It is Finished!!!


I am chuffed to bits , excited and I admit, a little proud to see Gary’s Professional Dog Grooming website all brand spanking new..with illustrations from yours truly! Rickey Kinley, the owner of this wonderful facility, Β takes care of Charley for Boarding and Grooming for a couple of years now and helped Charley ( and us!) when our sweet darling girl got all anxious after she was attacked by two dogs and was wounded badly. Rickey’s positive enforcement method of training worked so well and in no time Charley regained self confidence again and made us all happy as ever! Rickey also has a great face book page btw. Over time , he will use more illustrations on Website and Facebook.


Pup to Penguin

So all of you who wondered about that connection between dogs and Zoo animals…go and read Rickey’s interesting About Me page.


So now..onwards and upwards, here some study work from this week. Focussed on pastels and perspective. The marketplace is ready for color.

alana market004

And drawing these dog pictures is so much fun. They will come back because the background is not done and I think I will use it for collage. But…does anyone recognizes this sweet little dog???

Och hemel..ik ben wel een beetje trots dat de website helemaal klaar is. Ricky Kinley, de eigenaar van deze fantastische hondenkennel/trimsalon/ hondenschool, werkt ook in de dierentuin. Dat verklaart dus de connectie tussen wilde dieren en honden ;0) En nu weer gewoon verder met de studie!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

67 thoughts on “It is Finished!!!

    • Thank you Kaggsy, not tooting my own horn but I was so happy I managed to make him air-kiss ;0) Beatrix Potter’s work was closely studied for human behavior in animals ;0)

  1. Well, I certainly recognize that little rascal that you drew so precisely! Yay! That’s my girl! The website illustrations are adorable. I wish Gary’s was in my neighborhood. Cupcake would be a steady customer! It sounds like quite a place.

    • And then Cupcake and Charley would meet up! She would love it there! I am so happy I can leave my princess in safe hands when traveling. It will take a couple weeks before I have finished Cupcakes drawings, but I will come back with them! xo Johanna

  2. Is that Cathe’s Amaryllis Log dog?? So cute! You have every right to be excited and chuffed and very proud about your illustrations!! The website looks great–what an interesting guy Rickey sounds like. The sky is the limits, dear Johanna! Is that why you’re floating on that cloud? Cloud 9?

    • Thank you Kerry…and close but no cigar as they say, Cupcake was the model heren
      Rickey is indeed a kind and interesting fellow and I think because he works with such a variety of animals, he has a unique outlook on animal behavior. His training method is just amazing..I have seen him calm hyper dogs and train them first lessons within just an hour with no force, harsh voice or what ever. Fascinating!

  3. I’d turn my dog over to someone who had trained penguins! Goodness. I love your dog with the owl and the market picture (even the fish look happy to be on the table).

    • Your dog would be in safe hands with Katie and Rickey! Lisa, thank you for showing an interest in my work! I do sell but so far never on the internet. I cannot find your email address on your site. Would you be so kind and send me a little note on I am sure I can do something for you! Thank you, Johanna

  4. Johanna, It is so exciting to see your work in the public eye. You have a lot to be proud of and I am excited for you. My favorite is the dachshund in the bubble bath. I would like to get in that bubbly bath it looks like so much fun!- Ginene

      • Hi Johanna,
        I did have a great weekend: entertainment here at the history days at Fort martin Scott and with WWII planes at the airport on Saturday [I’ll blog] and a great bike ride yesterday. o top it, we had a short but good rain last night. πŸ™‚
        I hope you had a great weekend, too, and I wish you a fantastic week,

  5. Lovely to see your finished work and the works in progress. Rickey’s website is fun and your illustrations make it even more so. A great collaboration.

    • Thank you Gallivante, it is really great to see my work in ‘public’ and at the same it is a bit nerve wrecking. I try not to be too critical and thinking ‘I should have done that in a different color, or this and that ;0) Rickey and the web designer were very happy, so I will enjoy that!! And getting all these kind remarks is very encouraging!

  6. Huge congrats Johanna!Fabulous work once again,my friend!Clicked the liknks,they are absolutely gorgeous for dog owners and animal lovers!I was really delighted to see your drawing on Rickey Kinley’s About page!You must be proud it was appreciated,it’ss a nice rewarding feeling after so much work!The Market Place is amazing too,but colouring will take plenty of time as it has so many details.Loved also the young lady in meditation up on the cloudcarpet and the luminous disc above her!Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚ , Doda xoxox

    PS: I was so upset reading about Charley’s adventures;thank god that thanks to Rickey Kinley she is fine and confident again πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. These are all beautiful. Love them. My absolute favorite is the illustration of the different animals: dog, elephant, tiger. Beautiful.

  8. Congratulations Johanna! All of these images are such a delight-I particularly like the dog napping with the owl and the different animals walking with Rickey? Wonderful work and here is to your wonderfully creative imagination! (Hubble would love to have a harness and balloons-it would certainly give him a different perspective of the world, poor guy πŸ˜‰ )

    • It is indeed a bit funny to draws in situations they absolutely would not like…Charley scowls at the dog relaxing in the bath….but thank yuo so much for all your kind compliments!

  9. I have just checked out the website and your illustrations look SO GOOD there! The whole project just feels so good in a truly holistic way. A lot of love and care emanates from the site and I know how much care was given to dear Charley and the family there when you all needed help and advice after the horrible attack she suffered.
    This seems such a good place for you to be and I am so happy for you and proud too!

  10. Wow, Johanna! These are fabulous. Congrats on becoming a published artist! I really love the kissing balloon dog! Poor little Charley. Thank goodness your path crossed with Rickey Kinley and he was able to help little Charley. Hugs! πŸ˜€ ❀

  11. Oh Johanna I am so impressed. Your illustrations bring such life to that lovely and well designed web site. I think they bring a nice touch of humanity. I say, well done! And I appreciate anyone who takes care (with a big and caring heart) of our dear four-legged friends!

  12. Ahhh…now I see the penguin connection!
    Congratulations on a job so wonderfully done.
    Having read Rickey’s letter, I totally understand why you would entrust him with Charley πŸ™‚

  13. I’m so excited to see your sketches at Gary’s Dog Grooming site. I visited every single page. All full of joy with colour, wonderful Johanna! Congratulations xo. The doggie in the tub is my favourite. We’ve actually never had a dog that required grooming or luckily formal training but I’d be very happy to have a place like this in Edmonton. I’m no ‘dog whisperer’ but both of our dogs were really good boys that seemed to know instinctively what I needed them to do. I naively had no idea there were some breeds with a regular scheduled appointment until Pauline got Siddy. The happy smiles featured on their homepage made me smile too. Especially the teeny sandy coloured Bichon, LOL what a cute smile. Who could resist a wagging tail and happy smile? Hey !? Did you know they’re currently hiring? Geez, that’d be a fun place to spend the day.

    I read each About page too. It’s a beautiful thing to find your passion at such an early age. The Zoo School (Acadamy) is the most interesting opportunity. Do you know if it still operates? I giggled to read about Cat Grooming. Blossum would take that calmly, she lets daddy trim her nails. But Petals would probably cost a royal ransom to ‘try’ and groom. OMGosh, she’s being so naughty. Just when I think I must have a magic touch with animals, she gives me a smack down. Petals has taken to chasing poor Blossum around and picking on her, like a little bully. It’s a Circus here some days, Blossum running from Petals, me running behind both commanding Petals to “Stop! Bad Petals, bad!” But she just keeps on going, hissing all the way. I could use some animal behaviour tips and now considering a vet visit. Which in itself, is a crazy endeavour.

    I thought the perspective in your market sketch was really well executed, everything looks very exotic. Like a market in Merrakesh πŸ˜€ Will you be adding colour too? Of course I recognize little Cupcake too!! I laugh when I visit. Cupcakes mom really tickles my funny bone πŸ˜€ Well now, as always I’ve gotten very wordy. LOL ! I need to work on my nails before I head to Urban today. They’re a real disaster from all the yard work this weekend. Big hugs J & C, so nice to start my day here xoxox K

    • Thank you Kelly, your comments are always so lovely. It is so encouraging to get feed back! And indeed we are so blessed with Rickey and Katie. We travel quite a lot and it is wonderful to know, our Princess is in safe hands.
      Hope your nails are back to fabulous ( as I am sure they are) xo from Charley and myself!

  14. These are such wonderful illustrations! I will check out the link. πŸ™‚ I am sorry to hear about the attack. That is awful. So happy there has been a lot of improvement and healing from the trauma, and that she is feeling confident and happy again.
    I look forward to seeing more of your illustrations! What a treat. I love your style.

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