at the photo of Charlie.

    Congratulations on our commission, your blog award and most importantly, on living the life you love with gusto.

  10. Your sketches are so delightful, Johanna – you always put such a lot of fun and playfulness into your work, it always makes me smile. Congrats again on your commission.

    And, as always, Charley is such a sweetie – I love the way she is sitting in that photo! A new dog yoga pose, perhaps? 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend! Hope it is filled with sunshine!

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