Drawing, in Progress and Finished





Working on a (children’s) book is a process that takes a long time. Never mind, because it is great to do so. I re-did the ‘kitchen scene’ drawing.


This the original. made from a sketch the writer liked so much. I was not happy with it. The bowl way to big, that huge ladle, etc. So I re-did it and luckily it was approved.

alanamarketplace 003

The market scene is finished.


And this Moon over the Sea will be the next one…

Love and Liefs, Johanna

55 thoughts on “Drawing, in Progress and Finished

  1. You’re so good – but I do like the original with the huge bowl. I think it’s because there is interaction between the two characters!

  2. This is so cool–seeing the process. For me, I like the smaller yellow bowl. The mother’s dress/top is a different colour and I love all the kitchen items in the background–talk about detail. The market scene is great, I like all the different coloured items. I’m excited to see the Moon Over the Sun.

  3. This looks like the start of a very charming story. I’m so intrigued. Your drawings are the perfect mix of whimsy and charm. I love your style. I look forward to seeing the next installment!

    • Every one its own…I always admire the way you whip up all these book reviews! I am already glad to have finished a book…but your compliment makes me very happy ;0)

  4. Love the yellow bowl and the bright yellow sun shining through the window. Just the kind of kitchen I would like to be in. I would enjoy the market, too.

  5. This process is fascinating to me. My youngest daughter is planning on being an illustrator which makes me very interested in your art. It is good to see someone using pencil for a change! So many artists use acrylic for big bold pictures but I love the subtlety and detail you achieve with your careful work. Well done Johanna, this is lovely! Best wishes Clare xx

    • Thank you Clare! I just think it is great that there is so much differences in styles and media. My oldest son makes beautiful art with computer drawing tablet and markers. His subject is science fiction and fantasy. We could not be further apart in this but we admire each other work and appreciate eacht other skills and criticize eacht other too. I think it is great as a young artist to start now as an illustrator, the world has become so small and there is so much out there! xo Johanna

  6. Such attention to detail in your art! Love the sun shining through the window in the kitchen! And your market scene is so interesting! YAY! Johanna! 😊

  7. Love the revised version of the kitchen scene. The wall details make a big difference. Also the little girl looks younger in the new one. Cool.

  8. So nice to see your progress with the illustrations Johanna. Your drawings are just so perfect for children with the gentleness of the art and the attention to detail. I was so impressed with your moon reversal too – I would probably have copied it out and pasted the original upside down being so sure I couldn’t successfully reverse the face 🙂

    • Haha, Pauline, if you knew about my computer skills….it is really easier for me to just turn the drawing upside dwon and repeat the process ;0) But thank you so much for your kind compliments! xo Johanna

  9. I love to see how things develop and change in these drawings. Am very curious about the story in the book as well. Let us know when it comes out so we can find out!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your process, Johanna. These drawings are so delightful and charming, I’ve come back several times to admire them and thought I should leave a comment. 🙂 I love the improvements you made and the delails you added on the second illustration. I am looking forward to seeing the finished moon!

    • Thank you Sharon! Well…summer is in full blast here, not my fave and I do my best not to whine all the time ;0) So your r emark about a chilly day was welcome here! have a great weekend, Johanna

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