Sketch, Fine Liner, Color

moon phases002

Loved drawing these moons!

Here more finsihed work from this week.

rickey..3 penguins001-001

groomed penguins001

groomed penguins002







Have Lovely Weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna


40 thoughts on “Sketch, Fine Liner, Color

  1. I loved seeing the moons Johanna! We had a doxie when I was a kid… seeing the penguins and the doxie is charming. Wonder what they think about one another? Enjoyed all the drawings. Love the last one having a spa day!

  2. We love these drawings! Mom has drawn the phases of the moon a million times since she used to be a 3rd grade teacher. She and her class also played let’s try to bite Ritz Crackers into the phases of the moon. Fun. Please do not draw dog-bath-pictures anymore. I don’t want Mom to get any ideas…. Thank you.

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake…Charley agrees on the drawing of the dog in the tub…I will not post that again;0) Mom must have been such a wonderful teacher, what fun!!! Hugs for my little furry friend and his lovely mom!

  3. You just get better and better at this–you most be so excited! I love all the animal ones–they have movement and attitude and such expressiveness. Is that Charley in the tub? I wouldn’t put it past her to expect such pampering! Princess Charley!

  4. I love watching the drawing evolve and am wracking my brains as to all possible connections between the dog and the penguins. That pampered pooch at the end…talk about living the high life 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness….delightful. I too enjoyed seeing the process. That last one of the dog bathing with all the pretty purples really lit up the page. Thanks for sharing your work, and congratulations to the lucky person on the receiving end of your art.

  6. Hello dear friend. I’ve missed you 😀 I’ve been working working working. I really enjoyed all you artwork and as others have said, it’s so cool to see how you get to a finished project. Do you keep your initial sketches in a journal or somewhere’s special? I hope so.

    The last work looks a lot like Charley now that you’ve added colour. Also, I remember Charley’s toesies from one of my favourite posts. Where she’s napping in a bunch of fun positions. Even that doggies ears, being darker on the tips reminds me of Charley. Is that who was modelling for you? I like the pink bubble bath too. xo K

  7. Well spotted!!! Those feet where indeed Charleys form that photo!! Wow, I am really impressed with your observational skills!!! Charley thinks it is ridiculous the draw a dog ENJOYING a bath.

    I do keep a record of most of my work in different stages. Especially the black and white version…it gives me the possibility to change the color palette when needed.

    I have missed you too..but I was in bed, full chagrin and with flu;0) Wishing you a lovely, calm weekend, xoxo Johanna

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