Toronto, Canada…11mm to 16mm


We had a great Easter weekend, we were invited by The Walker Boys to spend the long weekend at their apartment! So wonderful to have the family together, sigh. We went for long walks, played board games and had a few very good home cooked meals. The weather was quite cold and no sign of Spring yet, all was sepia, grey and bare. Mr. Walker and I thought that was the perfect setting for some ‘different’ photography using the 11mm to 16 mm lens we gave each other last Christmas.

We went to The Beaches this time, explored the R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant and loved taking the subway. do we call this kind of Photography..Documentary Photography?

Ach het was weer zo gezellig om t lange Paasweekend bij de Walker Boys door te brengen. Omdat alles nog zo grijs en grauw was besloten Meneer Walker en ik om de 11mm to 16mm mee te nemen en eens een ‘andere’ vorm van fotografie uit te proberen. Hoe noemen we dit: documentaire fotografie?

Did you have a good long weekend?

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


46 thoughts on “Toronto, Canada…11mm to 16mm

  1. Hi Johanna,
    Great photos with a versatile wide-angle lens. May I ask what make the lens is? And what camera you use it on? I’m sometimes using a Sigma 10 – 20 mm on my Nikon D 70s.
    Have a great week,

    • Hi Pit, the wide angle lens is a Tokina 11/16-F2.8. The photos on the subway in daylight are with a Nikon 50mm lens and our camera is a Nikon D7100.
      We had a Sigma lens before but were not to pleased with it. But photographers and their cameras and lenses….like chefs bout pans and knives ;0)

      • Hi Johanna,
        I agree: some people treat cameras and lenses like a religion. 😉 Not me, though. I must admit, I’ve been a Nikon fan ever since my first SLR. But I think Canons are really excellent cameras, too. As to lenses: I would have preferred the original Nikons, but they are a tad expensive. The Sigma lnesess are really good. For me good enough. I’m still thinking of one or two original Nikon lenses, though. There’s a 18 – 300 mm zoom with an optical stabilizer that I’d really like to have. Plus one or two fixed-range lenses with a wide aperture. And then, I’ve been looking at the new D 7200. I’d like this a lot. The only drawback there is that Nikon still hasn’t made the monitor moveable. That’s a feature on lower-priced Nikon DSLRs I really like. Well, we’ll see what time brings.
        Have a great weekend,

      • we have three lenses: a Nikon 50 mm, a Nikon 80 to 200m and than this new lens, the 11 to 16mm. The 50mm is used most. My husband is the more ‘technical gifted’ photographer (aka he knows what he is doing) and I see the ‘picture’ and promptly forget to pay attention to all the settings. He works in Lightroom but I prefer the less complicated Picasa. But we both love photography and from time to time we invest in something new…because unfortunately it is indeed a costly affair. But the great thing about Nikon is that the lenses always fit a new body and it indeed adaptable to more brand of slightly cheaper lenses.

      • Hi Johanna,
        My standard lens is the 18-200 mm zoom. I agree with your view re Nikon lenses always fitting the more recent cameras, too. I like that.
        Have a great weekend,

  2. I know it was a wonderful weekend because when you are together with your sons and your husband, you are always very happy. Same thing here when the kids and their loved ones are home with us: we are overjoyed.

    • All to true, Cynthia! I am very happy our sons have a good and independent life in Toronto and I feel very blessed with them. However, sometimes I wish Toronto was a little closer to time spent together, especially all four of us is just bliss! Happy to hear your Easter Holiday was a good one too, xo Johanna

      • I know. with one daughter and husband living in the US, I feel the very same way. I miss them terribly … though we all try to be very grown-up about it most times, and sometimes, we succeed.

    • Are you in New York Genevieve? The subways in Toronto are very clean, the buses are fairly clean and the street cars…are not so clean at all ;0) It is then that my Dutch character comes forward and the National Obsession with Cleanliness ;0) Hope your Easter Holiday was a good one too! xo Johanna

  3. How nice to go see your boys. Isn’t challenging and fun to learn all the possibilities of a new lens? I love seeing the world through your eyes.

    Our weekend was nice but not as wonderful as yours. I appreciate you sharing the details. Now I feel like I went somewhere special and shared a nice weekend with a special family. Thank you for allowing us to go along with you!

  4. So glad you had a wonderful Easter with your young gentlemen. The water treatment plant looks most interesting. Wiki says this: ‘The building, unlike most modern engineering structures, was also created to make an architectural statement.’ I love it when that happens. Whether one is building a factory, a supermarket, or a house, there is no excuse for “ugly”.

  5. Hi Johanna, you were close to me, I’m glad you had a good time here in Ontario, Toronto is a big city with lots do to, when we go there, my kids love to take the subway and to look at the tall buildings. Still cold here, and no flowers around yet.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I did not know you were that close to Toronto! I always loved this city, the first time we came there was in 1986 and Canada Wonderland was still surrounded by meadows and farms ;0) Subway is marvelous…especially since traffic is absolutely crazy!!!
      But the best about Toronto is that is such a safe city!!
      Hang in there..Spring will come!

    • Lovely Pix! I love the glamour and glits from Christmas but Easter is always such a nice quiet break with (hopefully) Spring weather and new, fresh foods. Glad you had a good time too!!!

  6. Who cares if the weather was cool and gray–you were with your clan! I’m so glad you were able to all gather together and make memories. The experimenting with the lens seems to be going well–smart to be learning how to use it before you really need it to catch the perfect shot!

    • Of course you are absolutely right: having the clan together beats snowstorms, thunderclouds and freezing drizzle. And indeed it is great experimenting with that lens. hope your easter was a good one too! xo Johanna

  7. Great photographs Johanna! I am sure you will have great fun with your new lens. I would love to have a telephoto lens first – I have yet to persuade my husband that he needs one too ;). I’ll then want a widescreen then filters then…. How lovely to spend the weekend with your boys; and their apartment is really nice!

    • we have three lenses: a 50 mm, a 80 to 200m and than this new lens, the 11 to 16mm. The 50mm is used most. My husband is the more ‘technical gifted’ photographer (aka he knows what he is doing) and I see the ‘picture’ and promptly forget to pay attention to all the settings. He works in Lightroom but I prefer the less complicated Picasa. But we both love photography and from time to time we invest in something new…because unfortunately it is indeed a costly affair.

  8. We went skiing to Lake Louise this long weekend so it was a good one. Very cool pictures from inside the subway:)

      • Not yet, we are hoping to get there this summer. Any recommendations? 🙂

      • well, we traveled a lot, all over the world but Cape Breton is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And if you go there you MUST go whale watching with Captain Cox, he has a zodiac which is non ivasive for the whales and he knows everything there is to know about the coastline and wildlife of Cape Breton. We saw the whales up so close and believe me, Inger, it was so beautiful, I was crying…
        And when you have eaten scallops and lobsters there..ohmyohmyohmy.
        We made a round trip through Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Maine (Bay of Fundy is very beautiful too) Loved it all!!!

  9. The one thing that was so surprising to me when I started to blog was how very easy it was to find people that I really like and also how clear it was to find out what those people love. And I know how happy it would have made you to spend Easter with your boys! I love it that you walked and talked and shared board games and meals. I was just listening to a radio programme about Jigsaw puzzles and about how so many families have memories of happy shared times together putting together the pieces. I think I have to go out and buy one!
    I loved the subway pictures and I like that the two of you went out of your comfort zone with a new lens taking sharp new shots. Great stuff! In the meantime, I am about to post another flower photo (sigh), with more lovely fabric. I do try to step outside my comfort zone….but the flowers always beckon.
    Karen x

    • Well with all your renovations going on…you need your comfort zone back in order first! And reading a bit between the lines of your stories, I suspect you have been pushed out of your comfort zone in the past years more than enough? And I so love your flower and fabric photos. I look forward to see the result of all your renovations. xo have a great weekend, Johanna

      • Thank you so much Johanna. You are so right, the whole landscape of my life has been altered in recent years.
        But here comes one of my cats and I have a cosy blanket ready for us to cuddle up in. Cats, gardening, flowers and fabric…oh and nice food are all comforts I rely on now. Have a lovely weekend too- I am planning to build ( not a doll’s house) but a BUG HOTEL! Ooh la la! x

  10. Happy belated Easter. I lived in St. Catherines for a short time. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Toronto. I was in grade 4 and I knew I was in the big city because when I looked up through the car window I couldn’t see the tops of the buildings. Good photographs.

  11. Lovely photos and beautiful location! I would say you are friends with the new lenses now 🙂 It also took me a while to adjust to my new Nikon, when I got it, but once you master it, the quality of the pictures will make you not ever give it up again. I’m happy to know you had a lovely Easter! Hugs

  12. See, that’s what happens when I get busy and don’t have enough time to sit down at the computer – everyone else says what I wanted to. Pah! I’ll say it anyway: gorgeous photos that make my feet itch and me plead to add yet another city to our list of places to visit, hooray for the Walker clan spending time together and love to you as always 🙂

  13. Johanna Dear,thank you so much for virtually travelling me to the impressive Toronto places and buildings! I did enjoy your “Documentary Photography”,and I liked the moody atmosphere.I am fed up with the bright and hot sun almost all year round …
    I am so glad you had such lovely,Easter moments with your family!
    Love & Spring Smiles to you:) xxx ,Doda

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