Fifty Faces of Charley Dog

This week, I should have finished a few drawings. Studied the many secrets of drawing in Perspective. I should have done garden work and Spring clean the cupboards (making space for the loot from the coming garage sale season)…..
Ha, but all I did was chitchatting with my youngest son, going for hikes with him, cooking delicious meals for him, seeing a movie ( The new Avengers..awesome!) playing board games and more board games….
The delightful young man is staying until Monday and then I will be hardworking again and catching up with I left lying around. Charley will be as in the first photos, sighing, moping and grumpy and missing her best friend. Poor Girl!

Since many of you remarked on Charley’s expressive face, I will leave you with some pretty pictures from her, though I do not think there fifty ;0)

So what are your plans for the weekend?

Love and Liefs, Johanna


63 thoughts on “Fifty Faces of Charley Dog

  1. Cutest. Dog. Ever. So photogenic! You made exactly the right choice this week, to enjoy your son and the time together! Have a great weekend with the family!

  2. Hi Johanna,
    Great pictures of a wonderful dog! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    My plans for the weekend? If the weather permits, doing 30 miles in the Real Ale Ride out of Blanco/TX. That should be fun. And if it stays dry, finish mowing the lawn that got interrupted last Saturday when I discovered a fawn in the garden []. Other that that, I don’t have any plans.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Great photos, Johanna.
    You certainly know your priorities: you delayed all those tasks and spent time with your son instead.
    My mother had a policy that “when your children want to spend time with you, drop everything and go!” I thank her for teaching me that.

    • Your mom was a wise mom! I had a great time with my son and now I am trying to get back to ‘every day’ life but Charley and I sigh a little from time to time…

    • For some reason indeed Charley does not mind at all having her picture taken. Usually she will stare right into the camera, so funny. I suspect, she is really vain;0)

  4. Yes, a good choice to put all those chores on hold. After all, they aren’t going anywhere 😉 Love those pictures of sweet Charlie.

  5. Sigh, you’ve melted my heart with your motherly love and all the photo’s of my furry muse. Charley, as a puppy, completely irresistible. I think I would lose my mind if Jim presented me with a new puppy or any fur friend really, HA. Thank you sweet Charley for wondrously filling the void I feel. I miss having my own dog so much, mom is so generous to share you with us xoxox K

      • Unfortunately, Jim doesn’t want to include a dog in our home again. He loves dogs and I know misses Buddy but I guess he doesn’t want to do the winter walks and find dog care when we travel. Believe me, I’ve tried hard to negotiate. I’m hoping at some moment, we’ll be asked to help with a homeless dog. A number of our pets come to us when we’re not looking 😀 xo

      • Than I will send all good vibes to Edmonton that some lovely mutt in need will end on your doorstep and melt Jim’s heart. Charley came to us more or less by accident too!

  6. Those photos tell quite a story Johanna! Charlie has a very expressive face – and her body language isn’t far behind either! It’s easy to see she loves her people and being right beside them is pretty cool too. I too think you have your priorities right – I drop everything for my girls. There’s nothing quite like spending time with your kids no matter how old they get to be, right? Enjoy the remaining time in the visit, work and chores will always be there, our adult children, not so much! xox

    • You are so right Pauline, time with our adult children is so precious. Both my boys live in Toronto Canada, that is an eight hours drive away from Cincinnati. Not too bad and they really thrive and blossom there but yes when we can meet is such bliss!
      And Charley wagged her tail when I read all your compliments to her…xo Johanna

  7. Oh, Charley! You are such a beautiful girl. This may just be my favorite post ever! Your face is amazing! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  8. Ah so wonderful! Love dear Charley and her convertible back legs! So nice that you enjoying every waking minute of your son’s visit too! As always, beautiful (and charming) photography!

  9. Charley is ADORABLE. I love dogs. My mini-schnauzzer has a Friday morning run date with a German Shepard. Have a great time with your son. Time with our children is precious.

  10. Oohh, she is so adorable!! Remember good times I had with her when Job en I visited you.
    I have to work today but tomorrow I will lay back and be lazy!!!
    Bye Max!

  11. Those really are some wonderful pictures of Charley! I don’t think Charley will be the only one moping when Young Mr. Walker leaves Tuesday. I am happy you have had such a great family time, Johanna! Charley sitting on the couch cracks me up and her puppy pictures are ah-dorable!

  12. As everyone else has said – the chores will always be there waiting for you when your son goes off on Tuesday. I am so pleased you have had such a lovely time! Maybe the chores will still have to wait a bit longer as poor Charley will want your time and attention next week when her boy disappears again!

      • I can hear a sigh! Poor you! I remember when my eldest daughter was first at University and I used to take her to the railway station. I waved goodbye and then could hardly see my way back to the car because of the tears in my eyes!

  13. Pah! to the chores; make the most of your special guest, I say! Charley is utterly gorgeous, thanks for sharing. My Saturday was full of hard graft in the garden and today I am counterbalancing that by doing very, very little – even though there is a great deal of jobs waving at me…they can wait until tomorrow. Love to you all x

  14. I’ve said it before: Charley may be the most photogenic dog ever! What a sweetheart! Enjoy the rest of your weekend visiting with your son! 🙂

    I’m finally back at work again this weekend – my wrist is still not perfectly healed but at least I can do some things again. So happy to be back among the books and my co-workers at the library!

    • Oh my good ness that wrist takes its time!! I hope working went well indeed. And thank you Sheryl…and so right. We waved good bye to the lovely young man and now back to order! ( can you hear a little sigh…) xo from Charley too

  15. What a lovely dog! And, yes, chores later. My kids never say they remember how clean the house was (well, ok, I wasn’t!!) but always remember the food and the movies! Enjoy your time with your boy!!

  16. Hi Johanna, Pet photos can be irresistible especially when it is clear the pet holds an honoured position in the family. Your affection for Charley dog shines through in this series of photos.

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