This Week…


Total Bliss at the Walker Home now the Youngest Mr. Walker is here for two whole weeks!!! Proud mom here lets you all know, he passed his second year of college with flying colors. Some serious mollycoddling is in order and Charley is just very happy to have her friend at her side…


And how about this? A lovely, unexpected and funny gift from a very lovely, funny friend!!! Truly, I was speechless by this act of random kindness. And those of you who know me a little better…know I did have a secret little fluttering handkerchief moment…


I want to finish this drawing. I have a hundred ideas on how to but none of them seems plausible so far…


But I do have a new (to me) little friend in the studio!


Love this book: knitting and brilliant illustrations in one!


Kelly remarked the other day that I had Ninja Knitting made me smile to think of a super hero who’s super power is knitting! I love knitting so much and I always have more than one project in progress…socks for long drives, socks with patterns for quiet moments, complicated patterns for challenge and this scarf pattern is just a joy!! I knitted a purple one but gave that away to a dear friend and forgot to take a picture. Now I am knitting it again in this delightful yarn…it will make a nice Christmas present.


Christmas…what am I talking about??? It is Spring!!!


Have a lovely weekend!


Een week van hoera-de-jongste-is-thuis, nogal wat gezellige breiwerkjes, een lief en grappig cadeautje dat een kopje thee nog lekkerder doet smaken,een tekening die maar maar niet af wil en heerlijke Lente!!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

51 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. Oh you are going to have such a joyful two weeks!

    I love Lucinda Guy too, such adorable knitting and so well presented with a bit of humor! I actually bought her books more for the images as her knitting is beyond my ability but so happy to hear it’s right for you!

    Happy Charley, happy family.

    • Buying a book just for images, is a very very good reason to buy a book. I do it ever so often;0) And Charley is still jubilant as YMW is still here for a couple days ( so am I ) xo Johanna

  2. Your posts are always the most delightful mix of all my favourite things. And they are always anchored by the love and connection between your dear family and Charley,
    I swear that special dog talks to you all, so many lovely expressions and the most endearing tilt of her head.
    I love those little knitted coats! You are so clever with your knitting. I am going to a workshop to learn how to crochet. I wish you were closer as I do not have a pattern yet and want to do something special which means something to me…and is suitable for a beginner. Maybe I should just search the internet.
    Have the most wonderful time with your clever son. You are proud and we are all so happy for you, 🙂

    • Thank you so much for all your kind words, Karen! Indeed, I should do a post on all the expressions of Charley’s face. Sometimes she looks at us and we say: ‘OK, we know it, just start talking, we KNOW you can.” ;0)
      You will enjoy learning crochet! It is right up your alley and I can see the most dainty doilies by you in future times. My advise for you, look into Granny Squares. They are on any level available and one can make the most beautiful things with it. Stylish in white/cream or cheerful in all colors. There are people that crochert-a-granny-square-a-day as a form of yoga. Cannot wait to see your posts about your crochet!

  3. How lovely for you all to have your Youngest Mr Walker at home! I love the gift you received for your teabags! How clever and attractive! Lots of lovely photos (especially the lilac!) Best wishes, Clare xx

  4. And you too, Johanna. I know how wonderful it is to have the younger ones home. A radiant joy fills the house and we almost have to hide our constant and foolish smiles.

  5. What a lovely post Johanna – it is such a joy to see family closeness in action and your creativity and joy in the small things. Have a most wonderful two weeks idyll with your son home! I know the feeling 🙂

  6. Enjoy your time with the young man. We saw our son over the weekend at a family celebration. (His fiancee graduated with her master’s degree, so we also saw her and her family.) Even though our time together was short, it did everyone good.

    Thank you for the lovely post.

  7. Your posts always make me smile. So beautiful! I love your desk and the tea duck! Such a beautiful gift. Have 2 lovely weeks! Hugs

  8. You really know how to pack the bliss into your life and your blog posts, Johanna! There are so many perfect details in your photos and your writing—it gives us a real sense of how happy you are!

    • Thank you Kerry! I do believe in happiness and I do have blessed life. And in my simple ways, I hope to inspire other people to find as much happiness their lifes too. xo Johanna

  9. Thank you Johanna for sharing your post today. I’m intrigue either the Lucinda Guy book, I’ll have to check it out. Happy Mothers Day.

  10. Oh I love that top image-it really tells a wonderful story! And I envy you the lilacs-they do not grow very well down in the South and I miss their lovely colors and fragrance-a wonderful overview of your life right now Johanna-much to be thankful for!

    • Indeed I feel so grateful!!! And Charley and YMW are so close, I see Charley having her happy grin on her face all day! The smell of the lilac is really so sweet, almost overpowering. Excellent for naps…What is a fragrant flower in the South for you? Those wonderful magnolias I saw in Virginia once?

  11. Oh, this post made me feel so good. Boy and dog communing, the lilacs and the beautiful stripy socks. And who doesn’t want a duck floating around int her tea?

  12. Looks like Charley is in love! She has such a sincere, intense face. And I am in love with my pictures in your workspace! Whoo-hoo!

    Love and licks,

    • Charley adores/worshipped YMW. Charley is loves many friends and her own family above all…but for some reason, YMW is her favorite. I love those pictures too Cupcake, especially since you, my sweet little friend, modeled for it. xo Johanna

  13. Picture of Charley and Youngest Mr. Walker… so very sweet.
    Love your posts… I just slowly read down the page and feel all relaxed and smiley when I read one of your posts.
    The tiny duck tea infuser… darling.
    Enjoy your time with family Johanna!

  14. What fun to have the young man back at home. My oldest son leaves for college this fall. It doesn’t seem possible. Glad to know they come home and allow for pampering and fuss.

    The photo of him and the pooch is endearing. Lovely.

    I enjoy looking at all your knitting projects together, beautifully displayed. Clearly its a passion and a joy. I’m the most basic of knitters, and never really graduated beyond a few basic stitches. I find it so relaxing though, and when I see these projects, think that I must pick it up again.

    So many hobbies to pursue, so little time. I like to garden, sew, paper-craft, putter, assemble jigsaw puzzles, knit, embroider, write and the occasional DIY project. Sigh.

    Lovely post, today and always.

    • Isn’t that right…so many lovely things to pursue! I am happy to hear, knitting has that calming effect for you. I teach people to knit and when I see that…I know it will be a ‘star pupil’ ;0)
      The oldest son of to college! What a change ahead of you.Seeing my boys blossom in Toronto is joy for sure but having them home from time to time is total bliss ;0)

  15. Beautiful post… By the way, I love the tea strainer with the little duck … ❤
    Best wishes and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!. Aquileana ⭐

  16. Ninja Knitting Needles, that cracked me up. The photo of the Youngest Mr. Walker and Charley is awesome. The rubber duck tea basket to hold your tea leaves is really cute. You have a lot of projects, enjoy your many avenues of creativity. 😊

  17. Hip hooray to having the Youngest Mr Walker back home for a while, Charley certainly looks happy 🙂 And congratulations to YMW for another successful year at college. Handkerchief fluttering moments remind us why we’re here…and that duck tea dispenser certainly deserved one! I have the utmost faith in you finding a way to complete your drawing which is both plausible and wonderful – you always do 🙂 I love the idea of having a few knitting projects on the go at a time – at the moment I have a cross stitch going that is very taxing on my poor aging eyes (!), an easy, no brainer knitting task is exactly what I need to start for those days when I just can’t face squinting through the magnifier. Now, what to choose…
    Love to you as always x

  18. Oh dear, I was half way thru a nice hello and hit the wrong button on my computer…..

    I started by saying, “Hallo vrienden” I’ve been missing you, your beautiful world and unapologetically, sweet Charley xo. I wish to dog nap her (virtually of course) and have my very own ‘nose-to-nose’ moment. What a gorgeous photo for a proud mom. Frame it for your art table? I am a smitten-kitten. Really great to have one of the boys home for an extended visit. Life looks positively radiant in Walker-ville.

    I can’t even believe how the weeks have gone by since holidays. I’ve honestly been running in circles for work (I was two weeks behind on projects) and at home. Spring is normally action packed with yard fun. We also busied ourselves with emptying a storage locker we rented over 3.5 years ago when we listed our old home….it’s now piled in the garage and the job of sorting, cleaning and storing things begins……phooey!

    Thank you for having a link back to my blog from your post Johanna! I really appreciated it so much and need a big kick in the butt for not finishing at least one wee post in a month. I have a fun one mostly written but abstained as I’d have no time to visit and reply to messages, which is the part I dearly look forward to. I wish I could stay and visit, alas this Boomdee’s glass slipper turns into a pumpkin soon (I’m sure that’s what would happen to my slipper, LOL) and so I’ll come back for more fun tomorrow. Nighty nite xo K

    • Don’t you ever worry for not being a round for a while, I know your life is busy. As I said it before, you are a friend worth waiting for;0)
      Life is still bliss here, as YMW does not leave until after the weekend. Take care, dear girl and hopefully there will be some quiet time for you soon. xo Johanan

  19. Congrats to your son, and to you, too, for having him home for a two weeks (although a whole week has gone by since you posted).
    Your photos are lovely as always, but that first one is the absolute best!

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