A Week in Toronto


I see many people making the most gorgeous photos with their smartphones…I am not one of them! This photo of Toronto, Canada was not taken with the smartphone, the others in this post are and I sincerely apologize for them;0)
So, Mr. Walker had to travel to Sweden for business and he discovered that it was easier to travel from Toronto instead of Cincinnati. “Why don’t I drop you of there with our boys and pick you up on my return?” The Walker Boys met the plan with happy yodeling and sending their wishes for the menu.
I love my sons and I love their apartment, so everybody happy!

IMG_0718 (1)

Of course, both the Walker Boys had to work so I spent happy quiet hours with reading and knitting.

Left them with a freezer full of lunches and did some baking,which caused more happy yodeling from the Young Misters Walker.

Put up with the most spoiled cat of Toronto.

Met these jolly horses and discovered the most depressing art work…could not figure out what it meant or why it was there.

Both the Walker Boys managed to get some time of, and do fun stuff with mommy.
I went to the WONDERFUL new aquarium with the Youngest Mr. Walker and managed to make these rather blurry artful photos?

The Oldest Young Mr. Walker and I went to the Textile Museum of Canada and saw this great exhibition : Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol. All our favorite artists and we never knew they created all these wonderful designs for textiles. It was glorious!!! Here you see me in total bliss, admiring designs from Calder, Matisse and Miro..it made me very happy. You can also see that I am truly capable of flapping my ears with joy…


We also bought a new couch at our lovely Swedish friend Ikea and managed to assemble it with little problems. ( Yes, that Christmas Star hangs there all year…)


The result is stunning and comfortable!

Nogal wazige fotos van een wel heel gezellig weekje bij de Walker Boys. Meneer Walker moest naar Zweden en kon t gemakkelijkste reizen via Toronto. Hij zette me daar af en pikte me weer op. Ik had een heerlijke week met lekker breien, lezen, koken en een arrogante kat. Maar ook met gezellige tripjes naar t Aquarium, t Textiel Museum en Ikea!

Have a lovely weekend!!
Love and Liefs, Johanna.

59 thoughts on “A Week in Toronto

  1. Well, I thought the photos are just fine Johanna! Not as perfect as those taken with your proper camera because you are such a good photographer, but really fine nevertheless! I am so pleased you had a lovely week with your boys. How sensible of Mr Walker to fly from Toronto!

  2. Sounds like the perfect week. Fun with your happy boys in a beautiful place with good food and inspiring art to top it all off! Nothing better than that:)

  3. Good morning, Johanna,
    I’m not a smartphone-fotos person either. I still prefer my “old” DSLR [Nikon D70s], even if it has way fewer megapixels. The reason is that it has an optical viewfinder, which I can use at any time and in any light, and not the monitor screen, which can’t be seen in quite a few conditions. That’s why I also don’t prefer my “small” Nikon [S9500] for the same reasons, even if it’s veru convenient because of it’s small size. What I also like with DSLRs is that they have an optical zoom and not a digital one only.
    That being said, I do like all of your pictures, and that includes those taken with a smartphone.
    Have a great weekend,

    • Thanks Pit…I think you are right, I am so used to my camera but I did not want to pack too much. The boys were laughing their heads of because I kept turning the phone around when I wanted to take a photo and then looked in puzzlement at my own face ;0) xo Johanna

    • I knew I was not the only one that could do that! But yes, My son and I really enjoyed that exhibition, learned so much too. My son was just waiting for the moment my nose would touch the fabrics since I kept pouring over them so closely ( I believe a visit to the eye doctor is in order soon…)

  4. What a wonderful trip to Toronto with your boys. I love their apartment, their cat & new couch. The textile exhibit sounds like a must-see — we are hoping to get to TO this summer, so will check it out.

    • The textile museum is small but exquisite. There was also an exhibition on Frida Kahlo, which we enjoyed too. But your little girl ( and yourselves) will enjoy that aquarium too. My advise: go right at opening time and beat the busload day trippers from the summer camps. xo Johanna

  5. What lovely pictures and a lovely visit – I’m sure your boys were so happy to see you! 🙂

  6. How perfectly darling. Shows those Walker boys are much loved. Your smartphone photos are very good. Much more so than mine. Thanks for sharing! ( I must visit the TMC next time around, very interesting .)~Cheers

    • The Textile Museum is small but exquisite. There was also an exhibition on Frida Kahlo, which we enjoyed too. And true: The Walker Boys are loved, but they sure know how to show mom a good time. I feel really blessed with them, they are good company! thank you for the nice visit here, Johanna

  7. How wonderful that your young men share an apartment – this makes visiting so much easier! Once a mumma, always a mumma I think Johanna, of course you left them with oodles of good food [and I wonder, a cleaned and tidied apartment too?] I think I would have waggled my ears also at such an intriguing exhibition.

    • Well, the Boys are pretty tidy and organized themselves. But I did do a firm Spring cleaning: washing the windows and doing the kitchen cupboards and sorting out too much stuff with them. Both work and study, so a little extra help is not a luxury. And what I really like, is that they appreciate it. Or might they too be inflicted with the National Obsession with Cleanliness the Dutch have????

  8. What a wonderful week! Love it all – and never apologise for your photos! My favourites: the full freezer, the cat in the bookcase and Mum’s knitting on the the new couch…aroha whanau xxx

  9. No wonder your young Mr. Walkers were yodeling with joy! The whole week sounds fun and I love the couch. Isn’t it fun to bake for people? Your cell phone photos are quite good. Nonetheless, I have problems with cell phone photos and some digital photos as well because of the resolution…however, we all look at these things with a different eye when we have 1) used film and 2) intend to post something we want to be up to standard. Yours looked good. I have packed freezers as well and found it very satisfying. Glad you could see your boys and some good art!

    • Thanks Lisa…I think you are right, I am so used to my camera but I did not want to pack too much. The boys were laughing their heads of because I kept turning the phone around when I wanted to take a photo and then looked in puzzlement at my own face ;0) xo Johanna

  10. Sounds like a pretty perfect trip. You were able to enjoy your boys AND some time to yourself to cook, to read, to knit.

  11. It looks like you had a great time with your young Mr. Walkers. The textile museum looks very interesting. Any thunder/lightning storms? I remember when my parents moved us to St. Catherine’s. We drove into Toronto and I knew we were in the BIG city because when I looked out the window I couldnt see the tops of the buildings. 😊

    • The weather was just perfect, sunny and a little breeze. The Thunderstorms can be brutal indeed…the boys are somewhat lucky with this place that they are on the same grid as the nearby hospital and power is never out long ( which of course happens so often with a thunder storm)

  12. What a lovely week! That looks like a very clean and welcoming apartment considering two young men live there – they must be good housekeepers. The textile museum looks wonderful, I would have enjoyed that too!

    • We are originally from The Netherlands…and affected with National Obsession for Cleanliness ;0) The textile museum is small but exquisite. There was also an exhibition on Frida Kahlo, which we enjoyed too.

  13. You managed to capture the fun and joy of the visit, even with your smart phone–in this case, it’s the memories and not the perfection of the shots! That museum sounds so interesting and what a fascinating show. I lived sort of near to Toronto for years and visited a number of times and never knew about this museum! Pish. All in all, your week sounds like just about a perfect mix of seeing the sights but also enjoying the quiet, at-home time with your boys.

  14. Wow! Such a sweet mom you are! How I miss my mom treating me to a home cooked meal or freshly baked cookies! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I enjoyed your photos! ❤️

  15. Sounds like a lovely trip.
    Your photos, by the way, are just as lovely. Though I understand your dislike for smartphone pics. I tried it for convenience but I’m never really satisfied with my phone photos.

  16. Johanna, I am now thoroughly convinced there is something wrong with my smartphone… your photos are so much better than mine! Minutes of experience taking pictures with my new iPhone, shot to hell. Now, let me see again, what button is it I push to snap a photo?

  17. Looks like you had such a wonderful week in Toronto with your sons. You got to see so much (and still had time for relaxing) – sounds perfect! The textile museum would be a must-see for me as well.

  18. Photos are always fun and it is great that you shared them. Love the gray kitty! Those lucky Young Walker Boys with all that FOOD you stocked up for them! I can see why you love their apartment!

    • You are welcome and indeed I simply follow the lead of the woman I admire most sincerely :

      “Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?”

      ― Jane Austen

  19. A visit with the boys looks very full! Baking, museums, aquariums and kitties! Oh and Ikea to boot, gads! You got a ton done. Hey! I really love your hair! So cute and stylish. I had no idea those artists dabbled in textiles. We went to the American Textile Museum in Washington. I loved reading the history of old garments. I will admit, by the 3rd floor, my curiosity was spent, LOL. All too much of a good thing maybe? None the less, the company was spectacular. BTW, Petals and Blossum make a good show of being the ‘most’ spoiled cats in the west. I think that little club is not so exclusive 😉 xox K

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