About Happy Times and the Mystery of Facebook…


Although I am very critical towards my own drawings, I was really happy with this one.

Not yet tired of all those winter scene photos?  With all the grey and white, I am enjoying Spring and Fall photos from other parts of the worlds. These birds in the snow are mainly to show of that I finally mastered the trick of making a collage.


The Youngest Mr. Walker was here for a whole week, such bliss!!! Aaaand he is also my webmaster and IT consultant. So we spruced up the the pages for My Work and Sketches. And I decided to change the title a little…what do you think? Good decisions?


The Youngest Mr. Walker also created a Facebook Page for me. It is supposed to be a good thing and in view of more plans for the future too. Hmmm, it all seems a bit of witchcraft there to me. The Facebook button on my blog doesn’t always show up, I still have a hard time figuring out how to like or to respond via Facebook, let alone how to become friends!! Bare with me, dear friends and any advise is welcome….


Also Mr. Walker and I went to the yearly Mid Century Modern Show here in Cincinnati. Beautiful things there but my Dutch frugal heart went wild from the prices. Remember my yodeling about my dining room chairs? We saw exactly the same dining room set for…$4000.-!! Mr. Walker patted me on the shoulder but I just gasped. But we did buy this vase, ‘The Serpentine’ made by Haeger. I fell in love with it right away and Mr. Walker thought it was an excellent buy to celebrate the fact that we had our first date 30 years ago…you see why I fell in love with him right away too ;0)


But earlier, I found in a local store this piece of glass for Mr. Walker’s Collection  and this absolutely marvelous dog..not by Royal Copley this time but it’s cousin pottery, UPCO USA. Mr. Walker was very happy with the glass and nodded thoughtfully at the dog…the prices were very good of course.


It is still cold and nasty…so I follow the lovely Cathe’s example and bake and eat scones.


Ach, de winter gaat maar door hier, de vogeltjes blijven komen voor meer voer. En ik heb eindelijk geleerd hoe ik een foto collage kan maken…De Jongste Meneer Walker was hier en hij is ook mijn IT deskundige ;0) We hebben mijn blog wat opgepoetst en hij heeft een Facebook page gemaakt…dat laatste vind ik erg ingewikkeld. Maar Meneer Walker en ik zijn naar een Mid Century Modern beurs geweest: mooie spullen hoor maar ik kreeg appelflauwtes van alle prijzen daar. Meneer Walker was erg tevreden over mijn aankopen van garagesales ed van de afgelopen jaren. Wel hebben we de prachtige Haeger vaas gekocht, ter herinnering van t feit dat t 30 jaar geleden was dat we ons eerste afspraakje hadden…
T kunstig glaswerkje en de beeldschone hond vond ik eerder in een lokale ‘antiek’ winkel en waren natuurlijk voor de juiste prijs…je kan vast raden welke voor mij en welke voor Meneer Walker was ;0)


Love and Liefs, Johanna

49 thoughts on “About Happy Times and the Mystery of Facebook…

  1. It really is wonderful when the kids come home! I love your work… The expression on that dog’s face is sublime! Your new pieces are great.. The dog statue would have drawn me like a magnet. Stay warm and cozy.. Scones and tea, so perfect:)

    • Yes, Cynthia, with daughters away…you know very well how lovely it is to have your kids around for while again. Glad you like my dog statue ( it is actually a planter but to fragile to use it like that again;0)) Hmm, you know the weather…so more tea and scones needed today ;0) Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you Clare! And really, I am surrounded by computer geeks but my youngest has the gift of explaining is well and teaching it! I am so lucky with him…and in more ways too, he is a great fellow and a lovely son ;0)

  2. How nice to have the Youngest Mr. Walker at home for a whole week;you are really lucky to have such a competent Webmaster & IT consultant!All well-spruced up and organised,and a FB page to display your work.Mystery solved,I visited already,but unfortunately I don’t have a FB account to connect with you and leave my comments and likes.Enjoy it Johanna,it looks perfect and soon you’ll get lots of followers.
    What a piece of Art,your new red vase is!Love its serpentine shape and its glossy reflection.
    Btw,happy date anniversary Johanna Dear!I help myself to your tempting scones to celebrate it with you! ~ I enjoyed everything in your post as always,but before I leave,I want to ask you something,you don’t have to answer it though ~
    Where did you buy this precious Charley statue ? !!!!! Loved her !!! Hugs , Doda 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you, sweet Doda for lovely comments as always! The Charley statue in the bookcase is from a antique/collectible market here locally and Charley on the couch was born in Canada, ended by chance on our doorstep and she is my cherished friend for almost 7 years now. xoxox Johanna

  3. Sorry dear Johanna,I almost forgot to tell you how much I liked your wintry collage !!! A really great mosaic with snow-clad scenes and sweet birdies.Is the reddish one a cardinal or selective colouring work ? Oh,too many questions,I’m afraid … 🙂 xxx

    • You ask away all you want, dear friend. That is indeed a cardinal, the male ones are so red. It is a very common but beautiful bird here. The males are at the moment double. They are starting to practice their jubilant song to attract the females, preferably form the top of a tree.

  4. Thank you for a peek into your daily life. Beautiful imagery and I love your very smart looking doggie!

  5. Hi Johanna, I like the new pages, and the name of the blog too! The kids are much better than us to fix web stuff, my youngest is always helping me. I love your blue glass, I’ve several of them, yours is gorgeous. Hugs to you!

    • Thank you very much Elizabeth! Mr. walker loves this kind of glass…only a few years ago, we could snap them up everywhere for a few dollars but it is clear that more and more people start to appreciate its beauty;0) Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

  6. I do like your new title, what you are all about. Can I assure you, your art is lovely and well composed, please feel confident in your beautiful creations!

    So wonderful to have IT support. When I do my deep dives it about pushes me over the top. To say the least, its hard and takes so many tries ( or at least for me).

    I love all your treasures you have recently come upon, beautiful!

    And scone, YES! Now doesn’t that make everything better? And such a lovely presentation! You have made me so happy!

  7. Oh I so wish that I was near by so that I could help you with Facebook. I think that you ‘liked’ my Facebook page. I hope I ‘liked you back….if I did not I will do that today. I have 3 Facebook pages, one for Karen Burgess, one for sweetbabyveg and another for Karen B Vintage. My problem is that I have so many different interests- just like you do too! Having as many as I have is silly, you need one so that you can invest time and energy in it and build up a following. Did your son link your postings on your blog to your FB page? Each time I post it automatically links it to FB and Twitter. And I have not even started Instagram yet! Soon, all this technolgy will take up all our time and we will not have time to live!
    I love your new title. I am so happy that you can now create a collage and think what fun you can have with that!
    I also love it that you and your husband had such a great time buying together and marking such a special date to you both with such a stunning purchase. I like everything you collect because it is stylish and you have a great eye for design.
    But Charley is the real star here…we all know that. So loyal, loving and patient. Overlooking all the family affairs and helping with computor programming. He is adorable.

    • Thank you Karen, for all these kind words. I am bravely ploughing forwards with FB and will see Young Mr. Walker again early April. I did see you on FB and I hope I did something sensible in return ;0) Have a lovely weekend, xo Johanna

  8. What a blissful time you have had, and your Facebook page looks great as does your revamped blog. Lovely art and family and food; everything just as it should be. 🙂

  9. Wow–you packed a lot into this post–it’s hard to know what to comment on! I think your revamped blog looks wonderful. I loved being able to see your artwork all in one place–it really showcases your distinctive style. And I like the new name–it’s not as whimsical as the old one but it fits the professional direction you’re heading, for sure. Your photos of the birds are outstanding–so understated and perfect. Okay, so I liked it ALL–great post!

  10. The scones! I am so ready for some of them right now with some clotted cream. It took me a bit to do a collage on my blog, I am befuddled easily. Your collage is a wintry treat.. love Mr. Cardinal. I like your new title! Picture of Charley… priceless… and sweet and funny!

    • Thanks Pix and honestly without the Youngest Walker Boy, I would be lost and rambling. Not only is he the smart cookie but he can also explain to his mom in words I actually understand….

  11. The new name / title is great! Isn’t it wonderful to have our children help us with technology? The drawing is great, too … the similarities between the dog and the woman made me smile.

    • Thanks Laurie and honestly without the Youngest Walker Boy, I would be lost and rambling. Not only is he the smart cookie but he can also explain to his mom in words I actually understand….

  12. Oh, Johanna, everything is so unique and wonderful on your post. I love your sketches and your bird photos! It’s wonderful that you had your son home for the week but I’m green with envy that you have your own personal computer guru! 😉 Love your Haeger, glass shell and UPCO! I just really love that stuff. And you’ve captured another adorable picture of Charley! Happy weekend and hope you have a wonderful week ahead. 😀 ❤

  13. Oh wow, I’ve been here there and everywhere. Your post was the ‘full meal deal’ today Johanna, LOL. Thanks for all the links. I’ve just come back from Amaryllis Log. Such a good visit I had there. She’s definitely my kind of gal. Doggies and crafts and art all so smartly photographed too. I saw and empty hanger and wondered, “what’s that about”. So I found myself reading all about a sewing project. Fun fun!
    Now back to your many comings and goings, I love that you saved Charley for the end. I got all the way thru your post and then laughed out loud. So darn Q-ute!! Sitting squarely on her bum with that look on her face, gads, speaking of “be still my heart”, mine just went “boing” (like in the cartoons) LOL. What on earth was she thinking I wonder? Maybe, “did I get a cookie today? I don’t remember a cookie. I should look for mom”. I’m sure she doesn’t have a care in the world.
    How fun to have a special show for Mid-century modern decor. It’s become so popular, you can’t find a deal on any of it here. Over at the link, I spotted a chair that we used to have in the lobby of the Telus Building in Edmonton. Telus, had four giant egg shaped chairs. with a Mod Boomerang coffee table in the centre. They were also white with orange interior. Our’s had phones in them. They sat in the lobby for years. When the building was renovated, the chairs were auctioned off, probably for a song. They were actually very large.
    I smiled at your scone photo for two reasons. One because, “nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven”. Those lucky boys 😀 Then second, because I recognized the Blue Onion China. Years ago, I worked at Birks during the Christmas Season for extra cash (I went to Hawaii with girlfriends). We sold that China and I admired it the whole time I was there. I never could save enough to get a set but I did buy my Canister set on layaway. It’s called Quimper Ware. It’s french, painted pottery. I’ve loved it since day 1 and have had it for 30 years. So it’s now bedtime, haha. I’ve messaged an entire novel here. I really have to get to Cincinnati some time and buy you a coffee. Hugs all around xoxoxo k PS. I think Mr Walker must be adorable to fancy the treasures you hunt for. The spaniel is very charming as is the aqua book behind it (with the seahorse). Oh and I thought young Mr Walker did a bang up job on Facebook too. Ok, now I must go. Sorry to talk your ears off xoxo K

    • You just keep on talking my ears of dear, it is a delight!!!
      I hope you will write a book one day, because I have no doubt it will be a best seller!
      Lovely story about the Quimper ware, looked it up and it is indeed mouth watering beautiful. I collect Blue Onion of any kind ( Nordic, Blue Danish) This cake stand was in a box full of Blue Danish: deep dishes, egg cups ( they are hard to find!!!), etc. I was dropping of stuff from my house at a Good Will during a move but my Blue Onion radar picked it up right away. The box was not priced yet and I asked the sour faced guy who helped me about it. He looked even more sour faced and grumbled..’5 dollar for the box.’ I stammered; ” but, but it is worth much more!” He almost spat and said ” take it or leave it.” Duh….
      The cups are from Ikea and my toes curl with delight every time I use it all;0)
      Mr. Walker is indeed a very kind fellow, who is also very happy his wife keeps her fifties Kitch in her studio…though he will never say that out loud ;0)
      Facebook still puzzles and befuddles me….
      yesyesyes, we will have that coffee for sure one day. xoxoxo Johanna

      ps glad you enjoyed Cathe’s blog. I find her photos always so calm and soothing.

      • $5.00?? Ka-Pow, wrap it up ! Well, he sure didn’t sound very charming 😉 Silly man. If pretty girls are coming in to your shop, maybe a little finesse would go a long way. Well good for you to suggest he was short changing the shop, so-sad-too-bad if he was too surly to care. I Love a good find at a crazy price! xo

  14. How Do those little birds get on in the snow! Lovely picture of the bird in the snowy feeder. Beautiful red vase and piece of glass too.

    I really like your drawing of mutual admiration between pet and owner!

    We have had temperatures around 33C here for the past week – I am finding the heat and humidity tiring. Thanks for following my photo journey and commenting. As I see that you take photos as well you are most welcome to participate in this challenge.

    I learned a lot from this and found it to be a creative experience. Just a thought if you are interested. You could just post a few monochrome photos if you like. I promise it will open your eyes to the wonders of monochrome photos. The choice is yours of course.

    Hope the weather warms up soon for you. 😊⛄️⛄️

    • Dear Maria, thank you for your lovely visit and all your kind compliments!! That is really encouraging!
      The birds have no hard time walking on snow at all, these little ones weigh next to nothing and the snow is frozen. Bigger birds like wild Turkeys have a hard time with lots of snow, they often choose to walk the roads.
      Spring is just starting here and I am happy with the sunshine and melting snow. But I agree with you, by the end of August, when the humidity is at its worst, the heat will have the better of me. By that time, I will start my yearly I-wish-it-was-fall-whine…;0)
      Thank you also for inviting me for the photo challenge. I will keep it mind, I often look longing at those nice photo challenges. But at the moment I have so much work/projects to work on. All joy for sure!

      Hope your weather soon cools down, xo Johanna

      • You’re welcome Johanna. 😊. It’s just a thought if you wanted to experiment with black and white photos.

        Good to hear that spring is coming. 😄. Happy sketching, Maria.

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