Finished work and Sketches


Here some finished work again. I made a few comics and little icons too. Such fun!



This commission is a good challenge. Read a lot of books about Beatrix Potter and her work, who managed to give her animals such human like expressions. Did you know, she did not want to sell her work to Disney because enhancing her drawings for animations would reveal her lack of drawing skills….

Even have to to do more with computer programs to achieve what is requested..not my biggest interest but good to learn.



aaand two more sketches



Love and Liefs, Johanna

46 thoughts on “Finished work and Sketches

  1. Gorgeous work dear Johanna!All of them are really well done;lovely pleasant and funny scenes and nice colouring;the last one with the (up)elevated teacher in front of the board is my favourite one !!! Have an enjoyable and creative new week 🙂 xxx Doda ❤

  2. I love your drawings! And I really do not know how you create so much animation, communication and connection between your characters with just a few lines. Does it come easily Johanna?
    I designed greetings cards and book illustrations for Hallmark and the like for many years, but I never found it easy. I had to work at the rough designs over each weekend so that I was able to produce work quickly in the studio I worked for, during the week, and so therefore earn as much money as I could.
    I love Beatrix Potter’s work and loved the film about her life and drawing too.
    I so enjoy seeing your work.

    • That is a good question…’does it come easily’. I have worked and studied hard but I do love it. Working for a commission is different. Being pushed out of the comfort zone and working in a time frame is a challenge. I have learned much and undoubtedly you know what it feels that on some days ideas appear on the paper by itself and other days just nothing seems right.
      Sometimes, it is just putting it all aside and find new inspiration and ideas.
      Getting all this feedback is great and your compliments mean a lot to me. I would love to see your work!

      • Yes, commissions come with a little extra stress don’t they? And you always wonder if you can pull it off. And yet the experience of pulling it off is so invigorating. Its a really funny thing, but although I spent many years as an artist, I have never felt that the work I did really reflected who I am. Although, like most people, I am probably lots of things and it is not possible for one skill to reflect them all. I may start painting again one day, but for now, I look at the work I have done as if it was created by someone else. I don’t get that feeling when I look at your work, I can sense you and your personality in every line.

  3. These are wonderful Johanna! You have captured so many expressions and moments. I’m amazed at your endless talent. Really fun to see your sketch and then the final piece. It all comes together with such refinement! Thank you for sharing!

  4. The story of the poodle puppy growing up into something a kin to a dirty mop until his owner has him “beautified” is charming and you captured it so well. The chicken nesting on the dog’s back is funny!

    • Thank you Ginene, there is still a little ‘dispute’ wether it should stay a poodle or not..since not all people seem to appreciate a well groomed poodle. I secretly hope, it will stay a poodle;o)

  5. I’m still sniggering about the first one; how often do we hear that when walking on the beach…usually from the same dog owners (whom we have learnt to steer well clear of). Love your drawings, as always, Johanna. Wonderful 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon, I am glad you think it is funny too. I was thinking of a similar idea with the caption : “Oh, but he is really very friendly” Having had dogs all my life and even worked with one…gives a little extra to this commission ;o) I never spotted a dog on the Homestead?

      • No dogs on the Homestead to date although The Renovator is very keen to change this. Overall opinion is concern at how dogs and poultry would mix and also finding the time to exercise a dog…I guess its a case of “watch this space” 🙂

      • Yup, and excersise and train your dog properly!! A dog takes up a minimum of a 2 hour commitment a day…and more and more as they grow older. Unconditional devotion and love in return!

  6. It’s really cool to see these drawings at different stages of refinement–a good reminder to all of us that being creative is a PROCESS. I really like the series of the dogs looking like their owners (or is it the other way around?) Are all of these dog-related drawings going into a book? On how to train dogs? I hope we’ll see the finished product someday!

    • There are meant for websire actually and I hope within a few week to show the endresult. It is all very exciting. I am almost done with this one and than I will seriuosly have to start with the other commission, that will be a book. A much longer process but I really look forward to it! Thank you, Kerry!!!

  7. Oh, Johanna, these are wonderful! Your first one made me laugh out loud (shame on me — bad dog)! Great expressions all around! I could so relate to the training pictures and your doggie school is wonderful! 🙂

  8. I’m a big Beatrix Potter fan, as much for her drawings and stories as for her environmental foresight. I didn’t know she had doubts about her work.

    Your sketches are warm and lovely. I’m also drawn to your choice of colors always. They’re uplifting. So glad you are sharing your work here.

    • We are kindred spirits when it comes to Beatrix Potter too! Well, as I understand it, she really loved being an artist and believed in her work but she did not think her work was good enough to be used in an animation. This was in the sixties with the technology from the sixties. Of course, later very nice animations were made. But still…nothing beats the books, right?

  9. Hi Johanna! You’ve been really working hard I see. I think your work might be a little like my work. You’re also having fun and enjoying it. Are you working with an author who’s writing a doggie training book?

    I like the dog who needs a bath & brush so badly that there’s a birdie nesting on him and his mom needs a fan, LOL. Our Buddy used to get a little ripe when he’d take to swimming in his favourite swamp on our walks. We called it the spa 😀 He was happiest when wading into green swamps or rolling in horse manure (our neighbours sometimes rode on the road). I used to try and divert him away from these things, but he was pretty strong and at the time, almost weighed as much as me. (Twenty pounds ago :/ ) Then I thought, “what’s a little stink for so much happiness?”. Does Charley have these habits or does she maintain her ladylike dignity?

    I was looking at some vintage dress patterns today at the antique mall. I’m enamoured by the artwork as much as the fashions. Your gal wearing the pretty aqua dress made me wonder why they didn’t draw their woman with pets too. I think that’d been very cute. I’ve collected a dozen or so old patterns, maybe one day I’ll actually sew one.

    Oh, and our view of the little pug from behind made me snicker, it’s very sweet. It’s just perfect with his curly tail and little let sticking out. Did you have a special pug friend sit for you or do you just draw from your imagination? That particular sketch does remind me a lot of something Beatrice Potter might do too. I honestly think there’s no such thing as a naughty dog, only delinquent owners who’ve not taken the time to train their fur friend properly. I don’t know if you read “Clowie’s Corner”? They live in Spain and have wonderful tips on managing behaviours to your liking. I think you might enjoy it. It’s written from Clowie’s perspective. By for now, snuggles to Charley girl xox K

  10. Darling drawings Johanna… love the little bluebird on the back of the pupper! I don’t know how I missed this post, must be that I have let my email all pile up and I need to do some cleaning in my inbox… so happy I found this with your new post 🙂 The classroom drawing is very clever and makes me smile!

  11. I love the dog sketches and the one about getting the treat, I think really captures the *exchange* between dog and human quite well- as does the one about always having fun, even if it is at our expense!

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