This week… and Happy Easter!


Spring, sunshine! Easter is just ahead of us. I made this sweet little bunny for a sweet little girl.

Mr. Walker and I went for hike at Long Branch Farm. The river was running its course again and brings new fossils. There are still icicles in the background but they will disappear soon enough now!

I made this hare for our own Easter decor…it has been too long since I made an ‘artful creature’. The air dry modeling compound used for head, hands and feet is called ‘Delight’ and I love it. It is featherlight but very strong.

We cleaned out the owls nest box..clearly it was used by squirrels during the cold winter. We put in fresh wood shavings to attract the owls…and this young couple squirrel said “Thank you so much and the location is perfect too!” So..I guess I am stuck with nesting squirrels;0) I hope we see lots of the babies when the times comes. I should read up on squirrels…I really do not know much about their family life come to think of it. I do know they ate all the snowdrop bulbs I planted last year…


I did read up on Doll’s Houses. It has been a lifelong wish to have one and that wish was rekindled after seeing a nice documentary on it. Apparently, quite a few artists have a doll house, it kindles the creativity.  Well…now might be the time, why not?

So what is left for me, is to wish you all a marvelous Easter Weekend!

Ha, de lente breekt nu echt aan na de lange koude winter. Nog wat ijspegels in de achtergrond maar die smelten als sneeuw voor de zon;0) Maakte een knuffelkonijntje voor een lief klein meisje en een eigenwijze paashaas voor onszelf. Ben aan t lezen en nadenken over een poppenhuis… t schijnt goed te zijn voor de creativiteit en ik heb er altijd al graag een willen hebben…En Meneer en Mevrouw Eekhoorn hebben intrek genomen in de nestkast die eigenlijk bedoelt is voor uilen…tja, hoe maak je dat nu duidelijk aan eekhoorns ;0)  Vrolijk Pasen!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

56 thoughts on “This week… and Happy Easter!

  1. Lovely pictures Johanna! We have many squirrels round our garden and feed them regularly in a purpose built little house my OH made for them – that way, they don’t eat my (few!) flowers. Have a lovely Easter!

    • Thanks Kaggsy! I tried your method…but squirels in North America are abudant and quite the backyard bullies. If , as I discovered and already predicted by my neighbors, you start feeding them…you end with even more squirrels ;0) So most of the birdfeeders are (unsuccesfully) protected agains squirrels. I just gave in since the owls are apperently too snooty to see the benefits of that gorgeous bird box;0) Happy Easter, Johanna

  2. Hi Johanna, It’s so good to see the all the life back around us, we still have some ice around here, but during the weekend they should disappear. Happy Easter to you!

  3. Johanna, your post is as full of creativity and fun as always! What a lucky little girl, to get that sweet creature AND a Johanna-original Easter card–really so sweet! You are very good to your pet squirrels, building them a house and making it comfy! We don’t have too many around here–I think the cats keep the off the property, although, if I plant bulbs, they do manage to eat them all! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Maybe I should borrow some cats…squirrels are back yard bullies here. But I must say, seeing this couple frolicking around is quite funny. And since the owls are too snooty for my box..I gave in;0)
      Thank you for your kind words as always and I wish you a lovely weekend too! xo Johanna

  4. Absolutely lovely pictures, Johanna! Easter is so very much welcomed in your house and heart. I love all the decorations and the way you captured the beauty of nature. Very nicely done! Happy Easter!! ❤ x

  5. How exciting to have a family of ANYTHING to watch all summer. I think baby squirrels will be adorable! (and delicious – *cough cough*) A dollhouse sounds like a great project. The possibilities are endless. Mom and I will LOVE watching that develop. I hope Charley doesn’t knock it over…
    Love and licks,

    • Well…I am a little worried about Charley’s thoughts about squirrel babies. She always chases anythng moving the garden and she once cought a big squirrel and spat it out right away and sneezed and coughed for a while as if she tried to get rid of the hairs. The squirrel fled unharmed in the highest tree and send many thank you’s to the Great Creator of Squirrels ;0)
      But for the doll house, I am not worried. For such a big dog she is very elegant and so far has not broken anything, just as a pup she chewed on a cell phone and I-pod: that was expensive enough ;0)
      xo from Johanna and Charley too!

  6. Delightful Easter post Johanna Dear!
    Lovely pictures from The Long Branch Farm and cute Easter decorations!Who is going to enjoy the little Easter bunny ? Don’t tell me it’s meant for the princess … You have such a caring love for your visitors in your garden that I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Loved your nicely tinted Easter sketches!Our Greek Orthodox Easter is a week after yours,they only coincide every some years,in 2014,it was on the same date.Any how,I wish you and your family a Great Easter Weekend,filled with lots of Love and Joy ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ , Doda ★

    • Dear Doda, thank you for your kind words!
      And No, Princess Charley only enjoys balls, ropes an a frisbee. The little bunny is for a sweet one year old girl who does enjoy little softies very much. She is the daughter of my fysio therapist, who is a very kind and hard woking young woman. Happy Easter when it comes for you! xo Johanna

      • Hi my good friend Johanna! Hope you are keeping well.Thanks for your reply and your wishes!When we make things for others,we do feel happy,I strongly believe that the givers are happier than the receivers …
        Well,I can see,I am a lot behind.You have new posts,which I’ll start reading and try hard to catch up with all my faithful WP friends 🙂 xxx

  7. What a wonderful and full post! We have been having perfect outdoor weather too, it makes me so happy to go for a long walk. I love that you can find fossils near your river edge. I would spend endless hours there.

    What sweet Easter decorations and adorable baby gift! So thoughtful! Love the little card you made.

    A doll house would be fun to make and decorate. I hope you decide to make one (and of course share the progress).

    Oh squirrels! We have a yard full of them. I find them very entertaining. I hope you will be able to take pictures of the squirrel babies and children!

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  8. Johanna, such a delightful post. I love your creations, especially the sweet little bunny.
    Yes, it’s a great time for your dollhouse
    You have been in such a creative phase that I can hardly wait to see your dollhouse.

  9. Johanna, such a delightful post. I love your creations, especially the sweet little bunny.
    Yes, it’s a great time for your dollhouse
    You have been in such a creative phase that I can hardly wait to see your dollhouse. Happy Easter to you!

    • Thank you Sharon, I always love making these Walldorf dolls and it had been a while since there are not many babies anymore in my life ;0) Happy Easter to you too! xo Johanna

  10. Such cute little creations! I’ve not heard of ‘Delight’ but the wheels are spinning. Speaking of doll houses.. I highly recommend you getting or making at least 1! Happy Easter!!!

    • Thanks Cynthia and I bought ‘ Delight’ at was not too expensive either..bonus;0) I think I follow your advise on the doll house! Have a Happy Easter with your loved ones. xo Johanna

  11. What a cute little bunny. Love all your Easter decor and the squirrel pictures. Happy Easter to you too sweet Johanna and hugs.

  12. Lovely post, Johanna! I loved the soft bunny and the card , the gorgeous hare you made, the photos from Long Branch Farm and the photos of the naughty squirrels. I look forward to seeing your doll’s house. Gallivanta mentioned Rumer Godden’s book so I will mention a favourite of mine from when I was a girl

  13. The hare and egg easter decor is lovely! Wish I had an eye for decor, all we have for easter this year is pussy willows in a vase… 🙂 The squirrels are adorable!

  14. What a lovely, heartwarming, pretty blog…as usual. The river walk looks wonderful – and fossil treasures too! I’m smiling as I type…happy days to you 🙂

  15. The squirrel in the nesting box is adorable! I love your cute Easter hare too. Happy Easter Johanna. Glad spring has arrived and the weather is warming up for you. 😊

  16. Both the bunnies you made are adorable! Wishing you a Happy Easter Monday! We found a baby squirrel a couple of years ago. He was darling. We bottle fed him until we could get him to a wildlife rehab.. we named him Squee. We loved him but all his friends and family had been making chewing our siding off the house a squirrel kind of hobby or sport.. we got a bit tired of that! My Mom has been gone since 1987 but we gave her a doll house to build.. she loved it!

    • How sweet that you gave your mom a doll house! Are you taken care of it now?
      And it is a sweet story about Squee too! But indeed squirrels can be a nuisance as well. Never heard of them chewing siding..that is horrid. Have a great weekend! xo Johanna

  17. Belated Easter Wishes to you dear Johanna. I am so terribly overwhelmed by house renovations and gardening that I have got very behind with my blog. But I loved all your Easter photos and I especially love the hand made bunny, who has such a sweet and gentle face.
    Old dolls houses are still relatively easy to find in England and I have always been tempted to buy one. But making one- now that is really special! I cant wait to see what you do. I am quite sure that I will wish to make myself tiny enough to live in there myself!
    Karen x

  18. So now, here I am 😀 Long after the bunny has left the building. This is how far back my emails are. Your Easter decor was really cute. I love Mr Bunny’s clothing with the button arms and neck tie. He’s a handsome fellow. Coincidentally, I also made paper clay bunnies for Easter, but unlike you, made no time to post. I took them on holidays as gifts for the girls. Here’s a peak.

    I hadn’t used this clay before but I really liked it. Painting their little faces on later was also fun. The had a hook for a ribbon I added later. Here’s how they turned out……pretty tiny.

    I sighed over your photo with Charley along the creek. That just looks like the perfect outing to me. You in your jaunty pink head scarf, I think that very stylish and very european.

    Speaking of doll houses, Julia and I visited the American History Museum in DC. They had an incredible Doll house on display. The furniture was exquisitely made, even the attic was full of old furniture and trunks. I took a lot of photo’s to Blog one day. There were even small pets. I actually had a doll house as a kid, but not the traditional kind. Mine was a round mod one, it was on a turn-able and all the rooms opened up to the centre foyer. It had a large plastic roof dome that let you look inside. I don’t even have a photo but it looked a lot like this one on Pinterest (their done is missing) funky hey? xoxo ta ta for now xoxo K

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