A Beautiful Gift


My friend Gail is not only a kindhearted, smart and fun loving girl. She is also a great walking buddy, day trip companion and the best knitting pupil I ever had the honor to teach the noble art of knitting.
On top of this, she is a gifted quilter…

I am not a quilter at all but I love quilts, old and modern. I love the fabrics, the designs, colors. I find it very inspirational and among the many blogs I read and follow, are several quilt blogs.

Gail looked at this illustration and said: ” That Seahorse would make a nice quilting pattern. Would you mind if I use it?” Why, of course not! I was interested to see what she would create.


Look closely at this breath taking wall hanging!!! Gail went hunting and found the most beautiful fabrics. She used gold thread to create sparkly waves ( the photos just do not do it enough justice!) The different fabrics and color match so beautifully.

It is perfect!

I love the idea of a writer creating a story, an illustrator interpretations and a quilter who sees another work of art in this. Isn’t it lovely how we inspire each other?


But my jaw dropped when I discovered this beautiful work of art was meant for me.
I was speechless. And then she remarked: ” That is the best kind of art, when you do it for someone you care for.” Well…if ever there was a fluttering handkerchief moment…

Dear Gail, thank you so much!

(I would like her to start a quilt and craft blog but she claims she is not talented enough.)

Dit prachtige kunstwerk is gemaakt door mijn vriendin Gail die een quilt patroon zag in een tekening van mij. En t bleek ook nog eens een cadeau voor mij!! Want zo zei ze: ” de mooiste kunst maak je voor iemand waar je om geeft.” Tja…ik moest mijn zakdoekje natuurlijk toen wel even in t rond zwaaien. Het is zo mooi, zo perfect.

Have a great weekend!!!

Love and Liefs, Johanna

58 thoughts on “A Beautiful Gift

  1. What a beautiful gift, Johanna! And you have a lovely and talented friend – she really needs to share her arts and crafts with us, I would love to read her blog if she would do one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It is indeed ultra beautiful … what a lovely exchange of inspiration and art. Often I want to keep my best work but feels so good to give it away (or sell it, lol!).

    • Your comment made me think…I usually give my knitting away but hardly ever my drawings…and when people buy it, I do have a hard time sending it of, pleased as I am though…

  3. This is a beautiful piece of art!! I am so in awe of people who can bring things alive with fabric and stitching! Our belief that our own creations are ‘not good enough’ seems endemic among the female population unfortunately. Perhaps seeing your readers response may sway her a little…..?

  4. Hi Johanna,
    That wall-hanging is a fantastic work by your frined Gail. But so is your drawing. I really like the seahorse. Looking at it makes me happy.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Your seahorse is so beautiful and she took it and translated it in a gorgeous way. Wow! And now you can hang it in your house. You’ll have to show her our comments so she gets out there and realizes how fabulous her work is…

    • I was really in awe what she made of it, working with fabrics and thread. My dining room is just being repainted and all…you can guess what is going to hang there in full view to be enjoyed every day!

  6. That was a gift of the heart with two friends uniting their artistic talents. You did the drawing and she interpreted it by painting with fabric and needle. Remarkable! All the artistic details like the plants waving in the water, the bubbles, the red embroidery that moves in size down to a pinpoint. Gail is incredible.

  7. I agree with everyone else – it is a beautiful quilt and Gail is so talented. I wonder how many other artists would be able to use your lovely design and interpret it in their own way. I could see it being carved out of wood or modelled in clay. It would make a really good mobile hanging from the ceiling. Well done both of you!

  8. I too follow a few quilters on WP, and enjoy seeing all of the creativity.
    You of course are such a talent. How lovely that she created a wall hanging based on one of your drawings.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and the best gift that could ever be received (one from the heart)! I love how it all came together with the different art forms. And if your friend think she’s not talented enough for a blog, then I’d better shut mine down now! ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Your illustration of the seahorse is lovely, so delicate. Your friend Gail is a special friend. She also did a great job quilting the seahorse. Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment.

  11. That’s just gorgeous Johanna. From your artful hand to Gails talented self. Amazing, I love all the fabrics Gail choose too. I’m not a quilter either but can get lost in those shops. Quilters in Edmonton have some really good stores to haunt. I especially fancy the variegated one for the seaweed, that’s just so fantastic. How fun to see your art reincarnated by a dear friend. Bravo Gail and bravo to you both for being so fit and walking together ๐Ÿ˜€ What a team!

  12. What a gorgeous quilt! Gail is both a clever quilter and a talented artist. She’s poured so much loving detail into this work of art, and what a tribute to you, your friendship and your own lovely art as well.

    I went to a seahorse ‘farm’ on the Big Island of Hawaii a few years ago. They are trying to bring the shrinking population back to its former self. They’ve been over-fished for silly reasons (someone thinks they’re an aphrodisiac). They’re raising the seahorses and providing tours to educate the public. We got to dip our hands in the tank at the end and wait for one to wrap around our finger. Magical.

    Your post flooded me with my own wonderful memories. Such a joy to stop by. xoxo, Johanna.

  13. What a beautiful gift!!! Love to see how your art became reality. I think is a great way to honor your creativity. Also, the colors are lovely. Many hugs!! xo

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