New Sketches and a Winner..or Two

alana living room002Here some more sketches for the children’s book project



And oh, so many kind , funny , lovely comments for only four egg warmers. So Charley and I wrote down the names, put them in a bowl and Charley picked one. And after that she needed a little lay down to nap…

The lucky winner is…Kerry all the way in upstate New York. And I so loved Joanna’s story too: someone bringing you eggs as an act of kindness and comfort in times of need. A soft boiled egg is my absolute number one comfort food. So, if Joanna can wait a little longer, I will knit a few for her.

For everybody else a big hug and we will do this again!

Love and Liefs, Johanna


41 thoughts on “New Sketches and a Winner..or Two

    • haha, Charley agrees, she thought she was entitled to extra treats as well ;0) And thank you, I am alsways happiest when people imagine stories with my drawings! Have a lovely Sunday! Johanna

  1. Yes! That makes my day. I can definitely wait. Thank you so much.

    They’re all excellent drawings. My favorite is the first and the little details on the bookshelf, the books, the plant, and the knitting needles on the table.

  2. Oh wonderful! Charley you chose well. Here’s a funny story. I was given an egg cup today. I guess the message is that I need to start eating boiled eggs again. πŸ™‚

  3. Such lovely sketches, Johanna! My favorite is the second one but then I’m always partial to horses! Those little egg warmers are adorable! Where do you come up with this stuff? πŸ˜† Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead!

  4. Johanna, Of all the contests in blogland, I like Charley the best as the lucky person picker! When ever I want to “baby” myself, I have a soft egg on toast!

  5. All three are gorgeous sketches Johanna Dear!The first one is so quiet,the second more exciting and the third a real teasure … Thank you Charley that your choice sent me to those wonderful handwovens and many thanks Johanna for the brilliant idea you gave me how to keep warmer this delicious and comfort food … Have an enjoyable weekend my sweet friend πŸ™‚ ღ

      • My weekend was lovely as well – we are having some delightful spring weather here. Thank you so much for asking about my wrist – I’m still in a cast (going on five weeks now) and it will be awhile yet before I’m completely healed. But I am learning patience! πŸ™‚

  6. Have the giggles over Charley having to take a lay down nap after picking a winner… hard work, lots of pressure for a pup! Congrats to the winners! Enjoying your sketches, I love the horses.. πŸ™‚ Those four egg cups with the warmers make me smile.. πŸ™‚ Now at midnight I am wanting a soft boiled egg and toast!

  7. Loving those sketches! I’m always a sucker for a cup of tea and a gaze out the window and it looks like there’s something worth looking at through that first drawing’s window!
    Still clittety clacking through the knitted easter eggs here…I’m aiming for six to be completed for Easter Sunday’s egg hunt.
    Love to you x

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