Spring Valley Wildlife Area


Yesterday Mr. Walker and I went for a hike at our favorite birdwatching spot, the Spring Valley Wildlife Area. Well..the lake was frozen over so not a bird in sight!


However, the weather was gorgeous and it all looked beautiful.


And we were keen to use our new lens (11mm to 16 mm) lens for outdoor photography.


I think, we made some nice shots here. Although, with Mother Nature so pretty, you cannot go wrong now, can you?


Hier een paar aardig goed gelukte foto’s van onze hike gisteren in Spring Valley Wildlife Area. Normaal gesproken een prima plek voor vogel observatie. T meer was echter helemaal bevroren en de vogels vertrokken naar warmere oorden.


Maar met zulk mooi weer en Moeder Aarde zo prachtig in wintertooi..dan kan je toch niet verkeerd gaan wel? We hebben deze foto’s gemaakt met onze nieuwe 11mm tot 16mm lens.

Love and Liefs, Johanna


21 thoughts on “Spring Valley Wildlife Area

  1. Hi Johanna, gorgeous photos, I love the 4th one from the top, wow! I’m still taking outside photos with my iPhone, not brave enough to take my new camera outside with all the snow around.

    • Thank you Elizabeth, it is so much fun trying out a new concept. This is really working with a wide angle lens, so different again.
      What are you affraid of? That you might drop the camera or that the camera is not weather proof?Your Nikon is good to go in the snow. We have our cameras with us in pretty any weather condition expect for heavy rains. Changing lenses is a bit tricky because you do not want to have dust or hairs in the camera. We hold our camera down than for that reason and often clean it extra with a so’called puffer. And than from time to time, or when ever a pesky hair has crept in, we have it cleaned professionally. That is not so expensive and very good maintance. Mr’ Walker once fell with his camera, it got damaged. We had it repaired for 50 dollars and that was all;0) Your grandchildren will still enjoy than Nikon of yours, so just go for it. I would love to see your outdoor photos. xoxox Johanna

      • Hi Johanna, thanks for the encouraging message, I’m afraid of everything you said, but I’ll be brave and take it out, maybe I set up at home one of the lens at home and don’t change it while outside. At least the first time I go out. Have a great afternoon!

    • It was really very beautiful and that bridge leads to a watch tower..it is so gorgous a view that I take a deep breath , close my eyes when climbing the steps and hold Mr. Walker’s hand (always nice anyway;0)) and overcombe my fear of heights to be able to enjoy it.

    • I do have those spikes but I only use them when there is freezing rain. Good walking boots did the trick this time. Those footprints are actually quite big and belong to otters. Seeing the different sizes, probably a mom with cubs.

      • What fun if you had seen them instead of just the footprints! Did I tell you that we have a hedgehog who visits almost every evening. It drives Jack into a frenzy of barking. Every night, the hedgehog passes close to our glass doors. Every night Jack barks so much that the hedgehog freezes in alarm. I make Jack quiet, the hedgehog moves on. You would think that either the hedgehog or Jack would have learned to change their ways by now. But no! It’s the same performance again and again. πŸ˜€

      • Ha, but in Jack’s mind he succeeds every night again in warning you and protecting you from the hedgehog;0) We had hedgehogs in our garden in The Netherlands and they are fearless when it comes to dogs (and probably in general;0)) We had a cute but feisty Jack Russell that would try to chase them. The hedgehog would simply roll into a ball and leave the Russell yelping with a stung nose. ( and no pity from me!) In Canada we had the sizable porcupines…we were so lucky that our dogs understood not the mess around with those!!
        Otters we have seen often enough but they are so quick and playful, very hard to get on camera. I only have one photo of a mama otter just munching on a frog she had dugs up from under the ice. Bon Appetite;0)

  2. I love seeing your wintery landscape through your eyes. Your pictures are beautiful and captivating. The colors are so rich and pure, that blue looks like it goes on forever! I get a little queasy at heights too, such a strange feeling, nice that Mr. Walker’s hand was in yours!

    How are you liking your new lens? I’m so in love with my current lens (24-70mm) I actually never switch it out anymore. Nothing like a lens love affair!

    So glad you got out and had a hiking adventure! Thank you for sharing your images!

    • The lens is a nice challenge..I love the wide angle but it is very hard to understand for me how that translate to a photo.
      And indeed..it is always nice to hold Mr. Walker’s hand;0) As always, thank you for your lovely compliments, xo Johanna

    • That is indeed the great thing of making photos, watching and observing and trying to capture what moves me most. And than I am chuffed to bits when others enjoy it too;0) Thank you Sheryl.
      So far so good…still sunshine here! Hope your Alberta winter is not too cruel either!

  3. These are so gorgeous, Johanna. That second one of the frozen lake looks like there may be some cracks. That fourth one facing the sun behind the trees and over the lake — WOW! It’s all so beautiful. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh wow, it really reminds me of where we used to live. The lake would thaw just before the May long weekend. Or if we were lucky, earlier. One spring, I was working in the yard. Most of the snow had melted but the lake was still frozen off the beach except for right by the beach. The ice had already turned a dark grey and was really rotting because the sun had been so warm. I took my eyes of the dogs briefly and they took the opportunity to run out on the lake. They were so far so fast. I ran like crazy to the longest pier and whistled. My heart was pounding because I was home along and didn’t dare climb on the rotting ice. They came running, jumping over open water to the next piece of ice. There were tears running down my face I was so scared. Luckily they didn’t break through until about 4 feet from the end of the pier. I ran back to the beach where the water was open for about 5 feet. I only had to be a human ice breaker for a few feet to reach Jaspers collar but I looked like I’d smash through a glass window because it was all sharp and hard. Lesson learned. They were always on a leash after that in the spring during the few dicey weeks of danger. Omgosh, my heart was racing just thinking about it again. I hope Charley sticks close by. One wayward rabbit or grouse and they can be gun in a flash.

    I think your new camera is working out well for you. Did you have a filter on to dim the sun? I really love the perspective of the wooden walk way thru the marsh. Those are some of my favourite places to walk. You sure have a lot less snow than us πŸ˜€ Such a beautiful day Johanna! Thanks for taking us along xo K

    • What a scare, Kelly!! It happened to one of my sisters too, she was hip deep in ice and water to save her Golden successfully. Dogs and ice are a bad combination anyway since their paws get so easily frostbitten. But, as you say, it can happen in a flash. Be assured, Charley is always on leash!
      And my dainty girl does not like to get her feet wet or muddy..she even turns away from dogs who do! Our first dog, the wonderful long haired Sottish collie Saar was just like that too. She had two Jack Russells for companion who like to role in ANYTHING revolting and smelly…
      We have a new lens, 11mm to 16mm, but still the same body. This we did not use the filter because we forgot it to bring along;0) it worked out well this time. I am interested to see the difference for the next time. xo Johanna

      psI really think yuo start writing stories, novels. your style of writing is truly wonderful!

      • I’m smiling at Charley’s fastidious leanings, sounds like every dog owners dream. Buddy being the complete opposite was only invited to his pillow. It was very large, as was he at 105 lbs. His favourite place to get stinky was a little swamp we affectionately called, ‘The Spa’, LOL. It was shallow and stagnant and usually green on a warm day. On the very first day I brought him home (a 7 year old rescue), he tried to go in there, me in tow at the end of the leash trying my hardest to hold him back. Since I only had on a pair of Converse sneakers, I finally had to let go to avoid it, HA!

        Ps. Thank you for that kind reply Johanna. I must get this from dear dad. He was a consummate story teller, often telling one I’d heard many times, LOL Do let me know if I start doing that too HA! xox Love to you. K

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