This Week… and a Little Give-a-Way

Oh man…Facebook is still making me mutter, grumble and scream. I have decided to let it rest until I have had another meeting with my IT fellow…aka Youngest Mr. Walker, very soon. But I still know how to make a nice collage ;0) And no better subject than my sweet friend, Princess Charley.


Tralalala…Spring Equinox brought glorious weather and yes…Spring has sprung and what better way to start it with cleaning up the garden and having a nice bonfire to get rid of the ‘winter debris’.



A Spring Hike made us smile at these very hungry ducks and wonder about Mr. and Mrs. Goose: they lay very still in the water when they spotted us. Maybe afraid, we would be interested in their nesting site? But normally they will honk and yell and hiss, to tell to buzz off right away. We have never seen this behavior before.


Started knitting some easter eggs and I liked the pattern so much that I went overboard and knitted a basket full ;0)

Then my favorite magazine arrived..indeed the Dutch version of Country Living. So often I am asked : ” Are you ever homesick for The Netherlands?” and the answer is simply “No.” We were very happy in The Netherlands, very happy in Canada and now we are very happy in America. But I do miss my friends and family of course and certain foods and this magazine is a monthly joy and little dose of “Dutchness”.


This month even featured a jolly knitting pattern of these egg warmers…what fun.But when I finished four, I thought, what am I going to do with it because I have so many egg warmers already ;0) So I am going to give them away to my lovely blog friends and you all inside and outside the USA can join in. Just leave me a comment why you need them and Charley and I will raffle them of as fair as possible. It is close to Easter so we better hurry up and we will do this on Thursday.


Ik word helemaal dol van Facebook en laat t dan ook even rusten totdat de Jongste Meneer Walker me weer wijzer heeft gemaakt. Ik kan nog wel steeds een collage maken ;0)
Het is wel heerlijk lente geworden, dus lekker gewandeld en lollige eendjes en vreemde ganzen ontmoet. En gezellig aan t breien voor Pasen al en zelfs in t Landleven (jaja, hoewel ik nooit heimwee heb toch Β een beetje Nederland in Den Vreemde;0) stond een gezellig breipatroontje. En toen dacht ik, ach…wat moet ik nu met nog meer eierwarmers?? Dus ik verloot ze onder mijn aardige blogvrienden..laat maar gewoon een berichtje achter en Charley en ik verloten ze donderdag…Pasen staat al voor de deur dus een beetje opschieten geblazen.

Love en Liefs, Johanna

64 thoughts on “This Week… and a Little Give-a-Way

  1. Thanks for sharing what’s going on in your world Johanna. The knitted eggs and egg covers are beautiful, a simple task can make such grand art!

  2. Good morning, Johanna,
    I really like the pictures of Princess Charlie. That one of just her paw showing makes me laugh. But the spring pictures are great, too. So, it looks like you already have spring arriving. Here, we’re still waiting for the Texas Hill Country to be covered in a sea of flowers. Hopefully soon.
    Have a great day,

  3. Hello Johanna, It is still cold here. I mean frigid, snowy, windy, blowy. Depressing!! Your pretty warmers would keep our eggs warm…(But…I am not entering the contest, because I’ve already received something lovely from you. So for someone else!)

    What is wrong with your Facebook? Can I help?

    Last but not least – Charlie is adorable!

  4. Lovely post as always, Johanna! Glad we we’re able to enjoy the Spring-y weather this weekend, but beware the “Blackberry Winter,” a notorious blast of cold and /or snow that sometimes hits late March/early April in our neck of the woods πŸ˜‰ Those delightful little warmers would come in quite handy for those potentially chilly days πŸ˜‰ Cheers, Ben

      • That’s what my granny called it…or sometimes, Dogwood winter. Cheers, Ben
        p.s. have you ever been to the Burlington Antique Fair on our side of the valley?

  5. Hello Johanna. I think the egg warmers are ADORABLE. Why would I love to win one: I would love to have one for myself, but more importantly I have a friend whose been there for me during some difficult times. She gives me farm fresh eggs once a week. I would like to give her an egg warmer to show my appreciation for her listening to me and being there. Joanna 😊

    • Dear Joanna, what a delightful story…now you did not win the ones in the photo but I would love to knit you a few for this wonderful friend. Please email me your address and I will send them to you in a couple of weeks. xo Johanna

  6. Sigh, I could stay here all day, it’s like sunshine on my face. I’d also watch the snow melt all day long just to be by Charley’s side. That particular caption made me laugh. So much time contemplating life, I’m sure they have it all figured out. I wish they could tell us their secrets.
    I’m still grinning for the photo of Charley squeezing onto the chair, nothing subliminal about that, LOL. I love the selfie too, did Charley sit on your lap? I’ve tried to do it with the kitty’s but they haven’t figured out to look ahead and not back at mom :/ Or they just walk away and foil my plan entirely, such is a cat.
    While I adore those little egg cozies, I really shouldn’t throw my name in because you’ve already treated me to a beautiful gift. Can I tell you though? The little yellow buttons on top are so fantastic! Are they vintage? LOL, I’ve never seen such a thing, but they’re cuteness to the max.
    The little eggs in your knitting bowl make for a very dear vignette along side of your clever knitted eggs. You’re such a talent Johanna, those ninja needles seem to know no bounds. I can wait to see what you knit next xox k

    BTW, What an unusual snack stand painted on your dutch plate, haha. I Biggie-fied the photo because I wondered and thought they were doing shooters, gads! I’d rather have ice-cream I think πŸ˜€ x

    • Charley says, the secret is…lots of sleep, 2 walks a day, good food and lots of hugs and cuddles. Simple, right? I still laugh at that silly selfie too…I am still figuring out my new cell phone and Charley is always fascinated with having her picture we both look so intense in that camera lol..She just sits in front of me but I am very tall and have very long arms, so indeed it looks like she sits on my lap.
      The buttons are indeed vintage! Still on their little carton, just 4. And Ninja Needles!!!! Now that is a keeper!! I immediately had a vision of a graphic novel by you, Stan Lee style about Nina and her Ninja Needles!!!
      Shooters!?!?! No, they are eating Herring!!! Mr. Walker roared with laughter when I read your comment…and yes…it is an acquired taste. Very delicious according to the Dutch…utterly disgusting according to the rest of the world ;0) xo Johanna

      • Well now, Charley’s secret recipe for a lovely life sounds like perfection to me. I shall endeavour to follow it as closely as possible ❀
        With the help of Google translate: De nederlanders kunnen hun haring traktaties houden, Boomdee graag ijsje beste, hardop lachen xoxoxo K

  7. Lovely photo collage. The foot sticking up at the end is killing me! Oh, Charley! I don’t think I would have any use for egg warmers. Why would a person want to keep their eggs warm? My eggs are usually cold, then fried, then in my belly…. πŸ™‚

  8. Love the knitted eggs…I’m getting the needles out tonight and going double time!! Also love the photos – the selfie, Charley hinting its walk time…love them all! Hooray for Spring arriving at your house in such style.

  9. Lovely photos, Johanna! The geese’ behaviour is strange. I have seen pheasants do this on land but never geese. The egg covers are so cute! I would never have the patience to knit them.

      • I have Greylag geese visiting my garden and the goose has just started sitting on a nest she has made. When I walk past her she behaves in the same way your geese did by laying her head right down on the ground to hide from me. I have never seen her do it while swimming though. Perhaps it is part of a mating ‘dance’ that some birds perform? Who knows?

  10. Charley and the egg warmers are darling! I need the egg warmers because they are so sweet and it would be wonderful to have something made by you in my home! Also the eggs in my fridge are shivering.

  11. I think your knitted eggs and egg cosies are charming! What a lovely collection you have now. I wish I knew how to knit. When you make a small project like that, you have the opportunity to use different colors and techniques to highlight your skill and create something interesting to look at.
    I have to comment on your fantastic dog. I can see how intelligent she is and how much she loves her family and home. Her body language and expressions speak volumes.
    And the geese, I have never seen geese lay in the water like that either. That is very interesting behavior.
    I enjoyed this post so much. Beautiful photography.

  12. You know how to make us all smile, Johanna! The Charley photos are amazing as always–I like the one where she seems to be inhaling the smell of spring!! And the one of her “sharing” the chair. Your knitting is so bright and whimsical, too, like all your art. I love the egg warmers–if I win one I probably won’t use it for its intended purpose but am already trying to be creative to think up alternative uses!

    • Congratulations, dear Kerry!! The egg warmers are yours and I cannot wait to see what you will do with it. Please email me your address and I will send them to you ASAP so they can maybe compliments your vintage linens on your Easter breakfast! xo Johanna

  13. Oh Johanna, I am so in love with all of the photographs that you shared. All of them are adorable! You even got your ducks in a row swimming! Love it! I never leaned how to knot, so by you knitting egg warmers, is amazing! Charley, of course, is so photogenic and lovely, and hilarious all at the same time. Thanks for sharing all of these, I needed something beautiful to look at today! Hugs!

  14. Princess Charley is so sweet. Love the way she takes her seat everywhere. Does she try to sit at the table too? Your egg warmers are gorgeous but I wouldn’t have a use for them. 😦 I do eat eggs but boiled eggs in an egg cup haven’t featured on my menu for years. No idea why. They were a favourite of mine when I was little.

    • I still laugh at that silly selfie too…I am still figuring out my new cell phone and Charley is always fascinated with having her picture we both look so intense in that camera…

  15. It is so lovely to spend a little time in Johanna and Charley’s world! Charley has such a sweet way of sitting and pondering on the world…yet who would have thought she could be so decadent, lounging so elegantly on the sofa ?!
    I love your sweet eggs and cosies and your selfie and can totally identify with the joy of your new magazine arriving.
    I would write more, but the electrician wants to cut the power! 😦

      • I love Charley. She is so gentle and lovely.
        It is chaos here. Floorboards up, electricity out again and all because I have had a little wall taken down. There is good news though. I have uncovered some of the original wallpaper from when the house was built in 1886. It is lovely! I will do a post about it soon for you to see πŸ™‚

  16. Your blog is lovely! I’m so glad you found me so I could find you back. Those egg cozies are so precious, as is your Charley, so I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to your updates. Have a great day and enjoy your week. Thanks for sharing your lovely work and photos with us.

  17. What a delightful post Johanna Dear!You made the start with the most charming Princess Charley collage and you went on with some lovely photos from the garden and the spring cleaning!The sunset photo is totally facinating,loved the fiery skies that nicely moderate the dark silhouettes!Hope your IT fellow,Mr youngest Walker,will help you to share everything in your FB site.Lovely patterns and bright colours on the Easter eggs,I wish I were closer and come to pick up some from the “feathered” ball.Have a wonderful Saturday! Doda πŸ™‚ xxx

  18. Charley is a wonderful muse and your photos are fabulous. It was nice to see your face along side Charley’s as well. You’re both adorable.

    Those eggs are the cutest thing and so beautifully arranged. You make it all look so easy. Have a happy Easter, Johanna. xox

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