DSC_7089 ‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.’ -Henry David Thoreau DSC_7243 Although I love birds and love watching them, I do not know one warbler from the next. I have no clue what species this nimble nest builder is, but we enjoyed watching him/her weaving its pretty nest in the reeds.

We met this stately peacock in the zoo the other day, walking freely over the patio with an attitude of ” Why yes, I will pose for you for I am beautiful!” DSC_7167 And some more beautiful birds that were willing to pose for our camera… DSC_7296 DSC_7332 Love and Liefs, Johanna

53 thoughts on “Birds!

    • I see what you mean. I am more outside in the colder seasons and for me the different birds visiting mark the seasons too. I am excited to hear the grackles in springs and equally excited to see the little junco’s in the fall again.

  1. Yesterday I was out walking and heard a cardinal, so I stopped and looked for it. No flash of red anywhere. Then I saw the mockingbird!! What a trickster. Your birds, aside from the amazing hummingbird and stately peacock (how could anything be that color?) are a grackle, probably saying something unpleasant, some sort of waterthrush (I think), but perhaps a migratory sparrow of some sort, a redwing blackbird, a pee wee. These are just amazing pictures. You’re only masquerading as Mrs. Walker. I think you must be Mrs. Doolittle, married to the good Dr., and talking to the animals…

    • Mr. Walker laughed out loud by the idea of him being Dr. Doolittle. You are quite the impressive birder,Lisa. I love watching birds and have a general knowledge…they are all dear to me. On our property in Canada we had Ravens, I was so impressed by them. Sometimes, they would follow Charley and I on a walk, chitchatting and playing all the way. But never could I persuade them to pose for my camera!! xo Johanna

  2. Nature amazes me. These little feathered creatures actually survive in our world. My favorite is the picture of the bird in the reeds collecting materials to build his nest. All the pictures are great. Thank you for sharing Johanna

  3. I know nothing about birds too, but love them like you do – the first pic is great, what a feisty bird! Some years ago camping in the remote areas of the Kimberley in Western Australia there was a peacock (odd place to find one) and it insisted on standing on the bonnet of our truck, admiring its reflection in the windscreen!

    • What a funny story of your encounter of a peacock…indeed how did it end up there??? The first bird is a Grackle, and you are right, a very feisty bird. Not loved by all but very much by me. They are very good parents and actually, this one is singing its song. It sounds like rusty gate that opens and close.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I think the thing I love most about birds is that they studiously go about their business season after season regardless of the havoc we humans wreak. Love to you this weekend xx

    • It often touches me deeply that when seeing awful images on the news of war zones, you often hear birds singing in the back ground. To me that is somehow reassuring…all will come right again in the end!

  5. Peacocks are such show offs! But, then, if I was that gorgeous, I might strut around, too! I have to say, though, that i’m really more smitten with the local, everyday birds–that little dear collecting twigs is my favorite of your photos. You must be very patient to wait to catch these moments!

    • Do not worry Kerry, you are beautiful and can rightfully strut around to your own pleasing! You would laugh how Mr. Walker and I wait for the birds to show up…very early in the morning, with lots of food and even a little knitting at hand. Mr. walker calls me ‘ the knitter in the wild’ ;0) I was sorry not be able to take a photo of its little nest, so skillfully woven. We hand crafters appreciate that!! But I did not want to disturb and scare anything!

  6. I am hopeless at bird identification. This week we have our national garden bird survey. I will have problems completing the survey if any but the most well known birds turn up! The most important thing, though, is to enjoy their company, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely…we had three baby red robin just flown the nest the other day, following mom in a panic with the attitude: “what do you mean…find my own worms???” A day later they already seems so much more mature!

  7. I never realized how much people love birds until I had to choose upholstery fabric for other people. Fabric with a bird on it is always a good seller in my shop. I never knew that one could have a relationship with a bird until I raised a chick in my house many years ago. Years later, whenever I walked outside, that chicken would fly through the air and land in my arms. Your lovely photographs reminded me of her. Thank you.

  8. Stunning captures Johanna! I particularly love the first shot of the bird looking a bit angry! And I always enjoy hummingbirds as we do not have them here in Australia so I have not seen one in real life.

    Thanks for brightening up my day with these lovely birds. Cheers, Maria.

    • The first bird is a Grackle, they do look a bit angry but this one is just singing its song that sounds like a rusty gate that opens and closes. I love the little humming birds. I was amazed to find how the males can fight and how lovely they behave when courting: it looks like he is attached to a rope and swing back and fort to impress his girl.

    • the best way to start is, creating a good feeding place in your garden and than just sit still with camera and be patient…it is very rewarding.You would laugh how Mr. Walker and I wait for the birds to show up…very early in the morning, with lots of food and even a little knitting at hand. Mr. Walker calls me β€˜ the knitter in the wild’ ;0)

      • What a lovely description! We usually have bird feeders fairly close to our kitchen window but somehow I still can’t get a good shot. We have had to stop feeding the birds for a while as the squirrels were taking over and have destroyed three heavy-duty feeders already!

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