This Week…


A very cozy week…


Mr. Walker was not home on Monday. I made this delicious Dutch dish for myself since Mr. Walker is not a big fan of ‘Dutch Cuisine’. Β It takes, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, raisins, pineapple, old cheddar cheese and a little bacon and than snarfled up with smoked sausage. Ha, real winter comfort food that sticks to the ribs. Mr. Walker, btw, came home late, said that something smelled very good in the kitchen and had a bowl full of leftovers…


The weather is still quite sunny and crisp. Charley enjoyed the sun and watched over her territory from her favorite spot..the garden bench on the deck. You can tell what she is thinking: ” Oh, if only I could climb trees and teach those darn squirrels a lesson.”


I came back from my knitting circle and thought to myself when I saw my bag on the kitchen counter: ” That looks odd…”


Here the finished result. It is supposed to be a cat. I have my doubts but it still looks adorable, right? Got the pattern here and changed it a little so I could knit it entirely on 4 and 5 needles…I avoid sewing seams as much as possible;0) It started its long journey to Australia, to the sweetest crazy cat lady and she can judge if this is a cat..


Started reading E. F Benson.I am a big fan of his characters Miss Map and delightfully ridiculous and funny!


My course Mindfulness started with a lecture about..Mindfulness. It was very interesting and it gave a good taste of what is to come for the next weeks. I really liked the teacher and met some kind fellow students as well.


And of course, I spend a lot of time in the studio. This sight makes me very happy.

rickey..row of dog002

The Wonderful Cathe was so kind as to allow me to use one of her photos for my drawings…here a first sketch.


And this drawing is almost done and will travel to Edmonton.

T was een goede week met vreemde breiwerkjes, Hollandse stamppot zuurkool (smul!!!), Charley die wilde dat ze in de boom kon klimmen om eekhoorns een lesje te leren, fijne boeken van E.F. Benson en veel tekenwerk natuurlijk weer.

Love and Liefs, Johanna


51 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. Good morning, Johanna,
    that knitted cat looks really cute. Does it have aname? Of the two drawings, I like the one with the dog being hugged more. It sure expresses mutual love and happiness. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the second picture. Not at all. That’s great, too. You’re damn good with your pencils.
    As to the food: oh my, does that make my mouth water! I had a similar dish a few times in one of my favourite restaurants in Bonn. I really need to try something similar soon.
    As to cheeses: not that I dislike Cheddar and I agfree that Cheddar would go well with this recipe, but I must admit that I really miss a good Gouda here in the US. I can get some here, but that’s nothing to be compared with the differently aged Goudas, especially the really old ones that cannot be cut in thin slices as they crumble, which I know from my visits to the Netherlands.
    Have a great day,

    • Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, Pit! I do not mind at all if you one drawing more than another;0)
      The cat has no name but knowing Dani, she will know the right name for it.
      And well..yes, nothing beats really,old crumbled Gouda! And the sauerkraut is not as ‘sauer’ and spicy as it should be, I always add caraway and a little cumin. (I grew up at the German border not too far from Nordhorn.) But all and all it was agood comforting meal;0)

      • Good morning Johanna!
        For Sauerkraut, I don’t like additional spices, but sometimes I add a few pieces of (cubed) pineapple. And I like to cook it together with Kasseler in the same pot. Unfortunately, I can’t get the “real” [salted and smoked] Kasseler here. Thus, Kasseler and Sauerkraut, is always a treat for me when I’m back in Germany. As is Gouda. Even if, of course, the Gouda in the Netherlands is so much better.
        Have a great Sunday,

      • Well, I can get a somewhat decent Kasseler in the restaurants here – most of the times, i.e. – but I can’t buy the stuff to cook it myself.

  2. Oh MY! My heart melted.. I have to tell you I thought he was a wee bear. I used to collect teddies and at one time had around 500. He looks adorable no matter what he be.. πŸ™‚
    My husband would love that Dutch dish and I can imagine the delicious aroma in our kitchen now!
    I love your sketches.

    • Hi to the kind woman under the oaks with the most relaxed feet as ever there were in a gravatar! I could not discover a name for you, sorry about that! But thank you so much for your lovely compliments. 500 bears..lovely! I have one bear, my childhood bear which I have carried around all over the world.
      I am happy you like my sketches! Thank you again for visiting and I hope to see you more often here. have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

      • Johanna such sweet comments from you! I enjoyed your visit to my blog and I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I am planning on many more. The bears aren’t with me anymore. I kept a few that captured my heart but I gave most of them to the children’s daycare center at our old Catholic church when we moved in 2001. And Johanna I go by Pix.. it really is my name!

      • Well hello Pix, and what a lovely name indeed. I thought it was a pun on ‘pictures’ sorry about that. I saw you reading all over my blog and leaving such kind comments everywhere..thank you so much. And what an incredible kind gesture to donate your bears…you made many children very happy!

  3. Your winter days seem so warm and friendly! Have you ever read Rosamund Pilcher’s books? Her descriptions give me the same feeling that this post did. I have the same Vintage Crochet book and have also read Susan Wittig Albert’s books but haven’t gotten to EF Benson yet. All your drawings are happy and delightful! Your friend will surely love that little cat:)

    • Oh Cynthia, that is quite an honor and delight to give you the Rosamnud Pilcher mood!
      Such kind words and very encouraging too. I am really blushing here with flapping ears from joy! have a lovely Sunday, xo Johanna

  4. What a lovely week! And the cat is definitely a cat and very nice too. Enjoy your E.F. Benson – he’s a marvellous writer (I love the Mapp and Lucia stories!)

  5. Delightful post Johanna, it made me happy. The little knitted cat is so cozy and cute. I love your design and color. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  6. The cat is wonderful!!
    We had three nights of a new series of Mapp and Lucia here in the UK over Christmas – wonderful. We often go to Rye where the books are set and its the most wonderful place with an atmosphere little changed since the 1930’s.

    • Ha kindred spirits in Map and Lucia lovers. I did see the series too and loved it and thought by myself that it was a while ago since I read dear old Benson;0) Next time I go to England I MUST include Rye! have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

  7. Lovely post – just as comforting as your Dutch dish! I like both your sketches and your knitted cat very much. I have just started knitting again after many years and am finding my hands are stiffer and I can’t hold the needles like I used to! I will not be beaten! I too like E F Benson and have also been to Rye a few times. The house Benson lived in, Lamb House (‘Mallards’ in the books) had belonged to the author Henry James before him. A really interesting house to visit.

    • I have concluded, I MUST include Rye in my next visit to England (whenever that will be;0)) I am very happy you liked my post.
      Do not worry indeed about your stiff hands after knitting, it will go better after a while. Just knit a few minutes and relax your hands. I have taught many people knitting and I know it will pass. I hope to see some of your knitting on your blog!
      Have a lovely Sunday, Johanna

  8. What a nice, pleasant week you had Johanna. It made me happy too. Your cat looks like a cat to me (super adorable) and the dish you made looks so comforting and delicious. I love seeing your sketches as they develop. Stella was quite thrill with the one (she pointed out the puppy, she felt it looked like her, go figure). And Charley, catching the sun from her perch. I’m slightly jealous that you have so little snow on the ground! I hope you get some good walks/hikes this weekend.

    • Thanks Cathe and of course dear Stella..such a good name for such a lovely dog! And I must admit that after more than 7 years of Canada, the milder winters are quite lovely. Is it bad in Minnesota?? Have a lovely Sunday!

  9. Cozy is definitely the correct word…just reading about it warmed my heart. And as for the “Dutch dish” – yum! Stamppot is a staple winter menu item here on the Homestead – this seems to be a slightly fancier version. Will definitely give it a try!

    • I bet that Oma Jo passed the tradition of Stamppot on, nicely served on her Boerenbond plates. I also bet, she would be horrified with new fangled notions of cheese and pineapple in the zuurkool…but it does taste very good;0) Too bad they do not have good olde Goudse here…how is the cheese in New Zealand?

      • You are so right; Oma Jo’s stamppot with a ju swimming pool and a good sized hunk of rookworst was just simply the best treat! There would definitely be no cheese or pinapple involved, but it sounds amazing and I sometimes mash a little grated cheese into mine (just don’t tell Oma Jo πŸ™‚ ).
        We’re pretty spoilt for cheese here, having a very good Dutch cheese maker just outside Christchurch . Any Homestead trip anywhere near their location results in a very hefty shopping bill – but oh so worth it!

  10. Yay for Dutch food and anything with Sauerkraut. Being German, I’m biased…But that dish you made does look lovely!! πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Nadja, I did not know you were German. I grew up at the German border close to Nordhorn. The Sauerkraut here is not as good and ‘Sauer’ but still makes a solid comfort meal on a cold winters day.
      So how come you ended up in England, if I may ask? Your English is very good ( and sooo much better than mine;0))

      • Ja! Aus Berlin πŸ™‚ I lived in Ireland for a few years before moving to London 10 years ago. It was relocation for love, on both occasions. The best reason to move, I find. My English is good, thank you, but my German is going downhill because I don’t use it as much. Don’t underestimate your English….one couldn’t tell your Dutch unless you stated it! β˜…β˜…

  11. A deliciously cute and cozy post. Love the knitted cat, the sweet bookends, and your lovely studio with bowls and cups full of pencils. Now for a bowl of your Dutch dinner and a hug from Charley and the week will be off to a wonderful start.

  12. What a great week you had! Good food, some crafts, the cutest dog ever, and lots of drawing–hard to beat that! The little knitted cat looks like it was very complicated to make–a labor of love!

    • Sigh…what a happy feeling to have you back again ( although I was happy for you to get some warmth from sunshine;0)) The cat looks more difficult that it is..if you can knit a sock, than you can knit this. Welcome back, my dear Kerry!!

  13. Oh! My! Really! This gorgeous handmade cat is headed my way? I am so lucky! I love it. Thank-you so much, Johanna. Jij bent zo getalenteerd en dergelijke! (Thank-you Google translator!) I loved seeing your cosy week with yummy comfort food, beautiful Charley and lovely sketches. Now I’m going out to sit beside the mailbox!!!! xoxoxoxox

  14. What a fabulous post, Johanna (as usual)! That Dutch dish looks and sounds scrumptious. And Charley looks so cute sitting there at attention. Pardon me if I think that if there were really squirrels there, you wouldn’t have gotten her in that photo! Your knitted kitty is adorable and your sketches are just wonderful. Here’s wishing you a beautiful week to come! πŸ˜€

    • Well, Linda you would indeed be surprised…because there are squirrels there. Charley will look quietly for a long time and if they dare to come down..than she will burst into a franzy of action and chase them out of the garden. Only once, she caught one but she let go immediately and sort of sneezed and spat for while as if she hated the taste and the squirrel hairs in her mouth..I just could not stop laughing.

  15. !!! Gasp…….look! it’s me xoxox Oh my goodness, I’m thrilled Johanna. I was having a lovely time enjoying all your photo’s… la la. Then I scrolled up, gasped and said “HEY !!” LOL, I was really surprised! I’m completely tickled and honoured that you would set artful pen to paper for me. You are very dear, thank you in advance. Oh, and thank you for those legs, so nice and slim, giggle πŸ˜€

    Feet back on the ground now. My crush Charley is looking very poised and attentive to the task at hand. I hope she is a tree climbing doggie in her dreams.

    I also enjoy potatoes and saurkraut. Super low cal and delish. Jim is not a fan but it’s funny that Mr Walker had a change of heart after following his nose.

    This wee kitten is so accomplished and sweet. I’m marvelling at all the change of colours and the pattern you worked into such a petit thing. The pattern reminds me of a warm pair of handmade socks. I especially love the tail. It couldn’t be going to a better home, I know Dani will be smitten.

    You’ve had such a productive week. I see a nice piece of work including Elephants, flamingo’s and penguins. How exotic. Quite the unique menagerie of fun. Even your pencils make a lovely vignette. I fancy that you contain them in pottery too. I tend to use bits and pieces of old favourites on my desk, it’s so much more pleasing to my eyes and somehow lends a little magic to a workspace to surround myself with things I really adore. I know your lovely gift will be cherished. Thank you Johanna xoxo K

    • Hey Kelly, finally got around in answering your very kind comment. I am running around with a runny nose;0) I hope to finish your drawing next week..I really enjoy doing it.
      And thank you for the second package…this weekend I will emerge myself in paper and glue and goodies.
      I would love to take credit for all the colors in the knit work…but it is self patterning sock yarn;0)
      Have a lovely weekend, xoxo Johanna

      • Oh no, This cold is really making it’s rounds. I follow a really awesome blogger from Texas and there too. Alys was also sick. I hope you’ll feel better soon x It’s been almost a month for us and I got up with a sore throat this morning. It really is annoying.
        Happy to hear the remainder of the scrapbook page arrived a-ok. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m working today and we’re putting out amazing new stuff that arrived this week. Omgosh, I’m bursting out of the Boom-Room, ha
        I didn’t know yarn was dyed now to self pattern as you knit. That’s completely brilliant. Maybe I should actually try again to learn. xoxo Hugs to you and Charley ❀

  16. What an adorable little cat. I love it! I can’t imagine how you’ve woven in all those colors so masterfully and come up with that cute little cat. I can see why Dani will be haunting her mailbox. It’s a treasure.

    Fun, fun post. I see you surrounded by wonderful things: good comfort food, your art, and your dear, sweet Charley. xox

  17. So much niceness coming from this multi-sided post,dear Johanna! Recipes,knitting,Charley beautiful in a contemplative mood,sketches,warm candle flames,I don’t know where to start from and finish with … You made my day,enjoy yours πŸ™‚ xxx

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