Seven days of Mindful Happiness


What nicer homework than journaling one happy event a day, for seven days. In January, I started my course in Mindfulness.My intention was learning more about ‘living in the moment’ and let it contribute to my positive life style. And I am happy to say, it really is interesting and contributing to more than I had expected.
Intentionally breaking out of the automatic pilot, makes me calmer, I take more time in enjoying what I do. With a clearer head, I address problems. And funny enough, this creates so much time and it helps to plan my day better.
Also, it has a good effect on my health. I mentioned before that my health is a little poor but I choose not to pay much attention to it. But I am so happy to tell you, my sleep is soo much better now. Learning to make myself comfortable, prepare for sleep, even when pain and discomfort is bothering me. It makes a real difference. Waking up after 6 hours of deep sleep is a luxurious and joyful feeling.


Day two: Knitting is my yoga and I am a yarn snob. Oh, the colors, the texture, the names ” Peruvian Highland”, “Malabrigo Finito”…Finding a new-to-me yarn store and the most beautiful yarns is a joy in itself…but sharing it with a friend makes it into something really special.


Day three: I took the time and gathered courage to start and finish the beautiful scrapbook project the generous Kelly had send me. My first paper project since kindergarden ( just a little exaggeration here;o)) I laid all treasures out and started with cutting nine neat squares.

DSC_6077I wanted to email Kelly right away about this success..but could wait until I finished it a few delightful hours later. Kelly patted me on the shoulder for job well done, and my ears started flapping with happiness.


Day four: well…who does not enjoy freshly baked muffins on a favorite serving plate?


Day five: Yes knitting again…this is a new technique for me. This nice ruffle is created with the so-called ‘Three Needle Joining’. I use the three-needle-bind-of a lot but I never knew that the same technique could be used for such nice projects. These are going to be boot liners. For a knitter at heart, quite a thrill to learn a new skill.

IMG_1686 (1)

Day six: not the best photo. I have a new phone and the camera is supposed to be quite brilliant. But anyhue…look at Mr. Walker and Charley watching the big bird box in the garden this weekend. The weather was so cold but watching birds from the comfort of warm blankets in a cozy bedroom is an excellent substitute for a hike. We had a good laugh too..not the owls we hear chitchatting all the time, not the gorgeous Merlin or Falcon who hunt in our garden too, were checking out the bird box as we hoped. Of course, any body in America can guess..Mr. Squirrel was checking out the property. But you can see why this photo is dear to me!

Day seven: I stumbled on this lovely, sweet song, it is so beautiful…I keep on listening to it over and over again. It is stuck in my head, and I humm it all day. It makes me very happy.

I sure hope, you had many small and big happy events to be mindful of?

Ha, leuk huiswerk voor mijn cursus Mindfulness. Een verslag van elke dag iets feestelijks! 1:Oh, zo lekker ik al heb leren slapen. 2: Een nieuwe breiwinkel ontdekt met de mooiste garens, nog leuker omdat ik met een lieve vriendin was. 3: Dit papier project was toegestuurd door de gulle Kelly en t is voor t eerst sinds kleuterschool (nouja…) dat ik weer bezig was met knippen en plakken en t nog leuk vond ook. 4: Ach..gewoon lekker knus, warme muffins. 5: Een nieuwe brei techniek geleerd! 6: Charley and Meneer Walker, samen observeren ze de eekhoorn die de uilenkast denkt te gaan bewonen. Symbool van een knusse zaterdagochtend op een koude winterdag. 7:Een heel lief liedje waar ik maar naar blijf luisteren.

Love and Liefs, Johanna


56 thoughts on “Seven days of Mindful Happiness

  1. Hi Johanna, 7 days of mindfulness is such a great idea! Writing on my journal few minutes before sleeping really help me to sleep better. I love knitting as well, because of my shoulder I couldn’t do much this winter, I’ve here by my side a half done scarf for my son, but now it will only be ready for next winter. I hope you keep feeling better and Mr. Walker isn’t very upset because you have chosen Charley to be in bed with you instead him 🙂

    • I do not know how old your son is, but luckely he cannot out grow a scarf! Mr. Walker was on a business trip…so he was good;0) And of course, I am happy to hear, you sleep better too! Makes a difference, not? xo Johanna

  2. So much to say here, just a few thoughts for now:
    1. Your illustration is gorgeous. It is only a matter of time before you are an in-demand illustrator (and I am first in line for a copy of your first book!).
    2. I love the 7 days of mindfulness. I can see that would help make you feel good.
    3. Love the song!! So pretty!

  3. This post made ME happy and mindful, J. What a wonderful project. The knitted ruffle is a beauty. If I had one, I’d wear it as a scarf to stay warm in the snow.

    Love and liefs (What are leifs?),

    • Hey Cupcake, so happy I made you happy!!!
      I am Dutch, so I pretend to be bi-lingual..though I admit both my English and Dutch is well…mixed up (= rubbish) But Liefs means simply Love , you pronounce it like ” leafs”.
      Big hug for my favorite furry visitor!

  4. What a wonderful post (as usual)! Love the idea of the seven days of mindfulness! What a cute picture of Charley and hubby! Love the pattern of your knitting. And I enjoyed the music! 😀 Happy day, dear friend!

  5. I sure do admire your knitting skills, what a pretty pattern you have on your triple (gads) needles. The teeny white skein is too cute to use up, just my opinion. I’m often spotting things on Pinterest that are knitted that I’d love to have. I go ga-ga for all the colour in the yarn shops. It’s like a candy store. I went and Googled “Malabrigo Finito” and found the Dizzy Sheep. Isn’t that a fun name. Of course I searched their shop for seafoam…..then gasp! Look at this beauty (bottom row)

    The scene in your art this week has a number of ‘Kelly’ items. One, the doggy in bed ! HA, Mr B would say “no way”, but I’d sneak her in when he started to snore….snicker 😉 Two, the piggy lamp, oh so charming. Wait ! ? have I seen it before? Or maybe I just had a Deja Vu? Mmmmmm! Three, a generous window ledge for treasures or, like in your scene, a pot of something pretty. Maybe hyacinths. Their scent makes me swoon.

    You did a great job on the scrapbook layout Johanna. You’re a natural. Now that I can see it bigger, I see you’ve hand drawn leaves and made them my favourite colour. Since I sent only MY favourite colours, what else could you do? LOL. Perfection in every way and very aqualicious.

    I’m really so glad there isn’t a character limit here, bahaha. There’s always so much fun. With Charley, muffins, art, colourful table covers (did you create that too?), pretty serving wear, bowls of goodies to create soft things with, it’s eye candy at every turn. Thanks for sharing your Mindfull Journey or Journal as it were. I never made that connection before, Journey and Journal do have a lot in common besides their spelling I think. Ta ta for now, Hugs xoK

  6. Your post made me smile. I love the illustration, the gorgeous plate (and the muffins), the colour of yarn you’re knitting the boot liners from, but most of all the photo of Mr Walker and Charley. Perfect! 🙂

  7. I wonder if you have any idea how lovely this post is? I love that you are sharing your experiences of exploring Mindfulness. I have looked into it and many of my friends participate. Living in the moment is so hard, but I speak of it often and think now that thanks to you, that I will also take part.
    I am so sorry that you have had trouble sleeping and some health issues and I am so pleased to hear that you are sleeping a little better. Creative people are sensitive and because of that we are often worriers and poor sleepers.
    I love your artwork and the safe, cosy, sleep- space it creates, I love your knitting, which is exquisite and the photo…well, it is just charming!
    Thank you x x

    • Well Karen, I am pleased to hear, this post inspired you. I kept on stumbling on ‘Mindfulness’ all time too and I concluded that the cosmos told me something;0) I am very happy I started the course.
      Thank you for your lovely compliments and I hope to see Mindfulness post form you! xo Johanan

  8. What a wonderful and thoughtful post Johanna. I love lingering over your images. So much to take in and absorb. Each picture tells a story. I love your bedroom drawing. I love your colored pencil technique. I’ve been playing with colored pencils lately. I’m fascinated at how many different ways I can use them and the actual marks they make, especially when blended.
    Your knitting is amazing. You are very talented and have all the right in the world to be a yarn snob…if there really is such a thing. I love the addition of feathers in the bowl. Baking muffins, well, that’s about as mindful as one can get especially when displayed on your favorite tray. And the last image of Charley and Mr. Walker, be still my heart. I do believe Charley is telling Mr. Walker all about the bird activity!

    Thank you for sharing so much. I’m sorry you struggle with sleep. I too am not a good sleeper and joke with others with the same affection to call me at around 3am and we can talk. I hope you are feeling better each day. I agree living in the moment is so important – appreciate what is in front of you. That can be a hard lesson but at my golden age I think I have learned to do it pretty well.

    • Thank you so much for kind hearted comment! I hope you will show your color pencil work soon. It is absolutely my favorite medium, with fine liners. I am playing with felt-tip markers, gold and silver leaf and even computer programs atm but so far my heart is in color pencil work.
      Golden age indeed..I think you and I are of the same age. I feel there is a sort of fairness in grower older the gracious way. The wiser spirit opposite the energetic youth.
      When I was (very) young, I was in every social/environmental action group possible, worked, studied, had kids, all at the same time. Oh boy that energy!!! But when my health turned things around, I had to learn to live in the moment, slow down and leave the protesting to the next generation or become bitter and unhappy. Ha, well the latter is really no option. I find ( not exactly overnight;o)) that in growing older, I see more perspective in the bigger picture and what my place is in it…small but significant.
      It is so great to learn about your experiences , it is inspiring!

  9. It’s funny–through all the blog reading, from Flora Poste and here, I have always seen you as such a mindful and happy person, just naturally. The idea that you would take a mindfulness course made me smile, because I doubted you needed it, but it’s clear it’s making you so happy! (And can I tell you how much I love the image of your ears flapping?!)

    That olive green yarn is so gorgeous and your knitting looks really excellent. Your drawing is wonderful, your muffins look yummy, Charley and Mr. W. look so cozy and happy–your life is good! Sleep tight!

    • My life is indeed good and I am a naturally happy person. When things go ugly, my first question is always ” how are we going to deal with this?” However, this lifestyle/ basic attitude needs feeding, needs inspiration. My time of standing on any barricade possible to protest against injustice is over and now I am contributing to the ‘big picture’ in my own small but significant way. Meeting kindred spirits like you Kerry is an inspiration too!
      It was funny though when the course group introduced themselves to each other, I was the only one who said that I was interested in anything that contributed to a positive life style…all others were looking stress relief and a slower pace of life…Having learned to sleep again, is an absolute glorious bonus!
      Warm hugs from a cold Ohio.

  10. Beautiful post Johanna! I loved the colours of the yarn and those muffins look delicious. I am sorry you have poor health but am pleased that the Mindfulness course is helping you. I too don’t have good health and I, like you, have always tried to ignore it as best I can. I have always thought that the more you consider pain, discomfort etc the worse it gets. However, there comes a time when it is a good idea to think about your health especially when the quality of your life deteriorates. There is always something that can be done to improve your health and then everything else improves too. Keep well and warm! Clare x

    • Hi Clare, I feel exactly the same way! I have a chronic condition and through various methods, therapies etc I have it under control and I am happy to say that my life is very good. I choose the Mindfulness course, because inspiration and feeding that positive life style is so important. But I was pleasantly surprised what new insights I get from my body and how I can use that to my advantage. Learning and growing is a process that never stops..thank goodness for that;o) It is also very inspirational to meet a kindred spirit like yourself! xo Johanna

  11. How wonderful, Johanna – your stunning sketch, the pictures of the scrumptious wool and Charley and Mr. Walker, the yummy muffins and a touch of Boomdee with a lovely twist of Mrs. Walker!! This post has completely made my day. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling unwell, though. I wish I could help in some way. Do take care – and I’m so pleased to hear you are sleeping better. Sending you huge hugs and good wishes. xoxoxoxox

  12. Dear Dany, thank you so much for the Beterschap and don’t you worry! I have a chronic condition and through various methods, therapies etc I have it under control and I am happy to say that my life is very good. I choose the Mindfulness course, because inspiration and feeding that positive life style is so important. But I was pleasantly surprised what new insights I get from my body and how I can use that to my advantage.
    You are a very sweet and generous spirit, xox Johanna

  13. I’m so happy for you. A good night’s sleep is such a gift, isn’t it, especially when you are managing pain? You have such a positive attitude. You remind me that I too should get back to my practice of mindfulness. It’s amazing what we can do for our own well being, isn’t it?

    A visit here is always a treat. I love your drawing, your love of animals, and all the wonderful, creative things you share.

  14. Thank you so much Johanna Dear for having set me up for the day !
    What a delightful post it is with so many wonderful and creative activities and gorgeous photos to accompany them! Loved every single day,every moment and every experience!
    Amazing colourful painting with sweet warm colours and nice little details!Fabulous knitting patterns,the ruffle design must be hard to manage with the 3 needles involved,but it looks great!
    Ah,and those tempting muffins on the elegant platter … Already drooling my friend …
    Charley with hubby seem to be happy while birding through the glass; wonderful relaxing moment,and you know what ? I’m listening to the song with the soft uplifting notes and the sweet voice of the singer while I’m writing my comment …
    Have a peaceful and wonderful weekend with Mr Walker and Charley ! Take good care !
    Sending Love & kind thoughts your way 🙂 ღ ,Doda

  15. I have been working on mindfulness for quite some time. This post made me smile and reminded me to stay on track with my living in the moment. Lovely post Johanna and the tune truly is sweet. Lovely drawing. I am happy you are sleeping better!

    • Thank you Cynthia, and I am indeed sure that you know very well that a positive life style and being in the moment leads to so much goodness but also that it is hard work to get there…

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